File glpk.changes of Package glpk

Mon Sep 15 16:05:56 CEST 2008 -

- ghostscript instead of ghostscript-mini in the BuildRequires

Thu Sep 11 14:06:30 CEST 2008 -

- updated to 4.31:
        * glpspx.h, glpspx01.c, glpspx02.c, glpapi06.c
        The dual simplex solver (spx_dual_opt) was replaced by a new
        implementation of the two-phase dual simplex method (spx_dual).
        Old simplex method routines (spx_prim_opt, spx_prim_feas, and
        spx_dual_opt) were removed from the package.

        * glpk.h, glpscl.h, glpscl.c, glpapi04.c
        New API routine glp_scale_prob was added. It replaces routine
        lpx_scale_prob which is deprecated.

        * glpk.h, glpini.h, glpini01.c, glpini02.c, glpapi05.c
        New API routines glp_std_basis, glp_adv_basis, glp_cpx_basis
        were added. They replace routines lpx_std_basis, lpx_adv_basis,
        lpx_cpx_basis which are deprecated.

        * glpdmp.c
        8-byte data alignment was added to the module (sufficient for
        both ILP32 and LP64 environments).

        * glplib07.c
        16-byte data alignment was added to the module to provide
        compatibility with LP64 environment (8-byte is not sufficient
        due to jmp_buf; thanks to Xypron for investigation).

        * glplpx16.c
        New version of the routine lpx_write_pb was added. Thanks to
        Oscar Gustafsson <> for the contribution.

        * glpspx.h, glpspx03.c, glpapi06.c
        The primal simplex solver (spx_prim_opt, spx_prim_feas) was
        replaced by a new implementation (spx_primal), which currently
        provides the same features as the old version.

        * glpmpl01.c, glpmpl03.c
        Some changes were made in the MathProg translator to allow <,
        <=, >=, and > on comparing symbolic values. Thanks to Heinrich
        Schuchardt <> for patches.

        * glplpx10.c
        Internal routine set_d_eps in the exact LP solver was changed
        to prevent approximation errors in case of integral data.
        Thanks to Markus Pilz <> for bug report.

        The configure script was changed to disable optional features
        by default. For details see file INSTALL.

        * glpipp02.c
        A bug was fixed in the internal routine reduce_bounds. Thanks
        to Anne-Laurence Putz <> for
        the bug report.

        * glpapi01.c
        New API routine glp_erase_prob was added.

        * glpapi13.c
        New API routines glp_read_mps and glp_write_mps were added.
        They replace API routines lpx_read_mps, lpx_read_freemps,
        lpx_write_mps, and lpx_write_freemps, which are deprecated.

        * glpapi14.c
        New API routines glp_read_lp and glp_write_lp were added. They
        replace API routines lpx_read_cpxlp and lpx_write_cpxlp, which
        are deprecated.

        * glpsql.c
        Minor bug was fixed. Thanks to Xypron <> for
        the bug report.

Mon Aug 18 16:30:15 CEST 2008 -

- fixed glpk.pdf and gmpl.pdf build [bnc#417864]

Thu Jul  3 16:09:19 CEST 2008 -

- updated to 4.28:
  * Three wrapper routines xdlopen, xdlsym, and xdlclose, which
    provide the shared library support, were added.
  * A static linking to iODBC and MySQL libraries used in the
    MathProg table drivers was replaced by a dynamic linking to
    corresponding shared libraries.
  * Compressed data file support was added.
  * Command-line interface routines were added.
  * bug fixes

Mon May 19 10:40:35 CEST 2008 -

- sort_pool() defined as void [bnc#319454]

Mon Apr  7 13:50:53 CEST 2008 -

- fixed BuildRequires

Thu Mar 27 12:58:51 CET 2008 -

- initial version, moved from OBS (project home:akos_ladanyi) 

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