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libswe debian version of libswe 
 Contains static library, headers, example code and development manpages
 for libswe0.
 The Swiss Ephemeris offers these advantages:
 The Swiss Ephemeris is based upon the latest planetary and lunar
 ephemeris, DE405/406, developed by NASA's Jet Propulsion
 Laboratory. The original integration, DE405, covered the years 3000 BC
 to 3000 AD and required 550 Mb of disk space. DE406 is a compressed
 version of DE405 which requires 200 MB while maintaining a precision
 of better than 1 m for the moon and 25 m for the planets. These data
 have been further compressed with sophisticated compression techniques
 developed by Astrodienst. The ephemeris now requires for the complete
 6000 years only 5 Mb for all planets except the Moon, and 13 Mb for
 the Moon. This compressed ephemeris reproduces the JPL data with 0.001
 arcseconds precision. Astrodienst has extended the timespan of the JPL
 ephemeris by numerical integration, so that Swiss Ephemeris covers the
 years 5400 BC to 5400 AD, a total of 10'800 years. For this extended
 timespan the ephemeris requires 32 Mbytes of ephemeris files.
 All transformation steps from the inertial timeframe of the JPL DE406
 integration to the reference frame for astrological coordinates (true
 equinox of date), all corrections like relativistic aberration,
 deflection of light in the gravity field of the Sun etc. have been
 performed with utmost care and precision so that the target precision
 of 0.001 arcsec is maintained through all transformation steps. Never
 before has such a high precision ephemeris been available to

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