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Recommended update for gdb

GDB was updated to version 7.11.1, which brings several fixes and enhancements:

- Per-inferior thread numbers.
- Breakpoint "explicit locations" (via CLI and GDB/MI).
- New convenience variables ($_gthread, $_inferior).
- Record btrace now supports non-stop mode.
- Various improvements on AArch64 GNU/Linux:
- multi-architecture debugging support.
- displaced stepping.
- tracepoint support added in GDBserver.
- reverse debugging.
- In Ada, the overloads selection menu provides the parameter types and return
types for the matching overloaded subprograms.
- Various remote protocol improvements, including several new packets which can
be used to support features such as follow-exec-mode, exec catchpoints, syscall
catchpoints, etc.
- Some minor improvements in the Python API for extending GDB.
- New commands or subcommands:
- info os cpu, set/show serial parity, info dll
- maint print symbol-cache/symbol-cache-statistics, maint flush-symbol-cache
- record btrace bts, record bts
- compile print
- show/set mpx bound
- tui enable/disable
- record btrace pt, record pt
- maint info btrace, maint btrace packet-history/clear-packet-history/clear
- s390 support for vector ABI.
- "set sysroot" improvements related to remote targets.
- Better support for debugging containerized programs (without "set sysroot").
- HISTSIZE environment variable is replaced by GDBHISTSIZE.
- Python scripting:
- it's possible to write frame unwinders
- several new methods in Objfile, Type and Value classes
- gdb can auto-load scripts contained in special sections named '.debug_gdb_scripts'.
- Extensions for the MI interface, new remote packet types.

This update was imported from the SUSE:SLE-12:Update update project.

Fixed bugs
ARMv8.1/2 debuginfo support missing in gdb
gdb transient build hang in gdb-orphanripper on Ring:1 for ppc64le
gdb segfaults when examining a core file
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