Recommended update for yast2-storage-ng, libstorage-ng, and autoyast2

This update for libstorage-ng, yast2-storage-ng, and autoyast2 fixes the following issues:

# Package: yast2-storage-ng

- Fixes broken support for retaining existing MD RAIDs in some scenarios
(bsc#1120979, bsc#1121720).
- Adds support for installing over NFS (bsc#1130256).
- Adds a new format for importing/exporting NFS drives
- It will no longer ask for a reusable filesystem when it's not really needed (bsc#1134330)

# Package: libstorage-ng

- Does no longer crash when parsing docker devices (bsc#1104899)

# Package: autoyast2

- Removed check for available devices. When there are no devices, the proposal issues will
be shown (bsc#1130256)
- Fixes an issue where IPv6 gets activated even if it was deactivated (bsc#1122660)
This update was imported from the SUSE:SLE-15:Update update project.

Fixed bugs
If yast2 bootloader (or kernel update) detects a running docker it fails
Retaining existing Software RAID via AutoYast is broken: y2storage always formats MD
Partner-L3: autoyast for a NFS root fails at partitioning
Retaining existing Software RAID via AutoYast is broken: "can't find reusable device"
[Build 144.3] IPv6 reactivated during 'yast2 sap-installation-wizard'
L3-Question: Installation on NVME disks result in "Could not find a reusable filesystem" AutoYaST
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