Web GUI for managing Ceph clusters

Calamari has some really great visualization stuff for your cluster as well as the long term goal of being the all-in-wonder management system that can configure and analyze a Ceph cluster. See http://ceph.com/?p=5862 for more information.

For installation and configuration on openSUSE, see http://ourobengr.com/2014/11/salt-and-pepper-squid-with-fresh-greens/ but note that since that blog post was written the calamari-clients package has been renamed to romana. Also note that calamari presently requires django 1.6 and salt 2014.x. If in doubt, use the versions from this repository.

Calamari can also be installed directly on the MONs of a Ceph cluster, to provide only a REST API. If you want a separate calamari server with the romana frontend, use the calamari-server and romana packages. If you only want the REST API running on the MONs, use the calamari package.

Any problems, questions, etc. hassle Tim Serong

For Ceph packages, see filesystems:ceph and subprojects thereof.

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