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spyder: Update to 2.2.5

This update fixes the following issues with spyder:
- Update to version 2.2.5
* Issue 1322 Problems with scientific_startup in other interpreters from the one Spyder is running on
* Issue 1337 Mac app - Update to Qt 4.8.4 for HDPI
* Issue 1450 IPython kernel cpu usage increases with time
* Issue 1520 LinuxColor for ipython plugin
* Issue 1551 /doc/installation.rst: update Arch Linux package link
* Issue 1560 spyder 2.2.3 incompatible with pylint 0.25.1 on Windows
* Issue 1564 Fix several Editor cell problems
* Issue 1578 Typo in your 'About Spyder...' dialog.
* Issue 1581 Cannot launch Spyder 2.2.4 installed from DMG on Mac OS X.
* Issue 1589 Mention what types of objects our Variable Explorer support in our docs
* Issue 1595 Fail to start an ipython console when variable explorer autorefresh is turned off in Preferences
* Issue 1596 Spelling mistake in dialog ('loose' to 'lose')
* Update our Mac application to the latest versions of Python, Qt and PyQt (now it's based in Homebrew).
* Several important compatibility fixes for PySide.
* Improve our support for IPython 1.0+.

- bnc#849811: Update to version 2.2.4
* Fix issue 347: Matplotlib hangs on Mac if using PySide
* Fix issue 1265: Create a Debug menu to easily show how to set breakpoints
* Fix issue 1489: Project Explorer does not load all projects in workspace.
* Fix issue 1516: Make Spyder compatible with both IPython 0.13 and 1.0
* Fix issue 1531: Pyflakes version check is looking for 0.5.0 only
* Fix issue 1539: /tmp/spyder is owned by the first user on the server to launch spyder
* Make Spyder compatible with SymPy 0.7.3+
* Add shortcuts to the tooltips of all toolbars
* Make IPython Console work better if Matplotlib is not installed

- Changes between version 2.2.3 and 2.2.2
* Fix issue 634: Debugging: Lingering break points
* Fix issue 639: Project Explorer: horizontal size issue (added an optional horizontal scrollbar. This option may be enabled/disabled in the widget context menu)
* Fix issue 749: Outline Explorer: Duplicate entries
* Fix issue 852: Implement matlab-like cell features
* Fix issue 1388: Add an "About Spyder dependencies" dialog box
* Fix issue 1438: "runfile" doesn't work correctly if unicode_literals has been imported (replaced backslashes by slashes in paths)
* Fix issue 1515: Add an option to use the same interpreter Spyder is running on as "Python executable" for external consoles
* Fix issue 1522: licenses of the images (especially the .png)
* Fix issue 1526: Build script (setup.py) includes the wrong version of pyflakes/rope in Windows installer
* Fix issue 1527: please include the LICENSE file in the source package
* New "Run selection" (F9), "Run cell" (Ctrl+Enter) and "Run cell and advance" (Shift+Enter) actions in "Run" menu entry, as a replacement to the old "Run selection or block" and "Run block and advance" actions.
*Added "Optional Dependencies" dialog box in "?" menu.
*Editor: added Monokai and Zenburn syntax coloring schemes.
*Keyboard shortcuts: removing deprecated shortcuts at startup. Otherwise, when renaming the name of a registered shortcut (in the code), the old shortcut will stay in Spyder configuration file and opening the Preferences dialog will show a shortcut conflict dialog box.
* External console tabs: fixed history browsing with Ctrl+Tab and added Shift+Ctrl+Tab support.
* Preferences>Console>Advanced: new option to switch between the default Python executable
* Run Icons: removed deprecated images, updated other images to the new design setup.py/Windows installers: now building CHM documentation for Windows
* SPYDER_DEBUG environment variable now supports 3 levels of debug mode:
+ SPYDER_DEBUG=0 or False: debug mode is off
+ SPYDER_DEBUG=1 or True: debug level 1 is on (internal console is disconnected)
+ SPYDER_DEBUG=2: debug level 2 is on (+ logging coms with external Python processes)
+ SPYDER_DEBUG=3: debug level 3 is on (+ enabling -v option in external Python processes and debugging editor)

- Changes between version 2.2.2 and 2.2.1
* Fix issue 1497: Spyder 2.2.1 does not work with Python < 2.7
* Fix issue 1498: TypeError thrown by IPython Console when the pager is off
* Fix issue 1499: Console (Terminal) throws NotImplementedError for Home/End keys
* Fix issue 1509: Add support for javascript syntax highlighting
* Fix issue 1510: Problems with zooming in/out
* Add new icons to the Run, Debug and Main toolbars
* Update Pylint plugin to work with pylint 1.0
* Add Ctrl/Cmd+[+,-] to zoom in/out in the Editor
* Disable Crtl+MouseWheel to zoom in/out in Mac (See Issue 1509 )
* Update Pandas and Matplotlib in our Mac application

Fixed bugs
IPython console doesn't start
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