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Recommended update for wicked

wicked was updated to version 0.6.52.

Following issues have been addressed:

- wickedd: fix netdev detection bootstrap race (bsc#1107579)
- compat: fix ifcfg parsing crash if network/config is missed
- wireless: fix eap peap auth mapping for wpa-supplicant (bsc#1026807)
- vxlan: fix to convert dst_port to network byte order
- firewall: do not assign default zone, but pass as is (bsc#1109147)
- nanny: fix memory leaks on fast create-delete calls (bsc#1095818)
+ fsm: cleanup worker reset (reinit) vs. free
+ fsm: do not process or pass pending workers to nanny
+ nanny: catch init failures in device registration
+ netdev: allow NULL in get and put functions
+ model: fix to call (netif) dbus object destructors
+ model: removed server specific call in netif destroy
+ fsm: handle NULL in worker get and release calls
+ fsm: process device delete event separately
+ calls: split get netif service and netif list utils
+ xml-schema: fix range constraint values parsing
+ xml-schema: remove underscores from ni_xs_type_new
+ xml-schema: fix type leak around ni_xs_build_one_type
+ fsm: free worker control mode on worker free
+ xpath: trace and free complete xpath expression tree
+ nanny: fix config leak in ni_nanny_recheck_policy
+ dbus: free pending call in ni_dbus_connection_call
+ dbus: free dbus_message_iter_get_signature result
- dhcp6: fix to properly decline dynamic addresses
- extensions: do not use /etc/HOSTNAME artifact (bsc#972463)
- ethtool: call offload ioctl if requested by offload name,
e.g. tso has been splitted into several features and the
old STSO offload ioctl sets multiple features at once.
- ethtool: add missing pause support (bsc#1102871)
- dhcp6: refresh info using rfc4242 info-refresh-time
- dhcp6: add ia and ia addr list search utilities, improve
status utils and use timeval struct in ia acquired times
- dhcp6: restart on NotOnLink status request reply
- ifcfg: show unknown/invalid bootproto as error
- dhcp6: Fix server preference and weight option behaviour
- dhcp6: retrigger duplicate detection on all address updates
- man: add ifcfg-lo.5 manual page
- man: add missing documentation for DHCLIENT6_CLIENT_ID
- man: improved create-cid docs in wicked-config(5) (bsc#1084527)
- address cache-info and lease acquisition time fixes and cleanups
- ethtool: streamline options available on all devices (bsc#1085786)
- dhcp4: expose broadcast response as DHCLIENT_BROADCAST in ifcfg
- ipoib: do not fail setup on mode or umcast set failure (bsc#1084462)
- bond: avoid reenslave failure in fail_over_mac mode (bsc#1083670)
- Fix show-xml filtering by interface name (issue #735,bsc#954758)
- ifconfig: refresh state before link reenslave hotfix (bsc#1061051
- ethtool: query priv-flags bitmap first (bsc#1085020)
- util: fix a memory leak in ni_var_array_free
- client: refactor arp utility to add missed arp ping (bsc#1078245)
- dbus: omit zero-length hwaddr data properties
- ibft: no IP setup on bnx2x storage-only interfaces (bsc#1072343)
- fixed format, self compare and always true issues
- client: fixed broken wicked arp utility command (bsc#1078245)
- cleanup: add mising/explicit designated field initializers
- pkgconfig: fix to request libnl3 instead of libnl1
- dbus: add missing DBUS_ERROR_FAILED type to a dbus_set_error call
and enforce formatting input as string when an extension did not
returned any error message.
- wickedd: clear master references on slaves when a master gets
deleted and the deletion event arrives before unenslave event
to avoid a bridge reenslave failure on restart (bsc#1061051).
- dhcp6: reapply confirmed addresses, also on any confirm
status other to not-on-link
- dhcp: clear hostname on lease recovery/reboot (bsc#1057007)
- firewall: add firewalld and zone support (fate#320794)
- ifconfig: cleanup slaves before enslaving (bsc#1036675)
- ethtool: add rxvlan, txvlan, ntuple and rxhash offloads
- dhcp6: fix to send up to 5 release retransmissions
- dhcp4: fix to use rfc4361 client-id on infiniband (bsc#1022872)
- man: ifcfg.5: Fix directory name for compatibility scripts
- dhcp: cleanup common option update flags (bsc#1027099)
- vxlan: convert ifcfg VXLAN_REMOTE_IP to remote-ip

This update was imported from the SUSE:SLE-12-SP2:Update update project.

Fixed bugs
hostname no longer set via dhcp
wicked requests DHCPv6 options that are not supported by EC2
Packages should no longer use /var/adm/fillup-templates
[INTEL SLES15 BUG] Networking doesn't work after upgrade from Beta6 to RC1. Fresh RC1 installation also doesn't help.
Bonding hotplug reenslave does not work with fail_over_mac, if LLADDR='xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx' is set in slave nic devices.
wicked considers failure to set IPOIB_MODE='connected' as fatal
wicked: Hi1616 fails to find dhcp reply via hns
Wicked assigns always a firewalld ZONE in the ifcfg-files
[Build 274.1] Network is unreachable after installation with "all patterns"
wicked should not assign IP-addresses to storage-only interfaces
L3: memleak in wickedd-nanny when running short lived containers with docker
wicked ignores ETHTOOL_OPTIONS in /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-bond*
TLS: Unsupported Phase2 EAP method 'mschapv2'
installer writes hostname inclusive domain to /etc/hostname
wicked - 'wicked show-xml eth0' shows info about all interfaces (not filtering)
wicked is not using proper dhcp4 client-id on infiniband.
wicked ignoring pause parameters set via ETHTOOL_OPTIONS in /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-*
dracut fails to install on an IPv6-only iSCSI system
wicked startup declares success with bond still in setup-in-progress state
LAN port of X550(X540) and I350 there is a case where not Link up during OS boot.
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