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Cross-toolchain for 32-bit windows and 32-bit windows packages

This projects aims at providing cross-toolchain for building on linux for 32-bit windows as well as packages built with this toolchain.

Comments for windows:mingw:win32 (5)

Eric Schirra ecsos wrote 12 months ago

Can you enable Leap please?

Fridrich Strba fstrba wrote 11 months ago

done, but it will take some time to get rebuilt

liu wenyong neverstoplwy wrote 11 months ago

where are "mingw32-pthreads-devel, mingw32-pthreads, mingw32-lzo, mingw32-lzo-devel, mingw32-libfastlz, mingw32-libfastlz-devel"?

Jan Engelhardt jengelh wrote 11 months ago

As you can see, they are not there. pthreads is in mingw32-winpthreads*.

liu wenyong neverstoplwy wrote 11 months ago

got it, thank you!