gcin: several fixes

This update fixes the following issue with gcin:
- bnc#851994: Fix input-method in gtk2-applications
- fix gcin can't on_the_spot, because libreoffice-gnome's lib name changed
- split gcin-gtk2-immodule
- fix xim.d-gcin
* can't input in firefox/chrome, have to export GTK3_IM_MODULE
* /usr/bin is already in $PATH. no /usr/X11R6/bin at all.
* remove skim part, as it's dropped from openSUSE, newer scim don't need skim to support kde4/kde3.
* remove the useless LC_TYPE test, we're installed, we just keep every locale work, so just export'em.
- fix gtk2/3 immodule install path

Fixed bugs
gcin input-method can't work in gtk2 applications
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