My personal temporary fixes for Tumbleweed

Bugs hit me on openSUSE as well. Maintainers can provide me patches, I can build packages from them, but until the Maintenance Update is released, quite some time can elapse. Like for SLE I want to have all temporary fix packages built and used by myself in one place.

I'm able to set arbitrary release numbers (usually suffix ".0.FIX.${BUGID}"). I only enable the publish flag after I'm done with developing a temporary fix. Then I disable it again. I get fixes from my repository with "zypper dup --allow-vendor-change -r fixes". This way the vendor changes to my home project and my fix packages are installed. :-)

Bugs fixed:
osc: 1068470 (one-off, maintainers not brave enough)

Add the fixes repo as http instead of https due to bug 1107994.

Name Changed
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