Recommended update for xf86-video-ati

This update for xf86-video-ati fixes the following issues:

- Fix enumeration of connectors per GPU (boo#1008200).
- Fix a X server crash issue where display had 3 screens
although there were only 2 4K monitors connected. (boo#990066).
- Support for xserver versions 1.9-1.18.
- Fixes for crash/hang/corruption bugs and other minor changes.

For a detailed list of all fixes, please refer to the changelog.

Fixed bugs
[Kabini APU, Caicos embedded] gnome-shell hang while booting with dual 4K monitor are connected
[Kabini APU, Caicos embedded] Display has 3 screens when there are only two 4K monitors connected with patches on xf86-video-ati and newer version of mesa to resolve the X server crash issue
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