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Security update for alpine

This update for alpine fixes the following issues:

Update to release 2.24

* A few crash fixes
* Implementation of XOAUTH2 for Yahoo! Mail.

Update to release 2.23.2

* Expansion of the configuration screen for XOAUTH2 to include
username, and tenant.
* Alpine uses the domain in the From: header of a message
to generate a message-id and suppresses all information
about Alpine, version, revision, and time of generation
of the message-id from this header.
* Alpine does not generate Sender or X-X-Sender by default by
enabling [X] Disable Sender as the default.
* Alpine does not disclose User Agent by default by enabling
[X] Suppress User Agent by default.
* When messages are selected, pressing the ';' command to
broaden or narrow a search, now offers the possibility to
completely replace the search, and is almost equivalent to
being a shortcut to "unselect all messages, and select

Update to release 2.23

* Fixes boo#1173281, CVE-2020-14929: Alpine silently proceeds to
use an insecure connection after a /tls is sent in certain
* Implementation of XOAUTH2 authentication support for Outlook.
* Add support for the OAUTHBEARER authentication method in Gmail.
* Support for the SASL-IR IMAP extension.
* Alpine can pass an HTML message to an external web browser,
by using the "External" command in the ATTACHMENT INDEX

Update to release 2.22

* Support for XOAUTH2 authentication method in Gmail.
* NTLM authentication support with the ntlm library.
* Added the "/tls1_3" flag for servers that support it.
* Add the "g" option to the select command that works in IMAP
servers that implement the X-GM-EXT-1 capability (such as the
one offered by Gmail).
* Added "/auth=XYZ" to the way to define a server. This allows
users to select the method to authenticate to an IMAP, SMTP
or POP3 server. Examples are /auth=plain, or /auth=gssapi,
* When a message is of type multipart/mixed, and its first part
is multipart/signed, Alpine will include the text of the
original message in a reply message, instead of including a
multipart attachment.
* Added backward search in the index screen.
* pico: Add -dict option to Pico, which allows users to choose a
dictionary when spelling.
- Drop /usr/bin/mailutil, it is not built by default anymore.

* Added Quota subcommands for printing, forwarding, saving, etc.

This update was imported from the openSUSE:Leap:15.2:Update update project.

Fixed bugs
VUL-0: CVE-2020-14929: alpine: silently proceeds to use an insecure connection after a /tls is sent in certain circumstances involving PREAUTH
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