Kopano Core

Kopano Core it the continuation of Zarafa ZCP.

KC provides email storage on the server side and brings its own
web-based mail client called WebApp and a desktop client called DeskApp. It provides a full 100% MAPI stack, allowing consistent and reliable storage of communication related data. WebApp has
a similar "look-and-feel" as the Outlook desktop application, yet going beyond of Outlook in terms of features. Personal
address book, calendar, notes and tasks, "Public Folders" and shared
calendar functionalities (inviting internal and external users,
resource management) can be handled by the software as well.

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Marcel Pötter's avatar

NetBLOKS wrote 4 months ago


why is the kopano suite disabled? I´ve been using these builds in combination withj the mdm, files, webapp and smime packages from https://download.kopano.io/community/ and it worked like a charm. Is this just temporary?

Best regards!

Jan Engelhardt's avatar

jengelh wrote 4 months ago

There are no active maintainers anymore, and more-recent versions of kopanocore don't even build fully anymore on TW.

Marcel Pötter's avatar

NetBLOKS wrote 4 months ago

Oh, thats a real shame. OpenSUSE was the last distro to support Kopano in it's free implementation. Thank you for the information.

Matthew Gibbs's avatar

mtgibbs wrote 4 months ago

I'm also disappointed to hear that. I hope another maintainer picks it up or Kopano updates their packaging. The removal of the packages caused my system to break when it downgraded to the "official" packages (which I thought were the same version). Even though the most recent ones were 10.0.5 the database version was 10.0.6 so I got a database version mismatch when the server tried to start.

Marcel Pötter's avatar

NetBLOKS wrote 4 months ago

Yeah, I really hope so too. I migrated from Debian to OpenSuse just because of the Kopano Repo. Now there is only UCS and Docker left, which I would really like to avoid for the complexity of a Groupware.

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