Update for 00Meta, 389-ds, 389-ds.4294, Graphics... recommended low

Recommended update for hwinfo

This update for hwinfo provides the following fixes:

- Look for SMBIOS entry point also in EFI settings. (bsc#1010276)
- Look for DMI table also in sysfs. (bsc#1010276)
- Add permanent mac address field for network cards. (bsc#1007172)
- Ensure network devices have a bus_id. (bsc#1007172)
- Update PCI and USB IDs. (bsc#1006818)
- Implement nvdimm support. (bsc#970111)
- Fix detection of USB controllers on aarch64 systems. (bsc#1005428)
- Add support for mmc/sdio devices. (bsc#996183)

This update was imported from the SUSE:SLE-12-SP1:Update update project.

Fixed bugs
SCK 7.6 - Support for NVDIMM
Support for Mellanox ConnectX5 pci ids in the hwinfo user space package
RPi3: hwinfo does not recognize brcmfmac over SDIO
ARM system's USB drives not attached to any controller which causes YES certification tests to fail.
hwinfo --bios misses SMBIOS data on UEFI
When saving a bonded network config, one of the interfaces is renamed to an incrementally higher device name
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