Update for DirectFB, DirectFB.3723, GraphicsMagi... recommended moderate

Recommended update for apper

The KDE update applet Apper was updated to fix:

* Prevent erroneous "Your current backend does not support..." errors
and fixes the installation of local rpm packages (boo#901067)
* Fixed the plasmoid's status display (boo#908194)
* The string "The following package(s) is/were found" was incorrectly
translated with "The following package(s) is/were _not_ found" in the
german translation (bko#344935)
* Fixed layout of the "Review Changes" dialog
* Fixed a typo that causes the plasmoid's layout to break with big fonts

Fixed bugs
KDE:Extra/apper: Bug have to open rpm twice in Apper
Apper displays 'unknown role' and 'unknown state' when performing tasks
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