Update for 00Meta, Botan, Botan.16333, DisplayCA... recommended moderate

Recommended update for gajim, python-nbxmpp

This update for gajim, python-nbxmpp fixes the following issues:

- Always use the system certificates and remove the provided one,
fix build with newer ca-certificates bundle (boo#1159017)
- Require python3-nbxmpp greater than 0.6.9 (boo#1123247)
- Add Requires for python3-precis-i18n (boo#1116161).

- Update to 1.1.3:
* Add a mobile phone indicator to the chat window
* Rework HTTPUpload dialog
* Add a "paste as quote" option to the message input
Bug fixes:
* #8822 Fix memory leak when using spell checker
* #9514 Fix jingle filetransfers not working in some circumstances
* #9573 Dont leak DNS query when connecting over proxy
* #9578 Determine Windows version more reliably
* #9622 Fix an error while quitting Gajim
* #9633 Fix an error while sending a file
* #9637 Restore window size correctly on wayland
* #9660 GPG Agent setting is ignored
* #9645 Make zeroconf IPV6 compatible
* Improve dark theme colors
* Fix access to GnuPG keys
* Use UUID4 item ids for pubsub posts
* Dont send invalid show values
* Various smaller improvements

- Update to 1.1.2:
* #9518 Windows: Pressing "^" yields "^^"
* #9522 Windows: Switching keyboard layouts leads to a crash
* #9525 Windows/Mac: Links are not clickable in the About dialog
* #9535 Jingle Audio: Update codecs
* #9537 DiscoveryWindow: Fix bookmarking a group chat
* DBus: Correctly raise NewMessage signal
* Clicking on tray notifications does not open the chat

- Update to 1.1.1:
* 8362 DBus: Incorrect unread message count
* 9427 Placeholder not cleared if pasting text into message input
* 9444 Determine the delay timestamp correctly when using mam:1
* 9453 Fix opening links inside the group chat subject (MacOS/Windows)
* 9465 Allow the full range of possible nicknames in group chats
* 9067 Gajim crashes when receiving xhtml messages
* 9096 Error when clicking on a subscription notification
* 9446 Chatstate error in MUC conversation
* 9471 Conversation Textview: Error on key press
* 9472 Handle presences without from attr correctly
* 9473 Error when creating a new group chat
* 9491 Identify group chat subject changes correctly
* 9496 Error on MUC roster selection change
* Determine soundplayer correctly on unix systems
* In some circumstances plugins could not be deleted
* Show correct contact status on tabs
* Dont answer group chat receipt requests
* Fix receipts for private messages
* Pressing the back button in the Accounts window leads to an error
* Better handle not available keyring backends
* Dont show incorrect contact on private messages
* Join group chat menu is disabled when there are no bookmarks
* Error on start chat menu action
* Error when opening sign-in/out notification
* Copying text does not work with different keyboard layouts

- Update to 1.1.0:
* Remove support for XEP-0091
* 8968 Windows: Gajim loads DLLs from wrong location
* 9322 Error when adding contact
* 9357 Acquire sleep inhibtor correctly after sleep
* 9385 Ignore invalid bookmarks
* 9386 Discovery: Browsing nodes without identity
* 9393 Error when parsing invalid timestamps
* 9398 Error on jingle file transfer
- For complete ChangeLog from 1.0.99 and please see
installed ChaneLog file

- Update to 0.6.10:
* Add support for domain based name in features for GSSAPI
* Fix usage of BOSH
* Fix Jingle hash namespace

- Update to version 0.6.9 (boo#1123247):
* Always bind after SM failed Fixes #64
* Dont try and guess system language

- Update to version 0.6.8 (changes since 0.6.6):
* Raise default TLS version to 1.2.
* Remove DIGEST-MD5 from the default auth mechs.
* Add STANZA RECEIVED Event (some servers send more than one
stanza in one packet).
* Add alternative locations to load TLS certs from.
* Reset SM counter after receiving .
* Issue event when SM resume fails.

This update was imported from the openSUSE:Leap:15.1:Update update project.

Fixed bugs
Gajim requires nbxmpp version that's not available
Gajim is missing 'precis-i18n'
gajim: certificate path changed while packaging, so that plugin installer doesn't work
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