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recommended update for flickcurl

This recommended update for flickcurl fixes the following issues:
- Update from version 1.25 to 1.26
+ Switch all API endpoints and image URLs to https protocol (http for Flickr API is deprecated since 2014-04-30).
+ Fixed utility documentation: args consistency for PER-PAGE / PAGE.
+ Added new extras: url_q, url_n and url_c for new image sizes.
+ Configuration and build improvements for newer automake and autoconf. Add new internal convienience libraries libmtwist and libgetopt.
+ Added build-time utility mangen to generate manpage and extras.
+ Generate and accept the new staticflickr.com domain for image URIs as well as the existing static.flickr.com.
+ Multiple error path allocation fixes, several memory leak fixes and a few overflows found via Coverity.

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