Recommended update for yast2-nfs-client

This update for yast2-nfs-client fixes the following issues:

- Avoids displaying phantom NFS entries adding an action to refresh the UI. (bsc#1156446)
- Delegates mount/unmount actions to yast2-storage-ng. (bsc#1006815)
- Keeps mount point status for existing shares. (bsc#1151426)
- Neglect unmounted mount entries. (bsc#1060159)
- Kill rpcbind process if it was directly executed without using systemd. (bsc#1161687)

This update for yast2-storage-ng fixes the following issues:
- Improve integration with yast2-nfs-client. (bsc#1006815, bsc#1151426)

This update for libstorage-ng fixes the following issues:
- Translated using Weblate (Finnish, Estonian). (bsc#1149754)
- Allow optional fstab columns and ensure 0 as default value for omitted columns.
- Un/mount when mount point is/was active.

This update was imported from the SUSE:SLE-15-SP1:Update update project.

Fixed bugs
Added non-working NFS share in partitioner does not disappear
[Build 20161024] yast2 nfs-client does not mount added export
After "yast2 nfs" deleting a nfs mount, other online mounts will be offline
yast2-nfs-server and yast2-nfs-client should use the same service names as upstream nfs-utils
Translations are good!
[Build 20200121] openQA test fails in yast2_nfs_client: YaST breaks rpcbind.socket
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