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Downloader and installer for the nVidia driver package (331.17)(beta)

Installing these packages can take a long time. These packages will automatically download the NVIDIA driver (+-70MB) from
http://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64 or http://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86 and save it in /usr/src.
The driver and libraries will be installed after the download.

The installer will install the nVidia files the Bumblebee way. The libraries will NOT interfere with any other libraries of a distribution and will be installed in a seperate nvidia directory. Usage will be controlled by editing the ld.so.conf(.d) and/or using the "ModulePath" var in xorg.conf.

You can also download the NVIDIA package yourself and copy it to the /usr/src directory. The installer will then skip the download part and just install the driver and libraries the Bumblebee way.

These rpms can be used by normal and Optimus enabled nVidia systems.

New in this release:

- Update to 313.17

  * Fixed a bug that prevented configuration files containing application
    profiles from being loaded when directories were present in the
    application profile configuration search path.
  * Deferred initialization of libselinux in the NVIDIA OpenGL driver,
    in order to avoid a problem where libselinux might not be ready
    when the NVIDIA libGL shared library is first loaded.
  * Fixed a bug that could lead to memory exhaustion in OpenGL
    applications running on 32-bit systems.
  * Added nvidia-uvm.ko, the NVIDIA Unified Memory kernel module,
    to the NVIDIA Linux driver package. This kernel module provides
    support for the new Unified Memory feature in an upcoming CUDA release.

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