File _service of Package 389-ds.11727

  <!-- configuration for the tar service -->
  <service name="obs_scm" mode="disabled">
    <param name="url"></param>
    <param name="versionformat">@PARENT_TAG@~git@TAG_OFFSET@.%h</param>
    <param name="scm">git</param>
    <!-- use 1.4 branch -->
    <param name="revision">389-ds-base-</param>
    <!-- use tag as base -->
    <param name="match-tag">389-ds-base-</param>
    <!-- remove the extra prefix from the tag again it looks so funny because the service removed "-" from the string before-->
    <param name="versionrewrite-pattern">389dsbase(.*)</param>
    <param name="versionrewrite-replacement">\1</param>
    <!-- run osc vc for us with the git changes -->
    <param name="changesgenerate">enable</param>
    <!-- email address for the changes entry -->
    <param name="changesauthor"></param>
  <service mode="disabled" name="tar" />
  <service mode="disabled" name="recompress">
    <param name="file">*.tar</param>
    <param name="compression">bz2</param>
  <!-- update version field in the spec file -->
  <service mode="disabled" name="set_version" />

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