Update for 00Meta, 389-ds, 389-ds.2045, BNFC, BN... security important

Security update for MozillaFirefox

This update for MozillaFirefox fixes the following issues:

- update to Firefox 52.6esr (boo#1077291)
MFSA 2018-01
* Speculative execution side-channel attack ("Spectre")
MFSA 2018-03
* CVE-2018-5091 (bmo#1423086)
Use-after-free with DTMF timers
* CVE-2018-5095 (bmo#1418447)
Integer overflow in Skia library during edge builder allocation
* CVE-2018-5096 (bmo#1418922)
Use-after-free while editing form elements
* CVE-2018-5097 (bmo#1387427)
Use-after-free when source document is manipulated during XSLT
* CVE-2018-5098 (bmo#1399400)
Use-after-free while manipulating form input elements
* CVE-2018-5099 (bmo#1416878)
Use-after-free with widget listener
* CVE-2018-5102 (bmo#1419363)
Use-after-free in HTML media elements
* CVE-2018-5103 (bmo#1423159)
Use-after-free during mouse event handling
* CVE-2018-5104 (bmo#1425000)
Use-after-free during font face manipulation
* CVE-2018-5117 (bmo#1395508)
URL spoofing with right-to-left text aligned left-to-right
* CVE-2018-5089
Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 58 and Firefox ESR 52.6

- Added additional patches and configurations to fix
builds on s390 and PowerPC.
* Added firefox-glibc-getrandom.patch effecting builds on
s390 and PowerPC
* Added mozilla-s390-bigendian.patch along with icudt58b.dat
bigendian ICU data file for running Firefox on bigendian
architectures (bmo#1322212 and bmo#1264836)
* Added mozilla-s390-nojit.patch to enable atomic operations
used by the JS engine when JIT is disabled on s390
* Build configuration options specific to s390
* Requires NSS >= 3.29.5

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