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MOOSE is the Multiscale Object-Oriented Simulation Environment.

It is designed to simulate neural systems ranging from subcellular components
and biochemical reactions to complex models of single neurons, circuits, and
large networks. MOOSE can operate at many levels of detail, from stochastic
chemical computations, to multicompartment single-neuron models, to spiking
neuron network models.

MOOSE is a simulation environment, not just a numerical engine. It provides the
essentials by way of object-oriented representations of model concepts and fast
numerical solvers, but its scope is much broader. It has a scripting interface
with Python, graphical displays with Matplotlib, PyQt, and OpenGL, and support
for many model formats.

MOOSE can read kinetic models in SBML and GENESIS kkit formats, from and DOQCS. MOOSE also supports electrical models specified in
NeuroML and Genesis .p formats, and can load over 30,000 morphology files from (.swc format).

For more information visit MOOSE home page:

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