Update for AppStream, AppStream.6338, NetworkMan... recommended low

Recommended update for KDE Plasma 5

This update contains KDE Plasma 5.8.6, a general bugfix release.

The following components were updated:

breeze, discover, kde-user-manager, kiconthemes, kwin5, plasma5-SLE, plasma5-addons, plasma5-desktop, plasma5-pa,
plasma5-session, plasma5-workspace

The upstream announcements are available here:

* https://www.kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.8.6.php
* https://www.kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.8.5.php
* https://www.kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.8.4.php

Changes in breeze:

* Add top_left_arrow cursor symlinks.
* Delay init of Wayland setup till next event cycle.
* Fix broken kcfgc files.

Changes in discover:

* Improve YaST integration and UI functionality.
* Fix arguments when running .desktop files with runservice.
* Make sure we report changes in the size once advertised.
* AppStream: Take stock icons into account.
* Enable full screenshot smoothness.
* Don't close if the input is wrong.
* Display an error if input URL was malformed.
* Expose software-properties-kde if present.
* Make sure the application delegate doesn't overflow when the view is narrow.
* Elide category names when they're too big.
* Move ifdefs to Discover instead of modifying Appstream.
* Make it possible for 5.8 to compile against the last AppStreamQt.
* Make screenshots visible when there's only one screenshot too.

Changes in kde-user-manager:

* Hide "automatic login" button in UserAccounts since is does absolutely nothing.
* Revert "Do not ask for root permissions when it's unnecessary".

Changes in kiconthemes:

* Make icons sharper (not blurry) with non-integer scale factors. (boo#1006651, kde#366451)
* Make running applications detect changing the configured icon theme and as a result not adding wrong icons to the
cache. (boo#1000519, kde#365363)

Changes in kwin5:

* Avoid a crash on Kwin decoration KCM teardown.
* Support modifier-only-shortcuts when capslock is on.
* Translate the layout name when passing to layout change OSD.
* Fixed initial graying out options in Cube Effect settings.
* [TabBox] Remember current model index on SwitcherItem model set.
* Align configure button consistently across delegates.
* Fix AbstractClient::sizeForClientSize.
* Ensure that all Effects honour the grab roles correctly.
* Unpolish QStyle on QApp prior to destroying internal Wayland connection.
* [helpers/killer] Force to platform XCB.
* Simplify the window title passed in from the window system.
* [desktopgrid] Don't manipulate virtual desktop of desktop window.
* Invert the scroll direction for wheel events on internal windows.
* Internal windows cannot be minimized.
* [libinput] Add scroll method configuration support.
* [libinput] Add natural scrolling support.
* [libinput] Add middle mouse button emulation support.
* Don't snap to auto-hidden panels.
* [scripting] Silence unused variable warnings.
* [scripting] Fix export of WorkspaceWrapper in QtScript.
* Support for workspace.clientList() in declarative script.
* Correctly set i18n suffix in mousemark spinbox.

Changes in plasma5-SLE:

* Add default fonts to /etc/xdg/kdeglobals to make KDE4 applications use the Plasma5 fonts as well
(same as set by plasma5-integration). (boo#1026970)
* Increase contrast on splash/images/bulb.png to get rid of noise and visible edges.

Changes in plasma5-addons:

* Fix systemloadviewer tooltip. (boo#1020020, kde#129309)
* Use PlasmaComponents.Label instead of Text. (kde#372218)
* Check on current comic to be valid and don't crash on invalid config groups when asked. Also, disable the
context menu options when no valid comic is loaded. (kde#373031)

Changes in plasma5-desktop:

* Fix default font in fonts kcm.
* Use icon center for vertical hitscan on drop.
* Remove get new looks button from 5.8.
* Fix crash when invoking Present Windows with the group dialog open.
* [Folder View] Don't show script execution prompt on desktop:/.
* Use proper version for baloo.
* [Solid Device Actions KCM] Encode action file name.
* Revamp (Activity) Pager wheel handling.
* [Folder View] show script execution prompt when clicking item.
* Fix startup warning.
* Fix clearing selection when rectangle selection contains no items.
* Fix Plasmoid.busy visualization in desktop containment.
* Call correct function and fix warning.
* [Task Manager] Hide group dialog when opening applets settings.
* [kcm] Fix reset logic.
* Silence warning.
* Fix crash during crash acrobatics.
* Fix binding loop.
* [Folder View] Fix right click erroneously opening files.
* Clean up after a window delegate drag exits the window.
* Fix Enter/Return not running non-dir items in list view mode.
* Set current index to start of selection range when performing rectangle selection.
* [Panel Containment] Explicitly bind visible on both the container and the applet.
* [Task Manager] Parent QAction to "parent" instead of this.
* [Containment Appearance] Make sure to always load a config view.
* Don't clear hover state while a child dialog is open.
* Prompt for executing files in folderview containment. (boo#1022904)
* Prevent folderview from opening files erroneously in addition to showing the context menu when right-clicking
on an icon.
* [Folder View] Workaround QML Text layouting glitch.
* [Kicker] Support drag from bookmarks runner.
* Larger icons and stack windows above label item.
* Ensure results are sorted by relevance.
* [taskmanager] Limit GroupDialog size, stop highlightwindow effect when it shown, increase items readability.
* Fix 2 RTL bugs.
* [Kicker] Hide "Edit Applications..." context menu entry if system immutable.
* Fix running of recent docs actions for runner match entries.
* [Folder View] Clear hover state when mouse leaves view.
* Select correct index without timer.
* Fix "Move to Current Desktop" action moving to all desktops instead.
* Check whether the KServe is still valid before running.
* Publish delegate geometry when ChildCount increases.
* Fix config dialogs in ltr mode.
* [Task Manager] Strip application:// prefix before looking up service.
* [Task Manager] Pass local file to KService instead of stringified URL.
* [Task Manager] Fix Unity launcher count badge rendering when task is created.

Changes in plasma5-pa:

* Always check if context is valid when calling pa functions.
* VolumeSlider: Ignore all value changes until Component is completed.
* Fix compare for undefined argument in playFeedback().
* Pass correct index to playFeedback.
* Applet: Don't delete delegates while drag is active.

Changes in plasma5-session:

* Only require version 5.8.6 of packages that actually changed.

Changes in plasma5-workspace:

* Port to QMultiHash.
* Only remove + announce if leader change actually occured, avoid excessive loop.
* [Notifications] Never manually hide() the NotificationPopup.
* Add comment laying out goals.
* Fix crash when switching activities.
* Tweak alphabetic (default) sort behavior.
* Turn the NotificationItem in a MouseArea.
* [DesktopView] show() ConfigView when it is already opened.
* [System Tray Containment] Drop useless Q_INVOKABLE from .cpp file.
* [System Tray Containment] Ungrab mouse before opening context menu.
* [KRunner] In doubt use primary screen for view position.
* Drop legacy fixup rule for VirtualBox.
* Fix isOutputRedundant logic.
* Fix group parents not appearing when disabling inline grouping.
* Corona::screenGeometryChanged on qscreen resized.
* MediaController: Update position while queuedPositionUpdate timer is running.
* Better clean up of duplicate containments.
* Fix "Pinned Chrome disappears when all Chrome windows are closed".
* [MPRIS Data Engine] Don't crash if "Metadata" is a map but of wrong type.
* Systray: Move all icon resolution to dataengine.
* Use a native event filter to notice the screen was swapped.
* Notice when the only screen changes.
* Make sure applet is removed from stack when destroyed.
* [Lock Screen] Wrap OSD in its own ColorScope.
* Move updating of primary screen in screenpool after fetching its id.
* Calendar: Clear selection on opening.
* Fix "Unable to assign [undefined] to int" log.
* Refresh the ScreenGeometry data role whenever a screen is added or changes its geometry.
* systemtray: Don't propagate unhandled wheel events.
* [Lock Screen] Add keyboard icon for keyboard layout switcher.
* remove categories not present on server anymore.
* Select correct index without timer.
* Expose rowCount as data role in TaskGroupingProxyModel.
* [taskmanagerrulesrc] Add Rewrite Rule for chromium.
* [SDDM Theme] Fix background in qmlscene by providing proper config dummy data.
* [SDDM Theme] Add "lastUser" and "disableAvatarsThreshold" properties to dummydata.
* [SDDM Theme] Remember last username.
* [taskmanagerrulesrc] Add Rewrite Rule for chromium-browser.
* Fix config dialogs in ltr mode.
* Properly parse exec line before qprocessing it for autostart.
* Disable Qt's high DPI scaling on shutdown/switch user dialogs.
* Don't set PanelView visibilty when opening/closing config.
* Check KPluginInfo.service() returns a valid object.
* Revert "Port to new plasma-framework API".
* Add plasma-discover to mappings.
* [Windowed Widgets Runner] Don't access invalid KPluginMetaData.
* Load screenpool at the same time as we connect to screenchanged signals.
* Avoid connecting to screen changed signals twice.
* Sync app config in sync with applets config.
* Make sure all outputs are known.
* [taskmanagerrulesrc] Add Rewrite Rule for Google-chrome.
* [XWindowTasksModel] Check for service being empty before searching new ones.
* Fix behavior of scrollable systray popups.
* Introduce new pre-layout script hook.
* Make sure we're looking both for json and desktop metadata.
* Port to new plasma-framework API.
* Modified distance function to keep aspect ratio as close as possible.

Fixed bugs
after changing icons, some icons remain same even after re-login
KDE4 applications use wrong fonts by default
Plasma folderview containment does not prompt when executing files
Blurry text on scaled display
"Move To Current Desktop" move the window to all desktops
systemload applet does not show CPU/memory tooltip information
knode - thread indicator arrow isn't correctly placed
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