Optional update to add gcc8

This updates adds the GNU Compiler Collection 8 to openSUSE Leap 42.3.

The update also supplies gcc8 compatible libstdc++, libgcc_s1 and other
gcc derived libraries.

Various optimizers have been improved in GCC 8, several of bugs fixed,
quite some new warnings added and the error pin-pointing and
fix-suggestions have been greatly improved.

The GNU Compiler page for GCC 8 contains a summary of all the changes that
have happened:


Also changes needed or common pitfalls when porting software are described on:


Fixed bugs
[aarch64] IPv4 DNS leading to segfaults
gcc on i*86 with option -mieee-fp requires obsolete libieee now disappeared
L3-Question: Latest libstdc++6 in sles12sp3 causes a failure in Informatica code
gcc-8 on opensuse tumbleweed points to wrong location when displaying error
[TRACKERBUG] FATE#326486: [Toolchain Module] Summer 2018 Refresh
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