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Archiving and Compressing

Nobody wants backup, they only want restore.

Comments for Archiving (6)

Chris Riddoch riddochc wrote 9 days ago

Can someone please restore building this project for openSUSE_Leap_42.2? Thanks!

Martin Pluskal pluskalm wrote 9 days ago

Why are you using devel project? Most packages that are here is already in Leap 42.2.

Chris Riddoch riddochc wrote 9 days ago

Thanks for turning that back on.

I don't really understand why you ask... Why not? I'm running the 42.2 packages for my base system, and then adding certain repos here on OBS for those packages where I'm interested in more recent/beta versions. I expect to find issues in some of these packages and to help get things fixed upstream where I can.

If you intended to disable the builds for 42.2 deliberately, I don't mean to complain. I don't mind building things myself. I was using these because they were here, and had thought builds might have been turned off by mistake.

Chris Riddoch riddochc wrote 8 days ago

Thanks for that link, that's a very informative talk, I was not aware of these changes.

If you prefer to not provide these builds for 42.2, that's okay and I can adjust accordingly. I only thought builds may have been turned off by accident somehow.

Martin Pluskal pluskalm wrote 6 days ago

Oh they were disabled by accident, but I was curious why someone uses devel project on Leap - in case there is some important missing functionality I would be interested in doing maintenance update.