File _patchinfo of Package patchinfo.10215

<patchinfo incident="10215">
  <issue tracker="bnc" id="1123028">Corosync cannot syncronize the files from the main node, ha-cluster-join fails</issue>
  <description>This update for openssh fixes the following issues:

- A previously applied security patch unintendedly changed the behavior of
  OpenSSH's "scp" utility such that server-side brace expansion would no
  longer be supported. Attempts to copy a set files from a remote machine
  to the local one by running "scp 'remote:{file-a,file-b}' /tmp" would
  fail. This change in behavior broke Corosync and, potentially, many user
  scripts that relied on brace expansion. [bsc#1123028]
  <summary>Recommended update for openssh</summary>
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