Update for 00Meta, 389-ds, 389-ds.10198, Graphic... recommended moderate

Recommended update for wicked

This update for wicked fixes the following issues:

- dhcp6: Add an address-length (DHCLIENT6_ADDRESS_LENGTH) ifcfg option, which allows to
specify an explicit prefix-length to use for the DHCPv6 address and override detection
using RA prefix info and a default to /128. Previously the default value was set to a
/64 address prefix-length. (bsc#1132280)
- time: Use boot time for timer instead of real time to avoid getting stuck when bringing
up the network. (bsc#1129986)
- systemd: Change the service to depend on udev settle service as calling udevadm settle
directly caused systemd to kill wicked services. (bsc#1136034, bsc#1132774)
- bridge: Honor ifcfg LLADDR and set link address. (bsc#1042123, bsc#1142670)
- rfkill: Fix an issue where wicked was unable to set up the Wifi module. (bsc#1140117)
- dhcp4: Fix an intermittent hang during network setup by cleaning up the defer timer
pointer when timeout. (bsc#1142214)
- dhcp4: Make sure custom routing options are respected. (bsc#1132326)
- dhcp6: Initial support to request prefix for delegations. (jsc#SLE-5936)
- dhcp6: Set the noprefixroute address option. (bsc#1132280)
- dhcp6: Omit noprefixroute with address-length. Allow to assume that the address
prefix-length override specified in the config is a valid on-link prefix length, to let
the kernel create a route for this prefix. (bsc#1150972)
- dhcp6: Differentiated mode=auto resolving from RA. Fix to not trigger n error when ipv6
RA is not available or the received RA disables dhcp while mode is set to auto, but to
deliver a 'deferred' result. (bsc#1150183)
- libwicked: Fix versioning and packaging by shipping the internal helper library inside
the wicked package itself. (bsc#1143182, bsc#1132977)

This update was imported from the SUSE:SLE-15:Update update project.

Fixed bugs
LLADDR in bridge configuration ignored.
Network is not consistently coming up during multiple reboot tests, found on SLES12 Need PTF for SLES15
SLE15 boot gets stuck in network interface bring up
dhclient incorrectly assumes a /64 ipv6 prefix
custom dhcp options do not work after wicked update
Ethernet network broken after upgrading Tumbleweed to snapshot 20190415
SLES15 SP1 GMC - network is not working after boot when large Reserved Storage is installed (on s390x)
[wicked, wifi] Unable to set up Wifi Module.
[HPS Bug] Wicked network interface bringup intermittently hangs in 'setup-in-progress'
LLADDR in bridge configuration ignored.
dhclient incorrectly assumes a /64 ipv6 prefix
[SLES12.5] IPv6 http boot fail
[Build H.58.1] wicked - DHCP is not configured automatically
Partner-L3: wickedd service crashed during upgrade to version 0.6.54-28.17.1
Partner-L3: wicked crashes on update
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