Security update for backintime

This update for backintime to version 1.1.20 fixes several issues.

These security issues were fixed:

- CVE-2017-7572: The _checkPolkitPrivilege function in in backintime used a deprecated polkit authorization method (unix-process) that is subject to a race condition (time of check, time of use) (bsc#1032717).
- Don't store passwords given to polkit helper
- boo#1007723: General security hardening measures

These non-security issues were fixed:

- Delete udev configuration files on uninstall
- Merge doc subpackage into main package

Fixed bugs
VUL-0: CVE-2017-7572: backintime: usage of deprecated unix-process polkit authorization subject opens a race condition during authorization
AUDIT-0: backintime: DBus service helper security review
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