Security update for virtualbox

The virtualbox package was updated to version 4.2.36 to fix the following security and non security issues:

- Version bump tp 4.2.36 (released 2015-11-11 by Oracle)
* several fixes - Oracle is not more specific

- Version bump to 4.2.34 (released 2015-10-20 by Oracle) (bsc#951432)
* CVE-2015-4813: Only Windows guests are impacted. Windows guests without VirtualBox Guest Additions installed are not affected.
* CVE-2015-4896: Only VMs with Remote Display feature (RDP) enabled are impacted by CVE-2015-4896.
* several fixes
- Linux hosts: Linux 4.2 fix
- Linux hosts: Linux 4.3 compile fixes
- Windows hosts: hardening fixes
- Linux Additions: Linux 4.2 fixes (bug #14227)

Fixed bugs
VUL-0: CVE-2015-4813,CVE-2015-4856,CVE-2015-4896: virtualbox: Oracle Critical Patch Update October 2015
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