Recommended update for sparse

This update for sparse fixes the following issues:

sparse was updated to version 0.6.3:

* For full list of changes see:

update to 0.6.2:

* changelog of 0.6.2 is available here:

Update to version 0.6.1+20200606:

* pre-process: fix a compiler array subscript type warning
* univ-init: set default to -Wno-universal-initializer
* univ-init: scalar initializer needs some additional checks
* evaluate: mark evaluate_generic_selection() as static
* add support for _Generic
* testsuite: add testcase for duplicated local definitions
* add an option to suppress warning 'no newline at EOF'
* univ-init: conditionally accept { 0 } without warnings
* bad-label: respect attribute((unused))
* bad-label: mark labels as used when needed
* bad-label: check for unused labels
* bad-goto: check declaration of label expressions
* bad-goto: extract check_label_declaration()
* bad-goto: label expression inside a statement expression is UB
* bad-goto: jumping inside a statement expression is an error
* scope: give a scope for labels & gotos
* build: fix LLVM version detection

Update to version 0.6.1+20200413:

* do not use expr->left for conditionals
* add support for GCC's __auto_type
* And plenty more

Use llvm9 for building as llvm10 is not yet supported

- Update to version 0.6.1+20200129:
* domtree: domtree_build() creates extraneous bb->doms entries
* predefine "i386" if needed
* correct sparcv9 defines
* pre-define __unix__ and friends
* add necessary defined for sunos-derived systems
* allow to easily test if the OS is UNIX-like
* detect OS_UNIX as native OS
* add predefine_nostd()
* show_parse: avoid null pointer dereference in do_show_type()
* ptrlist: fix typos
* fix testcase with non-constant initializer
* and much more

- Update to version 0.6.1+20191101:
* .gitignore: alphasort the patterns
* Add '__' prefix and suffix to all __attribute__ #defines
* options: add support for -mcmodel
* options: add support for -fpic, -fPIC, -fpie & -fPIE
* Sparse v0.6.1
* doc: fix typo in binops' description
* "graph" segfaults on top-level asm
* llvm: fix sparsec breakage on recent cygwin version

- Update to version 0.6.1rc2+20191007:
* expand more builtins like __builtin_ffs()
* make 'directive in argument list' clearer
* asm: warn on invalid empty constraints
* fix sign extension in casting enums
* remove useless optimization in cast_enum_list()
* add test for enum sign extension
* do not linearize invalid expression
* asm: arrays & functions in non-memory operand degenerate into pointers
* asm: fix missing expansion of asm statements
* asm: fix liveness memory operand
* asm: linearization of output memory operands is different
* asm: missing evaluation of asm statements
* asm: use parse_asm_constraint() to verify constraints
* asm: parse constraints
* asm: keep using struct asm_operand during linearization
* asm: use a specific struct for asm operands
* asm: check earlier that body & constraints are strings
* asm: add test evaluation, expansion & linearization of ASM operands
* string: use string_expression() in parse_static_assert()
* string: add helper string_expression()
* dissect: fix processing of ASM statements
* and more...

- Update to version 20190404:
* fix allowing casts of AS pointers to uintptr_t
* man: explain role of uintptr_t & unsigned long in casts from AS pointers
* also accept casts of AS pointers to uintptr_t
* evaluate: externally_visible functions don't need a declaration
* expand: add explanation to 'conservative'
* expand: 'conservative' must not bypass valid simplifications
* Sparse v0.6.1-rc1
* remove confusing intermediate 'where' in evaluate_assignment()
* display extra info for type errors in compare & conditional
* cgcc: use strict & warnings
* cgcc: add support for x86-x32
* cgcc: favor using 'gcc -dumpmachine' to determine specifics
* cgcc: simpler handling of hard-float ARM
* cgcc: add pseudo-archs for ppc64be/ppc64le
* and a lot more...

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