Update for Botan, Botan.2802, DirectFB, DirectFB... recommended low

Softwarestack update for openSUSE 13.1

This update fixes the following issues with the Softwarestack:
- zypper:
+ download: fix xml output when already cached
+ fate#317077: Add 'download' command
+ packages: Remove conflicting short options (-r repo/reconmmends)
+ Updated translations

- libzypp:
+ bnc#877405: Adjust transfer timeout settings
+ bnc#834858: Fix computation of update candidate
+ fate#317077: Factor out CommitPackageCache for standalone usage.
+ Install zypp-NameReqPrv helper for evaluating testcases.

Fixed bugs
Apper can't update packages from lower-priority repos
Yast2 install - download gets stuck after a connection lost, does not retry
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