Update for dracut.openSUSE_Leap_42.3_Update recommended moderate

Recommended update for dracut

This update for dracut provides the following fixes:

- 95iscsi: Handle qedi like bnx2i. (bsc#1113712)
- 91zipl: Don't use contents of commented lines (bsc#1119499)
- dracut-installkernel: Stop keeping old kernel files as .old. The .old kernel files are
confusing grub2 which can't find a matching directory under /lib/modules. Furthermore,
there is no guarantee that the new modules are fully compatible with the old kernel.
If anything goes wrong with a new self-compiled kernel, the user can always boot back to
the distribution kernel, so the .old backup files are not needed in the first place.
- 98dracut-systemd: Start systemd-vconsole-setup before dracut-cmdline-ask. (bsc#1055834)
- Bring shell and all vital information to all ttys specified as console devices in
emergency mode. (fate#325386, bsc#1053248, bsc#937555)
- Fix displaying text on emergency consoles. (bsc#1124088)
- Remove invalid "FONT_MAP=none" from vconsole.conf. (bsc#1013573)
- Fix a missing space in example configs. (bsc#1121251)
- Fix saving dumps to zFCP attached SCSI disks. (bsc#1008352)
- Mark the DASD udev rules host-only and handle backslashes in paths for hostonly files.
- Add nfit module. (bsc#1110519)
- Add a fix to override ACPI tables via initrd, a kernel config variable changed name.
- purge-kernels: Avoid endless loop when uninstalling kernels that depend on
KMPs which in themselves depend on other packages (bsc#1125327)

This update was imported from the SUSE:SLE-12-SP3:Update update project.

Fixed bugs
dracut shell shows on serial with console=tty0 console=ttyS0 earlyprintk=ttyS0
SLES 12 SP2 - kdump fails to save dumps to zFCP-attached SCSI disks
dracut shell not provided on both tty1 and ttyS0 when using rd.break=
[FAILED] Failed to start Setup Virtual Console.
SLES12 SP3 - grub2 booting the secondary LPAR on s390x but primary LPAR DASD is online ()
ACPI Table override does not work in dracut due to kernel config variable rename
[HPS Bug] Boot from Intel DCPMEM fails because nfit module is missing in initrd
mdadm 4.0-5.9.1 %posttrans rpm script failed
[Marvell 15.0 Bug] iSCSI boot failure in MPIO config with single path active
System be Emergency mode in the next reboot, if the /boot/zipl line have #(comment) in /etc/fstab.
dracut's 01-dist.conf is missing a space in omit_drivers
/bin/dracut-emergency refers to /dev/consoles (with an s)
"dracut: Could not find FONT_MAP none!" warning while rebuilding initrd
/sbin/purge-kernels is in endless loop since last maintenance update
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