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subversion: update to version 1.6.18

This update fixes the following issues for subversion:
- 753940: version 1.6.18
- User-visible changes:
* reject invalid svn:mergeinfo at commit time over DAV (issue #3953)
* fix reintegrate merge regression introduced in 1.6.13 (issue #3957)
* make the stderr output of the post-commit hook XML-safe (r893478)
* fix a rare source of FSFS corruption (r1240752)
* plug a memory leak in the bdb backend (r1205726)
* server-side performance fix for "log -g" (r1152282)
* fix description of svndumpfilter's --targets option (r1151911)
* fix datastream corruption during resumed transfer in ra_serf (r1154733)
* fix a crash in ra_svn SASL authentication (r1166555, -678)
* fix potential corruption on 32-bit FSFS with large files (r1230212)
* make website links point to subversion.apache.org (r896893, -901, r915036)
* fix non-fatal FSFS corruption bug with concurrent commits (issue #4129)

- Developer-visible changes:
* fix sqlite distfile retrieval in get-deps.sh (r1134734)
* fix swig-py memory leak (r1235264, -296, -302, -736)
* allow passing --with-jdk to gen-make.py on Windows (r966167)

Fixed bugs
update Apache Subversion to 1.6.18 maintenance release to fix FSFS corruptions
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