Recommended update for Salt

This update includes the following new features:

- Update to 2019.2.0 release (fate#327138, bsc#1133523)

This update fixes the following issues:


- Fix async-batch to fire a single done event
- Do not make Salt CLI to crash when there are IPv6 established
connections (bsc#1130784)
- Include aliases in FQDNS grain (bsc#1121439)
- Fix issue preventing syndic to start
- Update to 2019.2.0 release (fate#327138, bsc#1133523)
- Update year on spec copyright notice
- Use ThreadPool from multiprocessing.pool to avoid leakings when calculating FQDNs
- Do not report patches as installed on RHEL systems when not all the related packages are installed (bsc#1128061)
- Incorporate virt.volume_info fixes (PR#131)
- Fix for -t parameter in mount module
- No longer limiting Python3 version to <3.7
- Add virt.volume_infos and virt.volume_delete functions
- Bugfix: properly refresh pillars (bsc#1125015)
- Removes version from python3 requirement completely
- Adds missing version update to %setup
- Add virt.all_capabilities to return all host and domain capabilities at once
- Switch to better correct version nomenclature
Background: The special character tilde (~) will be available for
use in version representing a negative version token.
- Fix setup to use the right version tag
- Add "id_" and "force" to the whitelist of API check
- Add metadata to accepted keyword arguments (bsc#1122680)
- Add salt-support script to package
- Early feature: Salt support-config (salt-support)
- More fixes on the spec file
- Fix spaces and indentation
- Use Adler32 algorithm to compute string checksums (bsc#1102819)
- Update spec file patch ordering after MSI patch removal
- Calculate the "FQDNs" grains in parallel to avoid long blocking (bsc#1129079)
- Fix batch/batch-async related issues

This update was imported from the SUSE:SLE-15:Update update project.

Fixed bugs
saltstack server_id changes with each run on python3
Client does not get detected by Proxy
Unknown way of passing metadata via salt-netapi in Salt Flourine
Severe caching and/or grains issues in salt-2019
Updating a RES 7.6 minion reports as successful when the update doesn't actually install
Some of the targeted minions cannot be reached - Excluding them from the synchronous call
salt chokes on ipv6 addresses while parsing "ss -ant"
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