Update for hyper-v.openSUSE_12.1_Update and hype... recommended moderate

Hyper-V: Collective update

This update fixes the following issues for Hyper-V:
This patchset expands the KVP (Key Value Pair) functionality to implement the mechanism to GET/SET IP addresses in the guest.
This functionality is used in Windows Server 2012 to implement VM replication functionality.

Adding support for IP injection resulted in some changes to the protocol between the user level daemon and the kernel driver. (will work with the next kernel-update)
These changes have been implemented in way that would retain compatibility with older daemons.

Fixed bugs
Latest version of hyper-v-3-0.5.1 causes cpu usage and warnings
VUL-1: hyper-v user space daemon netlink origin
Hyper-V KVP IP injection
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