File gpg2.changes of Package gpg2.12805

Wed Oct  2 09:25:48 UTC 2019 - Pedro Monreal Gonzalez <>

- Remove self-buildrequire [bsc#1152755]

Mon Jul 22 21:37:24 UTC 2019 - Pedro Monreal Gonzalez <>

- Security fix: [bsc#1141093, CVE-2019-13050]
  * Denial of service attacks via big keys
  * Added patches:
    - gnupg-CVE-2019-13050_0_of_5.patch
    - gnupg-CVE-2019-13050_1_of_5.patch
    - gnupg-CVE-2019-13050_2_of_5.patch
    - gnupg-CVE-2019-13050_3_of_5.patch
    - gnupg-CVE-2019-13050_4_of_5.patch
    - gnupg-CVE-2019-13050_5_of_5.patch

Mon Apr 29 14:43:28 UTC 2019 - Pedro Monreal Gonzalez <>

- Allow coredumps in X11 desktop sessions (bsc#1124847)
  * Added gnupg-gpg-agent-ulimit.patch

Wed Jan  2 13:09:32 UTC 2019 - Pedro Monreal Gonzalez <>

- Security fix: [bsc#1120346, CVE-2018-1000858]
  * Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerability in dirmngr that
    can result in Attacker controlled CSRF.
  * Added patches:
    - gnupg-CRL-fetching-via-https.patch
    - gnupg-Allow-redirection-from-https-to-http-for-CRLs.patch
    - gnupg-CVE-2018-1000858.patch

Fri Jun  8 14:55:34 UTC 2018 -

- Added gnupg-CVE-2018-12020.patch: Sanitize the diagnostic output of the
  original file name in verbose mode (bsc#1096745, CVE-2018-12020).

Thu Apr  5 08:38:58 UTC 2018 -

- Added gnupg-CVE-2018-9234.patch: Enforce that key certification
  can only be done with the master key, and not a signing subkey.
  (bnc#1088255 CVE-2018-9234) 

Sun Feb 25 12:14:54 UTC 2018 -

- GnuPG 2.2.5:
  * gpg: Allow the use of the "cv25519" and "ed25519" short names
    in addition to the canonical curve names in --batch --gen-key
  * gpg: Make sure to print all secret keys with option --list-only
    and --decrypt
  * gpg: Fix the use of future-default with --quick-add-key for
    signing keys
  * gpg: Select a secret key by checking availability under
  * gpg: Fix reversed prompt texts for --only-sign-text-ids
  * gpg,gpgsm: Fix detection of bogus keybox blobs on 32 bit
  * gpgsm: Fix regression since 2.1 in --export-secret-key-raw
    which got $d mod (q-1)$ wrong
  * scd: Support the KDF Data Object of the OpenPGP card 3.3
  * scd: Fix a regression in the internal CCID driver for certain
    card readers
  * dirmngr: Improve returned error description on failure of DNS
  * wks: Implement command --install-key for gpg-wks-server.

Thu Feb 22 15:10:33 UTC 2018 -

- Use %license (boo#1082318)

Thu Dec 21 09:44:03 UTC 2017 -

- GnuPG 2.2.4:
  * gpg: Change default preferences to prefer SHA512.
  * gpg: Print a warning when more than 150 MiB are encrypted using
    a cipher with 64 bit block size.
  * gpg: Print a warning if the MDC feature has not been used for a
  * gpg: Fix regular expression of domain addresses in trust
  * agent: New option --auto-expand-secmem to help with high
    numbers of concurrent connections. Requires libgcrypt 1.8.2
    for having an effect.
  * dirmngr: Cache responses of WKD queries.
  * gpgconf: Add option --status-fd.
  * wks: Add commands --check and --remove-key to gpg-wks-server
  * Increase the backlog parameter of the daemons to 64 and add
    option --listen-backlog.
- Not enabled features:
  * New configure option --enable-run-gnupg-user-socket to first
    try a socket directory which is not removed by systemd at
    session end.

Tue Nov 21 08:25:48 UTC 2017 -

- GnuPG 2.2.3:
  * dirmngr: Fix crash in case of a CRL loading error
  * gpgtar: Fix wrong behaviour of --set-filename
  * gpg: Silence AKL retrieval messages
  * agent: Use clock or clock_gettime for calibration
  * agent: Improve robustness of the shutdown pending state

Tue Nov  7 20:08:04 UTC 2017 -

- GnuPG 2.2.2:
  * gpg: Avoid duplicate key imports by concurrently running gpg
  * gpg: Fix creating on-disk subkey with on-card primary key
  * gpg: Fix validity retrieval for multiple keyrings
  * gpg: Fix --dry-run and import option show-only for secret keys
  * gpg: Print "sec" or "sbb" for secret keys with import option
  * gpg: Make import less verbose
  * gpg: Add alias "Key-Grip" for parameter "Keygrip" and new
    parameter "Subkey-Grip" to unattended key generation
  * gpg: Improve "factory-reset" command for OpenPGP cards
  * gpg: Ease switching Gnuk tokens into ECC mode by using the magic
    keysize value 25519
  * gpgsm: Fix --with-colon listing in crt records for fields > 12.
  * gpgsm: Do not expect X.509 keyids to be unique
  * agent: Fix stucked Pinentry when using --max-passphrase-days
  * agent: New option --s2k-count
  * dirmngr: Do not follow https-to-http redirects
  * dirmngr: Reduce default LDAP timeout from 100 to 15 seconds
  * gpgconf: Ignore non-installed components for commands
    --apply-profile and --apply-defaults
  * Add configure option --enable-werror

Tue Sep 19 19:12:53 UTC 2017 -

- GnuPG 2.2.1:
  * gpg: Fix formatting of the user id in batch mode key generation
    if only "name-email" is given.
  * gpgv: Fix annoying "not suitable for" warnings.
  * wks: Convey only the newest user id to the provider. This is
    the case if different names are used with the same addr-spec.
  * wks: Create a complying user id for provider policy mailbox-only.
  * wks: Add workaround for
  * scd: Fix the use of large ECC keys with an OpenPGP card.
  * dirmngr: Use system provided root certificates if no specific
    HKP certificates are configured. If bu

Mon Aug 28 17:21:30 UTC 2017 -

- GnuPG 2.2.0:
  * New long term stable branch, replacing the 2.0.x series
  * gpg: Reverted change in 2.1.23 so that --no-auto-key-retrieve
    is again the default boo#1054088
  * Fixed a few minor bugs

Sat Aug 12 16:56:26 UTC 2017 -

- GnuPG 2.1.23:
  * gpg: Options --auto-key-retrieve and --auto-key-locate "local,wkd"
    are now used by default.  Note: this enables keyserver and Web Key
    Directory operators to notice when a signature from a locally
    non-available key is being verified for the first time or when
    you intend to encrypt to a mail address without having the key
    locally.  This new behaviour will eventually make key discovery
    much easier and mostly automatic.  Disable this by adding
      auto-key-locate local
    to your gpg.conf.
  * agent: Option --no-grab is now the default.  The new option --grab
    allows to revert this.
  * gpg: New import option "show-only".
  * gpg: New option --disable-dirmngr to entirely disable network
    access for gpg.
  * gpg,gpgsm: Tweaked DE-VS compliance behaviour.
  * New configure flag --enable-all-tests to run more extensive tests
    during "make check".
  * gpgsm: The keygrip is now always printed in colon mode as
    documented in the man page.

Fri Jul 28 19:29:52 UTC 2017 -

- GnuPG 2.1.22:
  * gpg: Extend command --quick-set-expire to allow for setting the
    expiration time of subkeys.
  * gpg: By default try to repair keys during import. New sub-option
    no-repair-keys for --import-options.
  * gpg,gpgsm: Improved checking and reporting of DE-VS compliance.
  * gpg: New options --key-origin and --with-key-origin. Store the
    time of the last key update from keyservers, WKD, or DANE.
  * agent: New option --ssh-fingerprint-digest.
  * dimngr: Lower timeouts on keyserver connection attempts and made
    it configurable.
  * dirmngr: Tor will now automatically be detected and used. The
    option --no-use-tor disables Tor detection.
  * dirmngr: Now detects a changed /etc/resolv.conf.
  * agent,dirmngr: Initiate shutdown on removal of the GnuPG home
  * gpg: Avoid caching passphrase for failed symmetric encryption.
  * agent: Support for unprotected ssh keys.
  * dirmngr: Fixed name resolving on systems using only v6
  * dirmngr: Allow the use of TLS over http proxies.
  * wks: New man pages for client and server.

Fri May 19 11:59:24 UTC 2017 -

- GnuPG 2.1.21:
  * modified gnupg-2.0.18-files-are-digests.patch to work with 
    obs-sign again bsc#1039899

Mon May 15 20:49:25 UTC 2017 -

- GnuPG 2.1.21:
  * gpg,gpgsm: Fix corruption of old style keyring.gpg files,
    regression in 2.1.20
  * gpg,dirmngr: Removed the skeleton config file support
    New installations no longer generate a configuration file.
    In the absence of a file, SHA-2 family hashes are used.
    Existing configurations are not touched.   
    drop gnupg-2.1.19-stronger-defaults.patch FATE#323084 
  * gpg: Fixed import filter property match bug.
  * scd: Removed Linux support for Cardman 4040 PCMCIA reader.
  * scd: Fixed some corner case bugs in resume/suspend handling.
  * Many minor bug fixes and code cleanup.  

Tue Apr  4 14:00:36 UTC 2017 -

- GnuPG 2.1.20:
  * gpg: New properties 'expired', 'revoked', and 'disabled' for the
    import and export filters.
  * gpg: New command --quick-set-primary-uid.
  * gpg: New compliance field for the --with-colon key listing.
  * gpg: Changed the key parser to generalize the processing of local
    meta data packets.
  * gpg: Fixed assertion failure in the TOFU trust model.
  * gpg: Fixed exporting of zero length user ID packets.
  * scd: Improved support for multiple readers.
  * scd: Fixed timeout handling for key generation.
  * agent: New option --enable-extended-key-format.
  * dirmngr: Do not add a keyserver to a new dirmngr.conf.  Dirmngr
    uses a default keyserver.
  * dimngr: Do not treat TLS warning alerts as severe error when
    building with GNUTLS.
  * dirmngr: Actually take /etc/hosts in account.
  * wks: Fixed client problems on Windows.  Published keys are now set
    to world-readable.
  * tests: Fixed creation of temporary directories.
  * A socket directory for a non standard GNUGHOME is now created on
    the fly under /run/user.  Thus "gpgconf --create-socketdir" is now
    optional.  The use of "gpgconf --remove-socketdir" to clean up
    obsolete socket directories is however recommended to avoid
    cluttering /run/user with useless directories.
  * Fixed build problems on some platforms.

Tue Mar 14 20:41:55 UTC 2017 -

- Use stronger defaults for new users, using SHA-2 digest family
  for certificates and message signatures - FATE#323084
  adding gnupg-2.1.19-stronger-defaults.patch

Tue Mar  7 12:55:14 UTC 2017 -

- GnuPG 2.1.19:
  * gpg: Print a warning if Tor mode is requested but the Tor
    daemon is not running.
  * gpg: New status code DECRYPTION_KEY to print the actual private
    key used for decryption.
  * gpgv: New options --log-file and --debug.
  * gpg-agent: Revamp the prompts to ask for card PINs.
  * scd: Support for multiple card readers.
  * scd: Removed option --debug-disable-ticker. Ticker is used
    only when it is required to watch removal of device/card.
  * scd: Improved detection of card inserting and removal.
  * dirmngr: New option --disable-ipv4.
  * dirmngr: New option --no-use-tor to explicitly disable the use
    of Tor.
  * dirmngr: The option --allow-version-check is now required even
    if the option --use-tor is also used.
  * dirmngr: Handle a missing nsswitch.conf gracefully.
  * dirmngr: Avoid PTR lookups for keyserver pools. The are only
    done for the debug command "keyserver --hosttable".
  * dirmngr: Rework the internal certificate cache to support
    classes of certificates. Load system provided certificates on
  * Add options --tls, --no-crl, and --systrust to the "VALIDATE"
  * dirmngr: Add support for the ntbtls library.
  * wks: Create mails with a "WKS-Phase" header. Fix detection of
    Draft-2 mode.
  * Many other bug fixes and new regression tests.
- dirmngr: use system certificate store

Thu Mar  2 10:12:09 UTC 2017 -

- Rewrite descriptions

Tue Jan 24 16:32:04 UTC 2017 -

- GnuPG 2.1.18:
  * gpg: Remove bogus subkey signature while cleaning a key (with
    export-clean, import-clean, or --edit-key's sub-command clean)
  * gpg: Allow freezing the clock with --faked-system-time.
  * gpg: New --export-option flag "backup", new --import-option flag
  * gpg-agent: Fixed long delay due to a regression in the progress
    callback code.
  * scd: Lots of code cleanup and internal changes.
  * scd: Improved the internal CCID driver.
  * dirmngr: Fixed problem with the DNS glue code (removal of the
    trailing dot in domain names).
  * dirmngr: Make sure that Tor is actually enabled after changing the
    conf file and sending SIGHUP or "gpgconf --reload dirmngr".
  * dirmngr: Fixed Tor access to IPv6 addresses.  Note that current
    versions of Tor may require that the flag "IPv6Traffic" is used
    with the option "SocksPort" in torrc to actually allow IPv6
  * dirmngr: Fixed HKP for literally given IPv6 addresses.
  * dirmngr: Enabled reverse DNS lookups via Tor.
  * dirmngr: Added experimental SRV record lookup for WKD.
    See commit 88dc3af3d4ae1afe1d5e136bc4c38bc4e7d4cd10 for details.
  * dirmngr: For HKP use "pgpkey-hkps" and "pgpkey-hkp" in SRV record
    lookups.  Avoid SRV record lookup when a port is explicitly
    specified.  This fixes a regression from the 1.4 and 2.0 behavior.
  * dirmngr: Gracefully handle a missing /etc/nsswitch.conf.  Ignore
    negation terms (e.g. "[!UNAVAIL=return]" instead of bailing out.
  * dirmngr: Better debug output for flags "dns" and "network".
  * dirmngr: On reload mark all known HKP servers alive.
  * gpgconf: Allow keyword "all" for --launch, --kill, and --reload.
  * tools: gpg-wks-client now ignores a missing policy file on the
  * Avoid unnecessary ambiguity error message in the option parsing.
  * Further improvements of the regression test suite.
  * Fixed building with --disable-libdns configure option.
  * Fixed a crash running the tests on 32 bit architectures.
  * Fixed spurious failures on BSD system in the spawn functions.
    This affected for example gpg-wks-client and gpgconf.

Mon Jan  9 09:18:48 UTC 2017 -

- Remove the fixme, condition around fdupes

Sun Dec 25 15:12:44 UTC 2016 -

- add runtime dependency to match runtime version check for libksba

Tue Dec 20 18:58:55 UTC 2016 -

- GnuPG 2.1.17:
 * gpg: By default new keys expire after 2 years.
 * gpg: New command --quick-set-expire to conveniently change the
   expiration date of keys.
 * gpg: Option and command names have been changed for easier
   comprehension.  The old names are still available as aliases.
 * gpg: Improved the TOFU trust model.
 * gpg: New option --default-new-key-algo.
 * scd: Support OpenPGP card V3 for RSA.
 * dirmngr: Support for the ADNS library has been removed. Now using
   bundled libdns, enabling Tor support on all platforms.
   New option --standard-resolver can be used to disable this code
   at runtime.
 * dirmngr: Lazily launch ldap reaper thread.
 * tools: New options --check and --status-fd for gpg-wks-client.
 * The UTF-8 byte order mark is now skipped when reading conf files.
 * Fixed many bugs and regressions.
 * Major improvements to the test suite.  For example it is possible
   to run the external test suite of GPGME.

Sat Nov 19 22:07:13 UTC 2016 -

- GnuPG 2.1.16:
 * gpg: New algorithm for selecting the best ranked public key when
   using a mail address with -r, -R, or --locate-key.
 * gpg: New option --with-tofu-info to print a new "tfs" record in
   colon formatted key listings.
 * gpg: New option --compliance as an alternative way to specify
   options like --rfc2440, --rfc4880, et al.
 * gpg: Many changes to the TOFU implementation.
 * gpg: Improve usability of --quick-gen-key.
 * gpg: In --verbose mode print a diagnostic when a pinentry is
 * gpg: Remove code which warns for old versions of gnome-keyring.
 * gpg: New option --override-session-key-fd.
 * gpg: Option --output does now work with --verify.
 * gpgv: New option --output to allow saving the verified data.
 * gpgv: New option --enable-special-filenames.
 * agent, dirmngr: New --supervised mode for use by systemd and alike.
 * agent: By default listen on all available sockets using standard
 * agent: Invoke scdaemon with --homedir.
 * dirmngr: On Linux now detects the removal of its own socket and
 * scd: Support ECC key generation.
 * scd: Support more card readers.
 * dirmngr: New option --allow-version-check to download a software
   version database in the background.
 * dirmngr: Use system provided CAs if no --hkp-cacert is given.
 * dirmngr: Use a default keyserver if none is explicitly set
 * gpgconf: New command --query-swdb to check software versions
   against an copy of an online database.
 * gpgconf: Print the socket directory with --list-dirs.
 * tools: The WKS tools now support draft version -02.
 * tools: Always build gpg-wks-client and install under libexec.
 * tools: New option --supported for gpg-wks-client.
 * The log-file option now accepts a value "socket://" to log to the
   socket named "S.log" in the standard socket directory.
 * Provide fake pinentries for use by tests cases of downstream
 * Fixed many bugs and regressions.
 * Many changes and improvements for the test suite.
- drop upstreamed patches:
  * 0001-common-Follow-up-to-14479e2-fix-void-return-in-non-v.patch
  * gnupg-2.1.15-bsc993324-status-output.patch

Tue Sep 13 13:50:52 UTC 2016 -

- avoid mixing up status and colon line output - bsc#993324
  add gnupg-2.1.15-bsc993324-status-output.patch

Thu Sep  1 08:23:28 UTC 2016 -

- enable web key discovery tools

Wed Aug 31 13:06:28 UTC 2016 -

- Add an explicit runtime dependency on libgcrypt >= 1.7.0 to
  match runtime version check

Fri Aug 19 21:22:22 UTC 2016 -

- GnuPG 2.1.15:
 * gpg: Remove the --tofu-db-format option and support for the
   split TOFU database.
 * gpg: Add option --sender to prepare for coming features.
 * gpg: Add option --input-size-hint to help progress indicators.
 * gpg: Extend the PROGRESS status line with the counted unit.
 * gpg: Avoid publishing the GnuPG version by default with --armor.
 * gpg: Properly ignore legacy keys in the keyring cache.
 * gpg: Always print fingerprint records in --with-colons mode.
 * gpg: Make sure that keygrips are printed for each subkey in
   --with-colons mode.
 * gpg: New import filter "drop-sig".
 * gpgsm: Fix a bug in the machine-readable key listing.
 * gpg,gpgsm: Block signals during keyring updates to limits the
   effects of a Ctrl-C at the wrong time.
 * g13: Add command --umount and other fixes for dm-crypt.
 * agent: Fix regression in SIGTERM handling.
 * agent: Cleanup of the ssh-agent code.
 * agent: Allow import of overly long keys.
 * scd: Fix problems with card removal.
 * dirmngr: Remove all code for running as a system service.
 * tools: Make gpg-wks-client conforming to the specs.
 * tests: Improve the output of the new regression test tool.
 * tests: Distribute the standalone test runner.
 * tests: Run each test in a clean environment.
 * Spelling and grammar fixes.
- fix build error, adding

Sun Aug 14 14:12:40 UTC 2016 -

- GnuPG 2.1.14:
  * gpg: Removed options --print-dane-records and --print-pka-records.
    The new export options "export-pka" and "export-dane" can instead
    be used with the export command.
  * gpg: New options --import-filter and --export-filter.
  * gpg: New import options "import-show" and "import-export".
  * gpg: New option --no-keyring.
  * gpg: New command --quick-revuid.
  * gpg: New options -f/--recipient-file and -F/--hidden-recipient-file
    to directly specify encryption keys.
  * gpg: New option --mimemode to indicate that the content is a MIME
    part.  Does only enable --textmode right now.
  * gpg: New option --rfc4880bis to allow experiments with proposed
    changes to the current OpenPGP specs.
  * gpg: Fix regression in the "fetch" sub-command of --card-edit.
  * gpg: Fix regression since 2.1 in option --try-all-secrets.
  * gpgv: Change default options for extra security.
  * gpgsm: No more root certificates are installed by default.
  * agent: "updatestartuptty" does now affect more environment
  * scd: The option --homedir does now work with scdaemon.
  * scd: Support some more GEMPlus card readers.
  * gpgtar: Fix handling of '-' as file name.
  * gpgtar: New commands --create and --extract.
  * gpgconf: Tweak for --list-dirs to better support shell scripts.
  * tools: Add programs gpg-wks-client and gpg-wks-server to implement
    a Web Key Service.  The configure option --enable-wks-tools is
    required to build them; they should be considered Beta software.
  * tests: Complete rework of the openpgp part of the test suite.  The
    test scripts have been changed from Bourne shell scripts to Scheme
    programs.  A customized scheme interpreter (gpgscm) is included.
    This change was triggered by the need to run the test suite on
    non-Unix platforms.
  * The rendering of the man pages has been improved.
- drop upstream gnupg-make_--try-all-secrets_work.patch

Thu Aug  4 12:17:14 UTC 2016 -

- Fix date call as the curlified parameter for sure are not parsed
  correctly by escaping it with %

Wed Aug  3 11:56:58 UTC 2016 -

- Fix upstream bug 1985: --try-all-secrets doesn't work when
  decrypting messages encrypted with --hidden-recipient, fixes unit
  tests of the duplicity package.
  Adding gnupg-make_--try-all-secrets_work.patch
- record the fact that gpg-error 1.21 is required

Thu Jun 16 20:21:39 UTC 2016 -

- GnuPG 2.1.13:
 * gpg: New command --quick-addkey.  Extend the --quick-gen-key
 * gpg: New --keyid-format "none" which is now also the default.
 * gpg: New option --with-subkey-fingerprint.
 * gpg: Include Signer's UID subpacket in signatures if the secret key
   has been specified using a mail address and the new option
   --disable-signer-uid is not used.
 * gpg: Allow unattended deletion of a secret key.
 * gpg: Allow export of non-passphrase protected secret keys.
 * gpg: New status lines KEY_CONSIDERED and NOTATION_FLAGS.
 * gpg: Change status line TOFU_STATS_LONG to use '~' as
   a non-breaking-space character.
 * gpg: Speedup key listings in Tofu mode.
 * gpg: Make sure that the current and total values of a PROGRESS
   status line are small enough.
 * gpgsm: Allow the use of AES192 and SERPENT ciphers.
 * dirmngr: Adjust WKD lookup to current specs.
 * dirmngr: Fallback to LDAP v3 if v2 is is not supported.
 * gpgconf: New commands --create-socketdir and --remove-socketdir,
   new option --homedir.
 * If a /run/user/$UID directory exists, that directory is now used
   for IPC sockets instead of the GNUPGHOME directory.  This fixes
   problems with NFS and too long socket names and thus avoids the
   need for redirection files.
 * Speedup fd closing after a fork.
- drop upstreamed gnupg-fix-signature-checking.patch

Thu Jun  2 16:01:40 UTC 2016 -

- add gnupg-fix-signature-checking.patch (bsc#981020)

Wed May  4 15:37:12 UTC 2016 -

- GnuPG 2.1.12:
 * gpg: New --edit-key sub-command "change-usage" for testing
 * gpg: Out of order key-signatures are now systematically detected
   and fixed by --edit-key.
 * gpg: Improved detection of non-armored messages.
 * gpg: Removed the extra prompt needed to create Curve25519 keys.
 * gpg: Improved user ID selection for --quick-sign-key.
 * gpg: Use the root CAs provided by the system with --fetch-key.
 * gpg: Add support for the experimental Web Key Directory key
   location service.
 * gpg: Improve formatting of Tofu messages and emit new Tofu specific
   status lines.
 * gpgsm: Add option --pinentry-mode to support a loopback pinentry.
 * gpgsm: A new pubring.kbx is now created with the header blob so
   that gpg can detect that the keybox format needs to be used.
 * agent: Add read support for the new private key protection format
 * agent: Add read support for the new extended private key format.
 * agent: Default to --allow-loopback-pinentry and add option
 * scd: Changed to use the new libusb 1.0 API for the internal CCID
 * dirmngr: The dirmngr-client does now auto-detect the PEM format.
 * g13: Add experimental support for dm-crypt.
 * The man pages for gpg and gpgv are now installed under the correct
   name (gpg2 or gpg - depending on a configure option).

Sun Mar  6 08:17:00 UTC 2016 -

- GnuPG 2.1.11:
 * gpg: New command --export-ssh-key to replace the gpgkey2ssh tool.
 * gpg: Allow to generate mail address only keys with --gen-key.
 * gpg: "--list-options show-usage" is now the default.
 * gpg: Make lookup of DNS CERT records holding an URL work.
 * gpg: Emit PROGRESS status lines during key generation.
 * gpg: Don't check for ambigious or non-matching key specification in
   the config file or given to --encrypt-to.  This feature will return
   in 2.3.x.
 * gpg: Lock keybox files while updating them.
 * gpg: Fix possible keyring corruption. (bug#2193)
 * gpg: Fix regression of "bkuptocard" sub-command in --edit-key and
   remove "checkbkupkey" sub-command introduced with 2.1.  (bug#2169)
 * gpg: Fix internal error in gpgv when using default keyid-format.
 * gpg: Fix --auto-key-retrieve to work with dirmngr.conf configured
   keyservers. (bug#2147).
 * agent: New option --pinentry-timeout.
 * scd: Fix regression for generating RSA keys on card.
 * dirmmgr: All configured keyservers are now searched.
 * dirmngr: Install CA certificate for
   Use this certiticate even if --hkp-cacert is not used.
 * gpgtar: Add actual encryption code.  gpgtar does now fully replace
 * gpgtar: Fix filename encoding problem on Windows.
 * Print a warning if a GnuPG component is using an older version of
   gpg-agent, dirmngr, or scdaemon.
- disable running test which no longer work
- remove 0001-gpg-Improve-the-keyblock-cache-s-transparency.patch
  is now upstream
- the PIE options are implemented in the upstream build, and spec
  code broke the build. The only remaining broken executable was
  gpgsplit, which was removed from the package

Tue Jan 26 20:23:18 UTC 2016 -

- add g13, an experimental tool for accessing encrypted storage
  with with GnuPG (cards)

Tue Jan 19 13:56:58 UTC 2016 -

- fix fingerprint ambiguity (bsc#958891)
  * add 0001-gpg-Improve-the-keyblock-cache-s-transparency.patch

Sun Dec  6 14:14:45 UTC 2015 -

- Move to pkgconfig() packaging style

Fri Dec  4 13:35:40 UTC 2015 -

- GnuPG 2.1.10 adds TOFU (Trust-On-First-USe) and anonymous key
  retrival via Tor.
 * gpg: New trust models "tofu" and "tofu+pgp".
 * gpg: New command --tofu-policy.  New options --tofu-default-policy
   and --tofu-db-format.
 * gpg: New option --weak-digest to specify hash algorithms which
   should be considered weak.
 * gpg: Allow the use of multiple --default-key options; take the last
   available key.
 * gpg: New option --encrypt-to-default-key.
 * gpg: New option --unwrap to only strip the encryption layer.
 * gpg: New option --only-sign-text-ids to exclude photo IDs from key
 * gpg: Check for ambigious or non-matching key specification in the
   config file or given to --encrypt-to.
 * gpg: Show the used card reader with --card-status.
 * gpg: Print export statistics and an EXPORTED status line.
 * gpg: Allow selecting subkeys by keyid in --edit-key.
 * gpg: Allow updating the expiration time of multiple subkeys at
 * dirmngr: New option --use-tor.  For full support this requires
   libassuan version 2.4.2 and a patched version of libadns
   (e.g. adns-1.4-g10-7 as used by the standard Windows installer).
 * dirmngr: New option --nameserver to specify the nameserver used in
   Tor mode.
 * dirmngr: Keyservers may again be specified by IP address.
 * dirmngr: Fixed problems in resolving keyserver pools.
 * dirmngr: Fixed handling of premature termination of TLS streams so
   that large numbers of keys can be refreshed via hkps.
 * gpg: Fixed a regression in --locate-key [since 2.1.9].
 * gpg: Fixed another bug for keyrings with legacy keys.
 * gpgsm: Allow combinations of usage flags in --gen-key.
 * Make tilde expansion work with most options.
 * Many other cleanups and bug fixes.

Tue Nov 24 10:27:58 UTC 2015 -

- enable tests for PPC64 again,
  the problem from bsc#935887 went away

Fri Nov 20 16:03:03 UTC 2015 -

- Improve upgrade to gpg2 from security:privacy w.r.t. libassuan
  run-time dependencies (boo#955982)

Sat Oct 10 11:39:55 UTC 2015 -

- GnuPG 2.1.9:
 * gpg: Allow fetching keys via OpenPGP DANE (--auto-key-locate).\
   New option --print-dane-records.
 * gpg: Fix for a problem with PGP-2 keys in a keyring.
 * gpg: Fail with an error instead of a warning if a modern cipher
   algorithm is used without a MDC.
 * agent: New option --pinentry-invisible-char.
 * agent: Always do a RSA signature verification after creation.
 * agent: Fix a regression in ssh-add-ing Ed25519 keys.
 * agent: Fix ssh fingerprint computation for nistp384 and EdDSA.
 * agent: Fix crash during passprase entry on some platforms.
 * scd: Change timeout to fix problems with some 2.1 cards.
 * dirmngr: Displayed name is now Key Acquirer.
 * dirmngr: Add option --keyserver.  Deprecate that option for gpg.
   Install a dirmngr.conf file from a skeleton for new installations.
- update gnupg-add_legacy_FIPS_mode_option.patch for context change

Fri Sep 11 06:02:23 UTC 2015 -

- GnuPG 2.1.8:
 * gpg: Sending very large keys to the keyservers works again.
 * gpg: Validity strings in key listings are now again translatable.
 * gpg: Emit FAILURE status lines to help GPGME.
 * gpg: Does not anymore link to Libksba to reduce dependencies.
 * gpgsm: Export of secret keys via Assuan is now possible.
 * agent: Raise the maximum passphrase length from 100 to 255 bytes.
 * agent: Fix regression using EdDSA keys with ssh.
 * Does not anymore use a build timestamp by default.
 * The fallback encoding for broken locale settings changed
   from Latin-1 to UTF-8.
 * Many code cleanups and improved internal documentation.
 * Various minor bug fixes.

Wed Aug 12 10:58:48 UTC 2015 -

- GnuPG 2.1.7:
 * gpg: Support encryption with Curve25519 if Libgcrypt 1.7 is used.
 * gpg: In the --edit-key menu: Removed the need for "toggle", changed
   how secret keys are indicated, new commands "fpr *" and "grip".
 * gpg: More fixes related to legacy keys in a keyring.
 * gpgv: Does now also work with a "trustedkeys.kbx" file.
 * scd: Support some feature from the OpenPGP card 3.0 specs.
 * scd: Improved ECC support
 * agent: New option --force for the DELETE_KEY command.
 * Dropped deprecated
 * Various other bug fixes.

Thu Jul  2 14:26:21 UTC 2015 -

- do not run checks on ppc64 for now

Wed Jul  1 14:15:28 UTC 2015 -

- GnuPG 2.1.6:
 * agent: New option --verify for the PASSWD command.
 * gpgsm: Add command option "offline" as an alternative to
 * gpg: Do not prompt multiple times for a password in pinentry
   loopback mode.
 * Allow the use of debug category names with --debug.
 * Using gpg-agent and gpg/gpgsm with different locales will now show
   the correct translations in Pinentry.
 * gpg: Improve speed of --list-sigs and --check-sigs.
 * gpg: Make --list-options show-sig-subpackets work again.
 * gpg: Fix an export problem for old keyrings with PGP-2 keys.
 * scd: Support PIN-pads on more readers.
 * dirmngr: Properly cleanup zombie LDAP helper processes and avoid
   hangs on dirmngr shutdown.
 * Various other bug fixes.
- remove documentation make workaround, fixed upstream

Sun Jun 28 13:14:03 UTC 2015 -

- Enable workaround for missing dependencies everywhere

Mon Jun 15 13:20:33 UTC 2015 -

- fix build with openSUSE 13.2 and earlier, call make to
  compensate for incorrect documentation dependencies.

Thu Jun 11 14:32:09 UTC 2015 -

- GnuPG 2.1.5:
 * Support for an external passphrase cache.
 * Support for the forthcoming version 3 OpenPGP smartcard.
 * Manuals now show the actual used file names.
 * Prepared for improved integration with Emacs.
 * Code cleanups and minor bug fixes.

Sun May 17 08:24:15 UTC 2015 -

- info deinstall needs to be in %preun

Tue May 12 18:04:36 UTC 2015 -

- update to 2.1.4:
 * gpg: Add command --quick-adduid to non-interacitivly add a new
   user id to an existing key.
 * gpg: Do no enable honor-keyserver-url by default.  Make it work
   if enabled.
 * gpg: Display the serial number in the --card-staus output again.
 * agent: Support for external password managers.
   Add option --no-allow-external-cache.
 * scdaemon: Improved handling of extended APDUs.
 * Make HTTP proxies work again.
 * All network access including DNS as been moved to Dirmngr.
 * Allow building without LDAP support.
 * Fixed lots of smaller bugs.

Sat Apr 11 18:59:42 UTC 2015 -

- update to 2.1.3:
 * gpg: LDAP keyservers are now supported by 2.1.
 * gpg: New option --with-icao-spelling.
 * gpg: New option --print-pka-records.  Changed the PKA method to
   use CERT records and hashed names.
 * gpg: New command --list-gcrypt-config.  New parameter "curve"
   for --list-config.
 * gpg: Print a NEWSIG status line like gpgsm always did.
 * gpg: Print MPI values with --list-packets and --verbose.
 * gpg: Write correct MPI lengths with ECC keys.
 * gpg: Skip legacy PGP-2 keys while searching.
   (drop 0001-gpg-Skip-legacy-keys-while-searching-keyrings.patch
    now upstream)
 * gpg: Improved searching for mail addresses when using a keybox.
 * gpgsm: Changed default algos to AES-128 and SHA-256.
 * gpgtar: Fixed extracting files with sizes of a multiple of 512.
 * dirmngr: Fixed SNI handling for hkps pools.
   (drop hkps-fix-host-name-verification-when-using-pools.patch
    now upstream)
 * dirmngr: extra-certs and trusted-certs are now always loaded
   from the sysconfig dir instead of the homedir.
 * Fixed possible problems due to compiler optimization, two minor
   regressions, and other bugs.
- refreshed for context changes:
  * gnupg-2.0.18-files-are-digests.patch
  * gnupg-add_legacy_FIPS_mode_option.patch

Mon Mar 23 11:48:24 UTC 2015 -

- Add hkps-fix-host-name-verification-when-using-pools.patch to
  fix hkps support w/ pools. Upstream commit dc10d46.

Thu Mar 19 15:56:12 UTC 2015 -

- Ensure secure memory can be used with default 64k memlock limit
  Fixes [boo#915931], removes gnupg-large_keys.patch
- Removed gnupg-remove_development_version_warning.patch, obsolete
- Removed gnupg-2.0.4-install_tools.diff, replaced by spec install
- Removed autoconf requirement and autoreconf calls thus obsoleted

Tue Feb 24 08:10:22 UTC 2015 -

- Fix invalid packet read error when reading keyrings [boo#914625]
  add 0001-gpg-Skip-legacy-keys-while-searching-keyrings.patch

Wed Feb 11 21:48:13 UTC 2015 -

- update to 2.1.2:
 * gpg: The parameter 'Passphrase' for batch key generation works
 * gpg: Using a passphrase option in batch mode now has the
   expected effect on --quick-gen-key.
 * gpg: Improved reporting of unsupported PGP-2 keys.
 * gpg: Added support for algo names when generating keys using
 * gpg: Fixed DoS based on bogus and overlong key packets.
 * agent: When setting --default-cache-ttl the value
   for --max-cache-ttl is adjusted to be not lower than the former.
 * agent: Fixed problems with the new --extra-socket.
 * agent: Made --allow-loopback-pinentry changeable with gpgconf.
 * agent: Fixed importing of unprotected openpgp keys.
 * agent: Now tries to use a fallback pinentry if the standard
   pinentry is not installed.
 * scd: Added support for ECDH.
 * Fixed several bugs related to bogus keyrings and improved some
   other code.
- in gnupg-2.0.18-files-are-digests.patch, change buffer_to_u32 to
  buf32_to_u32 from host2net.h to match upstream changes
- now requires automake 1.14

Fri Dec 26 21:15:55 UTC 2014 -

- update to 2.1.1:
  * gpg: Detect faulty use of --verify on detached signatures.
  * gpg: New import option "keep-ownertrust".
  * gpg: New sub-command "factory-reset" for --card-edit.
  * gpg: A stub key for smartcards is now created by --card-status.
  * gpg: Fixed regression in --refresh-keys.
  * gpg: Fixed regresion in %g and %p codes for --sig-notation.
  * gpg: Fixed best matching hash algo detection for ECDSA and EdDSA.
  * gpg: Improved perceived speed of secret key listisngs.
  * gpg: Print number of skipped PGP-2 keys on import.
  * gpg: Removed the option aliases --throw-keyid and --notation-data;
    use --throw-keyids and --set-notation instead.
  * gpg: New import option "keep-ownertrust".
  * gpg: Skip too large keys during import.
  * gpg,gpgsm: New option --no-autostart to avoid starting gpg-agent or
  * gpg-agent: New option --extra-socket to provide a restricted
    command set for use with remote clients.
  * gpgconf --kill does not anymore start a service only to kill it.
  * gpg-pconnect-agent: Add convenience option --uiserver.
  * More translations (but most of them are not complete).
  * To support remotely mounted home directories, the IPC sockets may
    now be redirected.  This feature requires Libassuan 2.2.0.
  * Improved portability and the usual bunch of bug fixes.
- removed patch not part of upstream release:
- refresh for context changes:
- refresh for upstream code changes:
    gnupg-detect_FIPS_mode.patch (MD5 removed)

Thu Dec 25 18:09:11 UTC 2014 -

- Support for large RSA keys
  This involves compiling with --enable-large-rsa and
  --enable-large-secmem, as well as patching the number
  of secmem bytes and IPC bytes to slightly larger values.
  * added gnupg-large_keys.patch
Wed Dec  3 22:37:59 UTC 2014 -

- update build requirement versions that changed with 2.1.0

Wed Nov 26 19:21:15 UTC 2014 -

- fix buffer overflow in OID to string conversion function
  [boo#907198], adding

Tue Nov 11 16:10:04 UTC 2014 -

- obsolete dirmngr (shipped with gpg since 2.1.0)
- spec cleanup after previous update
- get rid of "THIS IS A DEVELOPMENT VERSION" warning
  * added gnupg-remove_development_version_warning.patch

Thu Nov  6 17:32:39 UTC 2014 -

- upgrade to 2.1.0 (modern)
  - The file "secring.gpg" is not anymore used to store the secret
    keys.  Merging of secret keys is now supported.
  - All support for PGP-2 keys has been removed for security reasons.
  - The standard key generation interface is now much leaner.  This
    will help a new user to quickly generate a suitable key.
  - Support for Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) is now available.
  - Commands to create and sign keys from the command line without any
    extra prompts are now available.
  - The Pinentry may now show the new passphrase entry and the
    passphrase confirmation entry in one dialog.
  - There is no more need to manually start the gpg-agent.  It is now
    started by any part of GnuPG as needed.
  - Problems with importing keys with the same long key id have been
  - The Dirmngr is now part of GnuPG proper and also takes care of
    accessing keyserver.
  - Keyserver pools are now handled in a smarter way.
  - A new format for locally storing the public keys is now used.
    This considerable speeds up operations on large keyrings.
  - Revocation certificates are now created by default.
  - Card support has been updated, new readers and token types are
  - The format of the key listing has been changed to better identify
    the properties of a key.
  - The gpg-agent may now be used on Windows as a Pageant replacement
    for Putty in the same way it is used for years on Unix as
    ssh-agent replacement.
  - Creation of X.509 certificates has been improved.  It is now also
    possible to export them directly in PKCS#8 and PEM format for use
    on TLS servers.
- dropped patches:
  * gnupg-2.0.20-automake113.diff
  * gnupg-2.0.18-tmpdir.diff (socket is created in homedir now)
- refresh most of the remaining patches
- added new BuildRequires: gnutls-devel, pkg-config, npth-devel

Tue Aug 12 20:19:45 UTC 2014 -

- update to 2.0.26:
 * gpg: Fix a regression in 2.0.24 if a subkey id is given
   to --recv-keys et al.
 * gpg: Cap attribute packets at 16MB.
 * gpgsm: Auto-create the ".gnupg" home directory in the same
   way gpg does.
 * scdaemon: Allow for certificates > 1024 when using PC/SC.
- remove URL from package keyring, upstream file metadata changes

Tue Jul  1 21:05:55 UTC 2014 -

- gnupg-add_legacy_FIPS_mode_option.patch (part of [bnc#856312])
  mentions GCRYCTL_INACTIVATE_FIPS_FLAG, raising the requirement
  for gcrypt from 1.4.0 (from configure) to 1.6.1 where said flag
  was introduced. Require this version to build.

Mon Jun 30 18:52:36 UTC 2014 -

- update to 2.0.25:
 * gpg: Fix a regression in 2.0.24 if more than one keyid is given
   to --recv-keys et al.
 * gpg: Cap RSA and Elgamal keysize at 4096 bit also for unattended
   key generation.
 * gpgsm: Fix a DISPLAY related problem with
 * scdaemon: Support reader Gemalto IDBridge CT30.

Tue Jun 24 22:25:12 UTC 2014 -

- update to 2.0.24
  Contains a security fix to stop a possible DoS using garbled
  compressed data packets which can be used to put gpg into an
  infinite loop. [bnc#884130] [CVE-2014-4617]
  * gpg: Avoid DoS due to garbled compressed data packets.
- further:
  * gpg: Screen keyserver responses to avoid importing unwanted
    keys from rogue servers.
  * gpg: The validity of user ids is now shown by default. To
    revert this add "list-options no-show-uid-validity" to gpg.conf
  * gpg: Print more specific reason codes with the INV_RECP status.
  * gpg: Allow loading of a cert only key to an OpenPGP card.
  * gpg-agent: Make ssh support for ECDSA keys work with Libgcrypt

Tue Jun  3 21:55:34 UTC 2014 -

- update to 2.0.23:
 * gpg: Reject signatures made using the MD5 hash algorithm unless the
   new option --allow-weak-digest-algos or --pgp2 are given.
 * gpg: Do not create a trustdb file if --trust-model=always is used.
 * gpg: Only the major version number is by default included in the
   armored output.
 * gpg: Print a warning if the Gnome-Keyring-Daemon intercepts the
   communication with the gpg-agent.
 * gpg: The format of the fallback key listing ("gpg KEYFILE") is now more
   aligned to the regular key listing ("gpg -k").
 * gpg: The option--show-session-key prints its output now before the
   decryption of the bulk message starts.
 * gpg: New %U expando for the photo viewer.
 * gpgsm: Improved handling of re-issued CA certificates.
 * scdaemon: Various fixes for pinpad equipped card readers.
 * Minor bug fixes.
- Packaging changes:
  * add gpgtar utility
  * update and use use source URL for tarball signing key
  * removed gnupg-2.0.9-RSA_ES.patch, applied upstream
  * updated for context changes:

Tue Apr 29 12:06:03 UTC 2014 -

- add patch by Stephan Mueller which adds an option to enable
  legacy ciphers in FIPS mode
  * added gnupg-add_legacy_FIPS_mode_option.patch
  (part of bnc#856312)
- added BuildRequires: makeinfo (to build info pages from the
  patched gnupg.texi)

Fri Feb 14 16:14:14 UTC 2014 -

- install scdaemon to /usr/bin (bnc#863645)

Sat Oct  5 11:44:42 UTC 2013 -

- update to 2.0.22 [bnc#844175]
  * Fixed possible infinite recursion in the compressed packet
    parser. [CVE-2013-4402]
  * Improved support for some card readers.
  * Prepared building with the forthcoming Libgcrypt 1.6.
  * Protect against rogue keyservers sending secret keys.
- remove gpg2-CVE-2013-4351.patch, committed upstream

Mon Sep 16 11:08:55 UTC 2013 -

- fix CVE-2013-4351 (bnc#840510)

Mon Aug 19 17:59:48 UTC 2013 -

- update to 2.0.21
 * gpg-agent: By default the users are now asked via the Pinentry
   whether they trust an X.509 root key.  To prohibit interactive
   marking of such keys, the new option --no-allow-mark-trusted may
   be used.
 * gpg-agent: The command KEYINFO has options to add info from
 * The included ssh agent does now support ECDSA keys.
- now requires libgpg-error 1.11
- update gnupg-2.0.9-langinfo.patch for upstream whitespace changes
- drop gnupg-broken-curl-test.patch, no longer required

Mon Jun 17 12:48:24 UTC 2013 -

- revert usage of gpg-offline to avoid cycles

Mon Jun 17 12:40:10 UTC 2013 -

- add gnupg-2.0.20-automake113.diff to fix build with automake 1.13

Tue May 14 14:00:45 UTC 2013 -

- set safe umask before creating a plaintext file (bnc#780943)
  added gpg2-set_umask_before_open_outfile.patch
- select proper ciphers when running in FIPS mode (bnc#808958)
  added gnupg-detect_FIPS_mode.patch

Fri May 10 19:33:24 UTC 2013 -

- update to 2.0.20
 * Decryption using smartcards keys > 3072 bit does now work.
 * New meta option ignore-invalid-option to allow using the same
   option file by other GnuPG versions.
 * gpg: The hash algorithm is now printed for sig records in key listings.
 * gpg: Skip invalid keyblock packets during import to avoid a DoS.
 * gpg: Correctly handle ports from DNS SRV records.
 * keyserver: Improve use of SRV records
 * gpg-agent: Avoid tty corruption when killing pinentry.
 * scdaemon: Improve detection of card insertion and removal.
 * scdaemon: Rename option --disable-keypad to --disable-pinpad.
 * scdaemon: Better support for CCID readers.  Now, the internal CCID
   driver supports readers without the auto configuration feature.
 * scdaemon: Add pinpad input for PC/SC, if your reader has pinpad and
   it supports variable length PIN input, and you specify
   --enable-pinpad-varlen option.
 * scdaemon: New option --enable-pinpad-varlen.
 * scdaemon: Install into libexecdir to avoid accidental execution
   from the command line.
 * Assorted bug fixes.
- refresh gnupg-2.0.9-RSA_ES.patch
- verify gpg signature of source tarball

Wed Mar 27 12:16:19 UTC 2013 -

- Added url as source.
  Please see

Fri Jan 11 20:26:50 UTC 2013 -

- BuildRequires: libbz2-devel (support BZIP2 compression
  algorithm) (bnc#798175).

Wed Apr 18 10:55:34 UTC 2012 -

- Mention some of the changes in Greg's version update

Tue Mar 27 20:38:27 UTC 2012 -

- update to upstream 2.0.19
  * GPG now accepts a space separated fingerprint as a user ID.  This
    allows to copy and paste the fingerprint from the key listing.
  * GPG now uses the longest key ID available.  Removed support for the
    original HKP keyserver which is not anymore used by any site.
  * Rebuild the trustdb after changing the option --min-cert-level.
  * Ukrainian translation.
  * Honor option --cert-digest-algo when creating a cert.
  * Emit a DECRYPTION_INFO status line.
  * Improved detection of JPEG files.

Tue Dec  6 10:58:36 UTC 2011 -

- fixed licence to GPL-3.0+ (bnc#734878)

Wed Nov 30 09:55:47 UTC 2011 -

- add automake as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency

Sat Oct  1 15:53:04 UTC 2011 -

- Test suite hangs in qemu-arm, workaround. 

Wed Aug 31 10:00:35 UTC 2011 -

- link with -pie 

Fri Aug 19 01:11:42 UTC 2011 -

- libcurl.m4 tests were broken, resulting in the usage
  of a "fake" internal libcurl.

Sat Aug  6 20:19:09 UTC 2011 -

- update to upstream 2.0.18
 * Bug fix for newer versions of Libgcrypt.
 * Support the SSH confirm flag and show SSH fingerprints in ssh
   related pinentries.
 * Improved dirmngr/gpgsm interaction for OCSP.
 * Allow generation of card keys up to 4096 bit.
- refresh patch gnupg-2.0.10-tmpdir.diff -> gnupg-2.0.18-tmpdir.diff
- refresh patch gnupg-files-are-digests.patch -> gnupg-2.0.18-files-are-digests.patch

Tue Mar 15 09:29:42 UTC 2011 -

- update to gnupg-2.0.17
 * Allow more hash algorithms with the OpenPGP v2 card.
 * The gpg-agent now tests for a new gpg-agent.conf on a HUP.
 * Fixed output of "gpgconf --check-options".
 * Fixed a bug where Scdaemon sends a signal to Gpg-agent running
   in non-daemon mode.
 * Fixed TTY management for pinentries and session variable update
- drop gnupg-CVE-2010-2547.patch (in upstream)

Fri Jan  7 13:24:17 CET 2011 -

- Removed obsolete BuildRequires of opensc-devel.

Sun Oct 31 12:37:02 UTC 2010 -

- Use %_smp_mflags

Wed Jul 28 09:39:00 UTC 2010 -

- gnupg-CVE-2010-2547.patch (bnc#625947)
- renumber patches

Mon Jul 19 21:49:40 UTC 2010 -

- update to gnupg-2.0.16
 * If the agent's --use-standard-socket option is active, all tools
   try to start and daemonize the agent on the fly.  In the past this
   was only supported on W32; on non-W32 systems the new configure
   option --use-standard-socket may now be used to use this feature by
 * The gpg-agent commands KILLAGENT and RELOADAGENT are now available
   on all platforms.
 * Minor bug fixes.
- drop gnupg-2.0.14-s2kcount.patch (builds fine without it now)

Mon Jun  7 09:40:32 UTC 2010 -

- add special provides to make sure that obs signd gets correct gpg version

Fri Apr  9 12:47:11 UTC 2010 -

- fix deps
  o libassuan-devel >= 2.0.0
  o pth / libpth-devel >= 1.3.7
- added BuildReq libcurl-devel >= 7.10
- removed BuildReq openldap2
  is already solved by openldap2-devel
- removed unrecognized configure options
  --enable-external-hkp, --enable-shared, --enable-static-rnd

Wed Apr  7 14:19:11 UTC 2010 -

- add gnupg-dont-fail-with-seahorse-agent.patch (bnc#589994) 

Wed Mar 31 13:47:00 UTC 2010 -

- update to gnupg-2.0.15 
 * New command --passwd for GPG.
 * Fixes a regression in 2.0.14 which prevented unprotection of new
   or changed gpg-agent passphrases.
 * Make use of libassuan 2.0 which is available as a DSO.

Mon Mar 22 15:09:24 UTC 2010 -

- fix files-are-digests patch (bnc#469229)

Wed Feb 17 13:29:18 CET 2010 -

- Update to version 2.0.14:
  + The default for --include-cert is now to include all
    certificates in the chain except for the root certificate.
  + Numerical values may now be used as an alternative to the
    debug-level keywords.
  + The GPGSM --audit-log feature is now more complete.
  + GPG now supports DNS lookups for SRV, PKA and CERT on W32.
  + New GPGSM option --ignore-cert-extension.
  + New and changed passphrases are now created with an iteration
    count requiring about 100ms of CPU work.
- Add gnupg-2.0.14-s2kcount.patch: use fixed s2k-count number
  otherwise the gpg2 would want to consult gpg-agent which is not
  yet installed in the mock chroot (Patch shamelessly stolen from

Thu Jan 28 14:15:24 UTC 2010 -

- fix build for older distributions 

Wed Jan 27 16:30:41 UTC 2010 -

- port files-are-digests patch from gpg1 (bnc#469229) 

Tue Dec 15 20:56:35 CET 2009 -

- enable parallel building
- SPARC needs large PIE model

Sun Dec  6 08:52:32 UTC 2009 -

- change -lang require to recommended

Fri Nov 13 14:37:58 UTC 2009 -

- update to gnupg-2.0.13
 * GPG now generates 2048 bit RSA keys by default.  The default hash
   algorithm preferences has changed to prefer SHA-256 over SHA-1.
   2048 bit DSA keys are now generated to use a 256 bit hash algorithm
 * The envvars XMODIFIERS, GTK_IM_MODULE and QT_IM_MODULE are now
   passed to the Pinentry to make SCIM work.
 * The GPGSM command --gen-key features a --batch mode and implements
   all features of in standard mode.
 * New option --re-import for GPGSM's IMPORT server command.
 * Enhanced writing of existing keys to OpenPGP v2 cards.
 * Add hack to the internal CCID driver to allow the use of some
   Omnikey based card readers with 2048 bit keys.
 * GPG now repeatly asks the user to insert the requested OpenPGP
   card.  This can be disabled with --limit-card-insert-tries=1.
 * Minor bug fixes.
- drop gnupg-2.0.4-default-tty.diff

Thu Jun 18 13:22:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to gnupg-2.0.12
 * GPGSM now always lists ephemeral certificates if specified by
   fingerprint or keygrip.
 * New command "KEYINFO" for GPG_AGENT.  GPGSM now also returns
   information about smartcards.
 * Made sure not to leak file descriptors if running gpg-agent with a
   command.  Restore the signal mask to solve a problem in Mono.
 * Changed order of the confirmation questions for root certificates
   and store negative answers in trustlist.txt.
 * Better synchronization of concurrent smartcard sessions.
 * Support 2048 bit OpenPGP cards.
 * Support Telesec Netkey 3 cards.
 * The gpg-protect-tool now uses gpg-agent via libassuan.
 * Changed code to avoid a possible Mac OS X system freeze.
- drop gpg2-fix-rtsignals.patch (fixed upstream)
- drop gnupg-1.9.22-ccid-driver-fix.diff (unused)

Thu Jun 11 11:19:58 CEST 2009 -

- change BuildRequires: (pth-devel -> libpth-devel) 

Mon Jun  1 11:26:12 CEST 2009 -

- BuildRequires: pth-devel 

Wed Mar 18 13:51:30 CET 2009 -

- add gpg2-fix-rtsignals.patch (bnc#481463)

Thu Mar  5 13:39:42 CET 2009 -

- update to 2.0.11
  * Fixed a problem in SCDAEMON which caused unexpected card resets.
  * SCDAEMON is now aware of the Geldkarte.
  * The SCDAEMON option --allow-admin is now used by default.
  * GPGCONF now restarts SCdaemon if necessary.
  * The default cipher algorithm in GPGSM is now again 3DES.  This is
    due to interoperability problems with Outlook 2003 which still
    can't cope with AES.
- dropped gnupg-2.0.10-fix-convert.patch (upstream)
- dropped gnupg-2.0.10-fix-missing-option.patch (upstream)
- disabled gnupg-1.9.22-ccid-driver-fix.diff (does not apply and it is
  not clear what it is good for)

Mon Mar  2 15:53:22 CET 2009 -

- gnupg-2.0.10-fix-missing-option.patch (bnc#477362) 

Mon Jan 19 16:16:11 CET 2009 -

- add gnupg-2.0.10-fix-convert.patch 
  - fix broken 'make check' on ppc, s390 and s390x

Tue Jan 13 10:38:38 CET 2009 -

- update to 2.0.10
  * New keyserver helper gpg2keys_kdns as generic DNS CERT
  * New mechanisms "local" and "nodefault" for --auto-key-locate.
    Fixed a few problems with this option.
  * New command --locate-keys.
  * New options --with-sig-list and --with-sig-check.
  * The option "-sat" is no longer an alias for --clearsign.
  * The option --fixed-list-mode is now implicitly used and obsolete.
  * New control statement %ask-passphrase for the unattended key
  * The algorithm to compute the SIG_ID status has been changed.
  * [gpgsm] Now uses AES by default.
  * [gpgsm] Made --output option work with --export-secret-key-p12.
  * [gpg-agent] Terminate process if the own listening socket is not
    anymore served by ourself.
  * [gpg-connect-agent] Accept commands given as command line arguments.
  * The gpg-preset-passphrase mechanism works again. An arbitrary
    string may now be used for a custom cache ID.
  * Admin PINs are cached again (bug in 2.0.9).
  * Support for version 2 OpenPGP cards.

- specfile changes:
  * require libadns 
  * explicit versions for some BuildRequires
  * BuildRequires libgpg-error
  * changed license to GPL v3
  * /etc/gnupg/gnupg.conf is now (noreplace)
  * documentation is installed with install

Wed Jun 11 11:06:09 CEST 2008 -

- fix [bnc#305725] - UTF-8 problems
  * non latin characters displayed incorrectly by pinentry-*

Wed May 21 14:01:14 CEST 2008 -

- added missing gpgconf.conf (bnc#391347)

Fri Mar 28 16:14:33 CET 2008 -

- update to 2.0.9
  * fixes CVE-2008-1530 (bnc#374254)
  * removing gnupg-2.0.8-from-upstream.diff (included in release)
  * removing gnupg-2.0.4-oldkey.diff (accepted by upstream)
  * removing gnupg-2.0.8-warningfixes.diff 
    (also appears in upstream)
- patch gnupg-2.0.9-RSA_ES.patch
  * adding back support for deprecated RSA_E, RSA_S algorithms

Wed Mar 26 22:07:29 CET 2008 -

- require the split out lang package

Sun Mar 23 12:10:56 CET 2008 -

- splitting out a third of the package by using a lang subpack

Tue Feb 12 19:24:37 CET 2008 -

- install gpg-zip and gpgsplit again and use -pie for randomisation

Wed Feb  6 18:16:34 CET 2008 -

- add selected upstream fixes and fix gcc and rpmlint warnings 

Tue Jan  8 10:48:30 CET 2008 -

- update to GnuPG-2.0.8
- adapted patches to apply properly
  * gnupg-1.9.18-tmpdir.diff
  * gnupg-2.0.4-install_tools.diff
- gnupg-2.0.5.fixes-from-svn-20070812.diff commented out,
  included in upstream 2.0.8
- use optflags during build

Wed Sep 12 22:40:46 CEST 2007 -

- fix #304749 - gpg2 unable to use old secret key

Mon Sep 10 20:13:07 CEST 2007 -

- fix gpg2 crash on accessing key (#307666)
- fix gpg doesn't work on the console (#302323)

Fri Aug 10 11:50:20 CEST 2007 -

- update to GnuPG-2.0.5             - requries libassuan-1.0.2!
  * Switched license to GPLv3.
  * Fixed bug when using the --p12-charset without --armor.
  * The command --gen-key may now be used instead of the script.
  * Changed key generation to reveal less information about the
    machine.  Bug fixes for gpg2's card key generation.
- enable make check to test against build issues in the crypto engine
- cleanup disabled nld patch for linking with -lgpg-error-nld
- use %find_lang to label the locale files properly with %lang
- add opensc-devel to BuildRequrires to enanble smartcard support
- del patches where we patch and run automake
- cleanup the standrd GNU INSTALL and the empty VERSION from %doc

Thu Jul 26 13:16:22 CEST 2007 -

- Build with libassuan-devel.

Thu Jun 21 20:31:44 CEST 2007 -

- install compat symlinks for gpg2 and gpgv2
- install gpg-zip and gpgsplit
- added openldap2 to buildrequires (for gpgkeys_ldap) 
- added fPIE/pie to CFLAGS/LDFLAGS for gpgsplit

Wed May 23 19:02:45 CEST 2007 -

- add libusb-devel build requires

Wed May 16 14:27:28 CEST 2007 -

- remove gpg from Require's (#273491)

Fri May 11 13:20:19 CEST 2007 -

- updated to 2.0.4 stable snapshot

Wed Apr  4 12:42:06 CEST 2007 -

- update to 2.0.3
- fixed #251605 - VUL-0: signing issues within GNUPG
- removed outdated patches

Fri Mar 30 01:58:56 CEST 2007 -

- added zlib-devel to buildreq 

Wed Feb 14 15:14:44 CET 2007 -

- fix file conflicts with gpg (#242133)

Tue Jan 30 00:34:50 CET 2007 -

- fix build (exclude possible debuginfo directory) 

Mon Jan 29 16:22:15 CET 2007 -

- fix #221212 - gpg2 is not updated and do not contain documentation
- fix #233525 - gpg1/2: bug in vasprintf() implementation

Thu Nov 30 16:59:25 CET 2006 -

- fix overflow in openfile.c (CVE-2006-6169, #224108) 

Mon Sep 11 13:44:21 CEST 2006 -

- updated gnupg to new version 1.9.22
        Enhanced pkcs#12 support
        Support for the CardMan 4040 PCMCIA
        Collected bug fixes
- updated pth library to 2.0.7
- changed using pinetry-qt to pinentry
- removed -cfb.diff -signature.patch -cap_large_uid.patch patches
  they are no longer needed
- change patch -warnings-fix.diff -ccid-driver-fix.diff

Thu Aug 17 11:55:09 CEST 2006 -

- remove unused package in build requires

Wed Aug  9 09:32:56 CEST 2006 -

- fix spec file to build with new gettext 0.15 

Mon Aug  7 11:06:19 CEST 2006 -

- fixed security fix with large uid CVE-2006-3746 [#195569]

Thu Feb 23 17:07:18 CET 2006 -

- fixed signature security problem CVE-2006-0455 (bugzilla#150742)

Thu Feb  2 15:37:22 CET 2006 -

- fixed install info in spec file

Thu Jan 26 15:52:26 CET 2006 -

- Added missing %install_info.

Wed Jan 25 21:36:18 CET 2006 -

- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires

Fri Aug  5 12:52:44 CEST 2005 -

- updated to version to 1.9.18
- removed obsoleted gcc patch
- added patch tmpdir.diff for using $TMPDIR by gpg-agent [#bug95732] 

Tue Jul 12 14:17:11 CEST 2005 -

- updated to version to 1.9.17
- updated pth to version 2.0.4
- removed obsoleted patch agent-cache-fix.diff
- fixed ccid-driver.c
- fixed gcc4
- explicitly enabled gpg building in configure

Thu Mar 24 13:55:34 CET 2005 -

- fixed caching passphrase in gpg-agent [#71975]

Tue Mar 22 18:11:12 CET 2005 -

- fixed on 64bit archs [#72440]

Wed Feb 23 15:16:55 CET 2005 -

- security fix for cfb-cipher issue [#65862]

Wed Jan 12 16:02:00 CET 2005 -

- update to version 1.9.14
- removed obsoleted patch automake-fixes.diff

Tue Sep 28 08:52:32 CEST 2004 -

- link against libpth staticaly to make S/MIME support in kmail
  usable. Hopefully we can convert this to a native thread implementation
  later. (#46260)

Sat Jul 31 15:07:26 CEST 2004 -

- update to version 1.9.10

Tue Jul 20 09:01:50 CEST 2004 -

- remove openct and opensc packages from nfb
  (we will need thread support, when enabling card reader support,
   but it isn't anyway implemented yet in gpg2)

Mon Jul 12 17:55:32 CEST 2004 -

- use GnuPG 2 sources version 1.9.9
- opensc support misses some functions atm, support disabled for now
- threading is disabled, since we do not have a pth package for now
- prepare for nld

Thu Feb 26 13:27:08 CET 2004 -

- adapted some functions to the libgcrypt version 1.1.91 [#34987]
- added libgpg-error to needforbuild flag

Wed Feb 18 14:02:47 CET 2004 -

- Don't build against libpth.

Tue Feb 10 16:00:08 CET 2004 -

- fixed code that broke strict aliasing

Fri Dec  5 14:35:32 CET 2003 -

- disable core dumpe in child after forking. [#33499]

Mon Aug 11 14:48:50 CEST 2003 -

- cleanup #neededforbuild and requires

Mon Aug  4 15:28:41 CEST 2003 -

- added openct to neededforbuild 

Fri Jul 18 14:23:15 CEST 2003 -

- build against opensc 

Thu Jun 19 19:04:45 CEST 2003 -

- Add %install_info.

Mon Mar 17 15:25:30 CET 2003 -

- add signal handler to check if the parent is still alive and
  exit if not
- use pinentry-qt by default (/usr/bin/pinentry do not exist)

Tue Feb 11 15:38:30 CET 2003 -

- initial release 

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