Update for postgresql-libs.openSUSE_Evergreen_11... security moderate

postgresql: security and bugfix update to 9.0.12

Fixed bugs:
*Prevent execution of enum_recv from SQL (CVE-2013-0255);
*Update minimum recovery point when truncating a relation file
*Fix SQL grammar to allow subscripting or field selection from a sub-SELECT result
*Protect against race conditions when scanning pg_tablespace
*Prevent DROP OWNED from trying to drop whole databases or tablespaces
*Fix error in vacuum_freeze_table_age implementation
*Prevent misbehavior when a RowExpr or XmlExpr is parse-analyzed twice
*Improve defenses against integer overflow in hashtable sizing calculations
*Reject out-of-range dates in to_date()
*Fix possible crash in psql's \? command when not connected to a database
*Fix one-byte buffer overrun in libpq's PQprintTuples
*Make ecpglib use translated messages properly
*Properly install ecpg_compat and pgtypes libraries on MSVC
*Rearrange configure's tests for supplied functions so it is not fooled by bogus exports from libedit/libreadline
* Add new timezone abbreviation FET

Fixed bugs
PostgreSQL 9.2.3, 9.1.8, 9.0.12, 8.4.16 and 8.3.23 released
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