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Recommended update for calibre

This update for calibre fixes the following issues:

- the version was updated to 2.75.1 to get some kobo driver updates,
especially support for the latest Kobo firmware version 4.2.

- update to 2.75.1: fixes regressions introduces in 2.75.0

- update to 2.75.0
New Features
- Add support for new Kobo firmware version 4.2
- Allow using amazon_in, amazon_au, amazon_com identifiers in the
Book details panel.
Bug Fixes
- Kobo driver: Fix incorrectly sized covers being sent to some
Kobo devices
- E-book viewer: Prevent javascript in the book from accessing
files on the computer using XMLHttpRequest.
- Edit Book: Fix the 'Search ignoring markup tool' not ignoring
comments/processing instructions, etc.
- CSS Transforms: Fix 'is'/'is not' rules not matching
- E-book viewer: Make the swipe up gesture move to next section
instead of previous section.
- Edit Book: Allow the Spell Check dialog and the search panel
to be made much narrower than before.
- Edit Book: Fix customize template window not freely resizable
on windows.
- Edit Book: Fix newlines not being matched by the
'Search ignoring markup' tool.
- EPUB Input: Fix incorrect handling of html files that are in
a folder above the OPF file.

- Update to 2.74.0:
New Features
- Amazon metadata download: Allow downloading from amazon.cn as
well. To use go to Preferences->Metadata download and customize
the amazon plugin to download from amazon.cn
- Edit Book: Allow disabling the 'Files already arranged into
folders' message popup
Bug Fixes
- Edit Book: Fix selected text not being fully highlighted when
using the solarized color schemes.
- calibredb: Fix CSV output for the check_library command not
being properly escaped
- Fix subsetting of fonts whose names start with 'and' not
- Fix a regression in 2.72 that broke the --start-in-tray command
line option.
- Fix third party plugins that create dynamic context menus not
working in linux
- DOCX Input: Fix images wider than 50% of the page width being
incorrectly right aligned even when anchored to the center of
the page.
- Catalog generation: Ensure all citation keys in BiBTeX catalogs
have only ascii characters.
- Get Books: Update ebookpoint and legimi plugins for website
- EPUB3 metadata: Ensure updating metadata never produces empty
dc:contributor elements.
- DOCX Output: Fix an error when converting tables with spanning
- Nicer error message if the user tries to import data while the
content server is running

- Update to 2.73.0:
New Features
- Add a preference in Preferences->Look & Feel to hide the row
numbers in the main book list.
- Allow Export/Import of column coloring and icon rules.
- Edit Book: Allow bulk changing of file extension for selected
files by right clicking ont he selected files in the file
- Edit Book: Check Book: Add a check for nav documents that
contain no ToC in EPUB 3 books
- Edit Book: Check Book: Add a test to check if the embedded
fonts in the book have their embedding permissions enabled
Bug Fixes
- Pressing the up arrow in an date edit with undefined value
should jump to the current date rather than Feb 101
- EPUB Input: When an invalid nav based ToC is used in an
EPUB 3.0 document that also has a fallback NCX ToC, use the
fallback ToC.
- Fix a regression that broke the icon theme creation tool in the
previous release
- Fix insert character dialog not reflowing characters on resize.
Also only allow the search bar in the dialog to get input focus

- update to 2.72.0
New Features
- Font embedding: Implement automatic embedding for fonts with
non-normal stretch and weight values such as
Condensed/Light/Extra Bold fonts
- Allow aborting an in-progress Copy-to-library action.
- Edit Book: When adding a font file via File->New automatically
generate the appropriate @font-face rule and copy it to the
clipboard so that it can be easily inserted into the
appropriate CSS files.
- Edit Book: Check Book: Add a warning for links with the :
character in them on windows
- Conversion: When converting markdown documents recognize basic
metadata in the markdown document formatted as per the markdown
metadata extension.
- Edit Book: Spell Check dialog: Various small usability
enhancements -- preserve position in word list on refresh,
ensure that new current word is highlighted after changing a
word, etc.
- Edit Book: Flash the taskbar icon after beautify all files
Bug Fixes
- Fix creating an empty library with the same structure as
current library not creating custom columns on the first
restart after creating the new custom columns.
- Edit Book: Dont fail to rename files on windows if there is a
link containing the colon character.
- PDF Output: Dont fail if one of the embedded fonts has no names
- Edit Book: When downloading external resources, ensure the
generated filenames are valid.
- Windows: Fix file extension not being added automatically when
missing in save dialogs.
- Fix calibre not opening full-screen in windows tablet mode.
- Edit Book: Fix check external links tool not detecting changes
that have not yet been saved
- Generate covers: Fix & in the series causing incorrect
formatting of series number.
- Edit Book: Fix a regression in the last release that broke the
Arrange into folders tool when arranging into sub-folders of
a folder that does not exist.

- Update to 2.71.0:
New Features
- calibre's tenth birthday edition!
- A new set of icons for calibre
- A short video commemorating the occasion: https://youtu.be/Q95NfFKc0v8
- Book details panel: Add a copy all action to the right click
Bug Fixes
- Get Books: Update ebookpoint and woblink store plugins for
website changes
- Edit Book: When un-marking text auto-change the 'search where'
location to what it was before text was marked rather than
'current file'.
- Automatic adding: Show an error if the user specifies a folder
whose name starts with a dot or underscore.
- OS X: Fix a regression that caused incorrect display of the
icon in pop-up message boxes when using a Retina display.
- Kobo driver: Fix an error when migrating very old settings
- Kobo driver: Fix a regression that broke handling of reading
status for devices running old 1.9x versions of the Kobo
- Edit Book: When using the arrange into folders tool do not
change the case of already existing folders in the book.

- Update to version 2.70.0:
New Features
- Edit Book: Add a tool to download external resources
(images/stylesheets/etc.) that are not included in the book.
- Make custom columns available in the Alter Tag Browser->Manage
categories sub menu
Bug Fixes
- Conversion: Fix incorrect resolution of references to resources
in HTML files that exist in a folder level above the OPF file.
This could lead to styles being incorrectly processed in such
HTML files.
- Get Books: Update the amazon store plugins for website changes
- Update ozon.ru metadata download plugin to fix searching for
books by ISBN
- Edit Book: Fix a regression in the previous release that broke
the preferences dialog for changing color schemes.
- Edit Book: Better error message when user tries to open a Check
Book item that refers to a file that has been deleted since the
last time Check Book was run.

Fixed bugs
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