MozillaFirefox: update to Firefox 16.0.1

The Mozilla suite received following security updates (bnc#783533):

Mozilla Firefox was updated to 16.0.1.
Mozilla Seamonkey was updated to 2.13.1.
Mozilla Thunderbird was updated to 16.0.1.
Mozilla XULRunner was updated to 16.0.1.

* MFSA 2012-88/CVE-2012-4191 (bmo#798045)
Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
* MFSA 2012-89/CVE-2012-4192/CVE-2012-4193 (bmo#799952, bmo#720619)
defaultValue security checks not applied
* MFSA 2012-74/CVE-2012-3982/CVE-2012-3983
Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
* MFSA 2012-75/CVE-2012-3984 (bmo#575294)
select element persistance allows for attacks
* MFSA 2012-76/CVE-2012-3985 (bmo#655649)
Continued access to initial origin after setting document.domain
* MFSA 2012-77/CVE-2012-3986 (bmo#775868)
Some DOMWindowUtils methods bypass security checks
* MFSA 2012-79/CVE-2012-3988 (bmo#725770)
DOS and crash with full screen and history navigation
* MFSA 2012-80/CVE-2012-3989 (bmo#783867)
Crash with invalid cast when using instanceof operator
* MFSA 2012-81/CVE-2012-3991 (bmo#783260)
GetProperty function can bypass security checks
* MFSA 2012-82/CVE-2012-3994 (bmo#765527)
top object and location property accessible by plugins
* MFSA 2012-83/CVE-2012-3993/CVE-2012-4184 (bmo#768101, bmo#780370)
Chrome Object Wrapper (COW) does not disallow acces to privileged
functions or properties
* MFSA 2012-84/CVE-2012-3992 (bmo#775009)
Spoofing and script injection through location.hash
* MFSA 2012-85/CVE-2012-3995/CVE-2012-4179/CVE-2012-4180/
Use-after-free, buffer overflow, and out of bounds read issues
found using Address Sanitizer
* MFSA 2012-86/CVE-2012-4185/CVE-2012-4186/CVE-2012-4187/
Heap memory corruption issues found using Address Sanitizer
* MFSA 2012-87/CVE-2012-3990 (bmo#787704)

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