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recommended udpate for dhcp

This recommended update for dhcp fixes the following issues:
- reorder config to add all global options or option declarations to the dhcpService object instead to create new service object (bsc#886094,ISC-Bugs#37876).
- add missed mapping of SHA TSIG algorithm names to their constants to enable hmac-sha1, hmac_sha224, hmac_sha256, hmac_sha384 and hmac_sha512 authenticated dynamic DNS updates (bsc#890731, ISC-Bugs#36947).
- Decline IPv6 addresses on Duplicate Address Detection failure and stop client message exchanges on reached MRD rather than at some point after it. (bsc#872609,ISC-Bugs#26735,ISC-Bugs#21238).
- avoid to bind ddns socket in the server when ddns-update-style is none (bsc#891655).
- fix subclass statement handling (bnc#878846,[ISC-Bugs #36409])
- Updated licence statement and FSF address in our scripts.
- Added missed service_add_pre macro calls for dhcrelay services

Fixed bugs
DHCPv6 client failing some conformance tests
dhcpd-conf-to-ldap script does not handle subclass statements and complains with a parse error
Import LDIF file from dhcpd-conf-to-ldap into eDirectory per LDAP fails because of duplicate dhcpService object definitions
DHCPD (dynamic DNS): HMAC-SHA{1|224|256|384|512} not supported by DHCPD
L3-Question: Risk of port conflicts
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