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Kernel for HSA computing using openSUSE on AMD Carrizo machines

Kernel with patches from
which allows for HSA computations on AMD Carrizo APUs.

Before installing the kernel, do get the firmwarwe and put it into the
required place, for example by issuing:

  # wget http://people.freedesktop.org/~gabbayo/kfd-v1.4/radeon_ucode.tar.gz
  # tar xzf radeon_ucode.tar.gz
  # mv radeon /lib/firmware/amdgpu

If you forget to do this before the installation, the graphics will
not work.  If you have ssh access, you can the fix this by putting the
firmware where it should be and running mkinintrd.  In fact, I would
suggest that you check using lsinitrd that you have amdgpu firmware
files included before rebooting.

Also, do not forget to create a udev device:

  # echo 'KERNEL=="kfd", MODE="0666"' > /etc/udev/rules.d/kfd.rules

The final thing you need is the run-time, which you can get from:


(its source code is supposed to be at
https://github.com/HSAFoundation/HSA-Runtime-Reference-Source but last
time I loooked it still did not contain the finalizer and it does not
make sense to package it without one.)

If you find out that the amdkfd module is not being loaded during boot
and thus you cannot do any HSA computing (loading it later does not
help), install the kmodule-ordering package which should reliably work
around the issue.

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