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Recommended update for xfig

This update for xfig fixes the following issues:

Update to xfig 3.2.8 Patchlevel 8a (Mar 2021)

o Distribute a current pdf documentation.
Thanks to Roland Rosenfeld for the script and pointing out the issue.

Update to 3.2.8:

o Shift + Wheel Up pans left, Shift + Wheel Down pans right.
Alt or Meta + Wheel Up pops up the edit panel, Alt or Meta + Wheel
Down pops up the drawing panel. Previously, Shift + Wheel Up or Down
popped up the edit or drawing panel, respectively, and panning
sideways could only be achieved by moving the wheel sideways.
o To display gif image files, either giftopnm and ppmtopcx from the
netpbm package, imagemagick, or graphicsmagick must be installed.
o Obey the resolution given in embedded png, tiff and jpeg image files.
o Embedded image files are displayed in full color, not reduced to
a maximum of 256 colors.
o Display embedded pdf files.
o Read version 1.3 fig files.
o The default resolution of embedded raster images is changed
from 80 dpi to 72 dpi.
o Read compressed files, but do not silently uncompress them.
o Get correct bounding box (/MediaBox) of embedded pdf files.

Update to xfig 3.2.7 Patchlevel 7b (Oct 2019)

o New drawings in Electronic/Schematic library. Thanks to Niko Sauer.
Ticket numbers refer to https://sourceforge.net/p/mcj/tickets/#.
o When exiting, cleanly pull down all windows. Ticket #54.
o Adding and deleting arrows to arcs works, ticket #46.
o Allow more than 100 comment lines, ticket #47.
o Make `xfig -update' work again, would segfault.
o Correctly draw interpolated splines, ticket #35.
o Position points on grid, if appres.userspacing unequal 1. Ticket #31.

Fixed bugs
xfig crashes if noto-sans-cjk-fonts are installed
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