File freeradius-server.changes of Package freeradius-server.10993

Tue Apr 16 10:09:45 UTC 2019 - Adam Majer <>

- CVE-2019-11235.patch: fixes authentication bypass vulnerability
  in the EAP-PWD module via invalid curve attack or a reflection
  attack vector. (CVE-2019-11235, CVE-2019-11234, bsc#1132549,

Wed Jul  4 14:54:50 UTC 2018 -

- install license as %license instead of documentation

Thu Jan 11 23:15:49 UTC 2018 -

- update to 3.0.16

Feature improvements
* rlm_python now supports multiple lists.  From #2031.
* Add trust router re-keying.  From #2007.
* Add support for Samba / AD LDAP schema.
  See doc/schemas/ldap/samba/README.txt and
* Add "tls_min_version" and "tls_max_version" to EAP module
  for Debian OpenSSL issues.
* Better documentation for client certificates in PEAP and TTLS:
  it usually doesn't work.  Fixes #2068.
* Distinguish login failure from AD unavailable.  Fixes #2069.
* Update RH spec files.  Fixes #2070.
* Run Post-Proxy-Type if all home servers are dead.
  Fixes #2072.
* Print offending IP addresses when EAP sessions come from
  two upstream home servers, and rate-limit the messages.
* Minor packaging updates.
* Better documentation for rlm_rest.
* EAP-FAST now has it's own "cipher_list", so that it is
  easier to configure.
* EAP-FAST now forcibly disables TLS1.2, until such time
  as we implement the new keying mechanism from TLS1.2.
* Add documentation for allow_expired_crl.
* Update Debian logrotation.  #2093 and #2101.
* DHCP relay can now drop responses.  #2095.
* rlm_sqlippool can now assign Delegated-IPv6-Prefix.
  It also now can assign any IPv4 or IPv6 address.
  Based on patches from maximumG.  #2094.
  See raddb/mods-available/sqlippool for changes.
* radeapclient can now use EAP-SIM-Ki to dynamically
  create the necessary triplets.
* Explain why many LDAP connections are closed.
  Fixes #1969.
* Debian build / package issues fixed by Matthew Newton.
* dictionary.patton updates from Brice Schaffner.  Fixes #2137.
* Added scripts to build "inner-server.pem", and updated
  mods-config/inner-eap and certs/README to match.
* Added provisions for using an external CA.  See raddb/certs/
* Include dhcpclient binary in freeradius-dhcp debian packge.

Bug fixes
* Bind the lifetime of program name and python path to the module
  FR-AD-002 (redone)
* Pass correct statement length into sqlite3_prepare[_v2]
  FR-AD-003 (redone)
* Allow 100-Continue responses with additional headers in rlm_rest.
* fix corner case where detail files were not being locked
* Fix (SQL-Group == "%{...}") checks, and same for LDAP-Group.
  Fixes #1947
* Clean up exfile code.  Which should help to avoid issues
  with reading / writing 100's of detail files.
* Fix build for winbind.  Patch from Alex Clouter.
* Fix checkrad for Mikrotik.  Patch from Muchael Ducharme.
* Fix home server stats lookup.  Patch from Phil Mayers.
* Add libjson-c3 as an optional dependency.
* Require LTB OpenLDAP on CentOS / Redhat, to avoid linking
  against NSS, which breaks the server.  Fixes #2040.
* rlm_python fixes.  Fixes #2041
* Typos in "man" pages.  Fixes #2045
* Expand "next" in %{%{...}:-%{...}}.  Fixes #2048
* Don't add TLS attributes twice.  Fixes #2050.
* Fix memory allocation in rlm_rest.  Fixes #2051.
* Update trustrouter for new API. Fixes #2059.
* Fix SQLite issues on FreeBSD.  Fixes #2060
* Don't do debug logging of bad passwords.  Fixes #2064.
* More graceful handling of "die" in rlm_perl.  Fixes #2073.
* Fix occasional crash when using
  cisco_accounting_username_bug = yes
* EAP-FAST fixes from Isaac Boukris.
  #2078, #2076, and #2082, #2126.
* DHCP fixes, relay, #2092, add run-time check, #2028
* Decode multiple RADIUS packets at a time in highly loaded
  RadSec connections.  Patch from Jan Tomasek.  #2106.
* TunnelPassword is not "single value" in LDAP schema.
  Fixes #2061.
* sql log now opens the expanded filename, not the input one.
  This was a regression introduced in 3.0.15.
* Remove unnecessary UNIQUE constrain in Oracle schemas.
* Fix SSL thread and locking issues when modules also use SSL.
  Fixes #2125 and #2129.
* Re-add dhcpclient "raw packet" changes.  Patches from
  Nicolas Chaigne and Matthew Newton.  Fixes #2155.

Tue Sep 19 11:18:53 UTC 2017 -

- Fix permissions of radiusd.service (bnc#1053654)

Fri Aug 25 11:32:56 UTC 2017 -

- bsc#1055679 - freeradius-server does not provide winbind/AD auth
  Added libwbclient-devel as buildrequires 

Mon Jul 17 13:46:41 UTC 2017 -

- update to 3.0.15 with security fixes (bsc#1049086) for
  issues found via fuzzing by Guido Vranken
  * CVE-2017-10978: FR-GV-201 (v2,v3) Read / write overflow in make_secret()
  * CVE-2017-10983: FR-GV-206 (v2,v3) DHCP - Read overflow when decoding option 63
  * CVE-2017-10984: FR-GV-301 (v3) Write overflow in data2vp_wimax()
  * CVE-2017-10985: FR-GV-302 (v3) Infinite loop and memory exhaustion with 'concat' attributes
  * CVE-2017-10986: FR-GV-303 (v3) DHCP - Infinite read in dhcp_attr2vp()
  * CVE-2017-10987: FR-GV-304 (v3) DHCP - Buffer over-read in fr_dhcp_decode_suboptions()
  * CVE-2017-10988: FR-GV-305 (v3) Decode 'signed' attributes correctly
  * FR-AD-002 (v3) String lifetime issues in rlm_python
  * FR-AD-003 (v3) Incorrect statement length passed into sqlite3_prepare

Mon May 29 12:40:52 UTC 2017 -

- update to 3.0.14 (still FATE#322416)
  Feature improvements
  * Enforce TLS client certificate expiration on session resumption,
    and Session-Timeout. See CVE-2017-9148 (bnc#1041445)
  * Updated, dictionary.patton
  * Added dictionary.dellemc
  * Lowered the log output for failed PEAP sessions.
  * ALlow utc in rlm_date.
  * The internal OpenSSL session cache has been disabled.
    Please see mods-available/eap
  * Update detail reader documentation.
  * Make outgoing RadSec connections non-blocking.
  * Add SQL backing to Moonshot-*-TargetedId generation.

  Bug Fixes
  * radtest uses Cleartext-Password for EAP, not User-Password.
  * Update documentation for mods-enabled/ linking.
  * Enhanced checks for moonshot salt.
  * Allow session resumption for RadSec connections.
  * Update "huntgroups" file to note that port ranges are not supported
  * Fix OpenSSL permissions issues on default key files.
  * Certificates are not required when PSK is used.
  * Allow SubjectAltName as first extension in cert.
  * Fixed talloc issue with TLS session resumption.
  * "&Attr-26 := 0x01" now produces useful error messages.
  * Handle connection error in rlm_ldap_cacheable_groupobj.
  * Fix endian issues in DHCP.
  * Multiple minor fixes for Coverity complaints.
  * Handle unexpected regex.
  * Fix minor issues in dictionaries.
  * Fix typos and grammar. Patches from Alan Buxey.
  * Fix erroneous VP creation in rlm_preproces.
  * Fix MIB. Patch from Jeff Gehlbach.
  * Trust router updates from Alejandro Perez.
  * Allow build with LibreSSL.
  * Use correct packet for channel bindings.
  * Many fixes found by PVS-Studio. Thanks to PVS-Studio for giving us
    a test license. Please see the git commit history for more info.
  * Fix incorrect length check in EAP-PWD. This may be exploitable.
  * Stop rotating session database files (radutmp, radwtmp) since
    these are not logfiles.

- freeradius-server-radiusd-logrotate.patch: updated

Mon Mar  6 23:07:21 UTC 2017 -

- removed obsolete freeradius-server-fix-cert-bootstrap.patch
  because recent /etc/raddb/certs/bootstrap simply works
- update to 3.0.13 (still FATE#322416)

  Feature improvements
  * Add dictionary.rfc7930.  Note that we do not implement
    the RFC.
  * Added 'cipher_server_preference' to mods-available/eap
    Patch from #1797.
  * OpenSSL 1.1.0 compatibility fixes.
  * rlm_perl: radiusd::xlat to evaluate xlat string
    within perl script
  * Allow authentication retry in winbind. Patch from
    Herwin Weststrate. See raddb/mods-available/mschap.
  * Added "recv-coa" method to rlm_rest.  It behaves the
    same as "authorize".
  * Document Trust Router tr_port option.  Patch from
    Stefan Paetow.
  * Update elasticsearch/logstash examples so that they work
    with elastic stack v5.  Patch from Matthew Newton.
  * Print information about packets, replies, and contents
    in the detail file reader.
  * Update abfab-tr policy.  Pull request #1893
    from Stefan Paetow.
  * Reject packets which contain User-Password and
  * Add example for filtering Access-Challenge.
    See sites-enabled/default.
  * Pull symlink fixes from v4.0.x.  Fixes #1859.
  * Add systemd reload.  Not everything is reloaded, but
    some is.  Fixes #1662.
  * Better documentation for listen "ipaddr".  Fixes #1921
  * Add dictionary.cnergee, updated dictionary.nomadix.
  * radclient no longer needs -x to print statistics with -s.

  Bug fixes
  * Minor typos.  Fixes #1763
  * Fix typo in RPM build.  Closes #1767.
  * rlm_mschap check for password expiry only
    if password was correct.  Fixes #1762.
  * Update debian build.
  * update rlm_counter "man" page.  Fixes #1775.
  * Remove erroneous assert.  Fixes #1778.
  * fix mschap password change test.  Fixes #1792.
  * Cleanup config file on data remove.  Fixes #1795.
  * passwd module returns "notfound" if not found.
  * Check for old OpenSSL, and don't build rlm_eap_fast
    if it necessary.  Fixes #1803
  * Cleanup memory better after ldap version query.
    Patch from Aleksey Katargin.
  * Rename lt_* functions to avoid linker issues with
    libtool.  Fixes #1277
  * Many miscellaneous fixes and typos.
  * Allow long strings in %{%{foo} bar:-%{baz} blah".
    Fixes #1866
  * Fix filtering operators, along with more documentation and
    more tests for them.
  * Fix OpenSSL fixes.  Fixes #1876.
  * Finish SQL select queries even when SELECT returns no rows.
    Fixes #1879.
  * Set Module-Failure-Message for more EAP errors.
  * Correct typo in dictionary.rfc5580.  Fixes #1882
  * Remove obselete systemd
  * Client-Port-Balance load-balancing now uses client port.
  * Radrelay examples fixed from Alex Clouter.
  * Update systemd target.  Pull request #1896.
  * Trim starting whitespace in xlat strings.
  * Get MySQL result lengths using normal API.
  * suid down after fchown().  Fixes #1914.
  * Fix cases of comparing pointer to NUL character.  Fixes #1915.
  * OpenSSL v1.1 fixes.  Pull request #1921.
  * Better Handle v4/v6 host names.  Pull request #1919.
  * Remove "Auth-Type = System" from docs and examples.
  * Don't crash on malformed %{home_server}.  Fixes #1922
  * fix erroneous use of talloc destructor in rlm_eap
  * Issue trigger  Fixes #1923
  * Document python_path gotcha's.  Fixes #1845
  * dlopen() the specific version of Python.  Fixes #1592

Mon Feb 20 15:27:28 CET 2017 -

- Don't require insserv if we use systemd
- Remove require for unused fillup

Mon Jan 30 15:46:54 UTC 2017 -

- Merge changes from SLE to openSUSE (FATE#322416):
  * freeradius-server-radclient-init-error-buffer.patch - make sure
    we initialize error buffer. bsc#911886: radclient error free()
    invalid pointer
  * freeradius-server-opensslversion.patch: remove OpenSSL version
    check and assume we know what we are doing. (bnc#1013311)
  * merge .changes file, mostly.
- do not attempt to detect "vulnerable" OpenSSL versions. SUSE
  security fixes do not necessarily bump version numbers as
  does upstream OpenSSL (bnc#1021375)
- do not generate certificates in %post. End-user needs to do this
- keep FreeTDS disabled on SLE12 - we never shipped it enabled
- require OpenSSL 1.0+
- use pkgconfig(systemd) instead of plain systemd as BuildRequires
- don't list manual pages as %doc

Sun Jan  1 13:39:57 UTC 2017 -

- Remove --with-pic which is for static libs only.
- Use SUSE RPM group names. Trim filler words from description.
- Do not hide errors from groupadd/useradd.

Fri Nov 18 14:48:59 UTC 2016 -

- Add upstream keyring
- 2 new modules: rlm_sql_freetds and rlm_eap_fast

Thu Sep 29 20:14:34 UTC 2016 -

- update to 3.0.12 - still fate#320481
  The focus of this release is stability.
  * Feature improvements
    + Add support for =~ and !~ in update sections. See "man unlang"
    + Add dictionary.checkpoint.
    + Simultaneous-Use prints out more information.
    + Print WARNING in debug mode when packets may be truncated.
    + Added expansions %{home_server:state} and
      %{home_server_pool:state}, which show the state of the
      server / pool.
    + Mark rlm_sql_freetds as stable.
    + Make rlm_perl less fragile. Patch from Herwin Weststrate.
    + Allow extended attributes to have "encrypt=2"
    + Update dictionary.aruba.
    + Add support for EAP-FAST. This is an isolated feature which
      does not affect anything else.
    + Update OpenSSL vulnerability list. Use a version of OpenSSL
      released after September 20, 2016.
    + EAP certificate verification is now done when "verify" is
      enabled and "ocsp" is disabled.
    + New dhcpclient and rlm_rad_counter man pages.
    + Minor abfab and moonshot additions.
    + Pass CFLAGS through from environment in RPM builds. Allows
      more custom builds.
    + Build with Heimdal in addtion to libkrb5.
  * Bug Fixes
    + Use correct typedef for older versions of sqlite.
    + Update mssql schema to add priority
    + don't complain on /dev/urandom in ldap
    + fix == operator in update sections
    + Don't create DHCP strings with many trailing zeros.
    + Allow MS-CHAP change passwords instead of complaining on
      large buffer.
    + Allow assignment or equality operator on SQL.
    + Update aclocal tests for FreeBSD 10.
    + Remove occasional hang in rlm_linelog.
    + Copy VSAs to inner tunnel for TTLS and PEAP. Fixes #1544
    + A few minor bugfixes caught in v3.1.x cleanup, and
      back-ported to v3.0.x.
    + do_not_respond again works in post-proxy
    + Allow realm "~^.*$" {} and User-Name with no realm.
    + Fix leak when creating unknown attributes
    + Fix Debian / logrotate.
    + Make OpenSSL error functions thread-safe.
    + Fix crash with rlm_sql and updating SQL-User-Name.
    + Debian build updates.
    + Allow regular expression comparisons in radclient.
    + Fix memory leak on unknown attributes in detail file reader.
    + Update example paths in "man" pages when installing them
    + Build fixes for rlm_mschap. Fixes #1489.
    + BSD build fixes. Patch from issue #1583.
    + Be more careful about /lib/ when building. Fixes #1585.
    + Correct ifdef placement error. Fixes #1572.
    + Allow for more files in internal "exfile" API So it will be
      possible to open more than 64 "detail" files at the same
    + Remove support for statically built EAP modules. Fixes #1591.
    + Many fixes to rlm_python from Guillaume Pannatier.
    + Use correct week adjustment in SQLcounter. Fixes #1608
    + Minor fixes to allow compilation without DHCP, VMPS, or TCP.
    + Fix checks for module / config file change on HUP.
    + Compile regex comparisons when sent via "debug condition".
    + Update filenames in documentation and examples.
    + Don't crash if SQL connection becomes unavailable.
    + Disallow originate_coa when proxy_requests = no.
    + Free rad_perlconf_hv in correct perl context.
    + Multiple fixes for Debian builds. #1510, among others.
    + Set OpenSSL FIPS compatibility flag when necessary.
    + Pulled fixes for the build system over from other branches.
    + Fix OCSP for RADIUS over TLS.
    + Fix skip_if_ocsp_ok behavior.
    + Better fixes for systems without closefrom() but which have
    + Minor build fixes back-ported from v4.0.x.
    + build --whout-ascend-binary. Fixes #1761.
    + Be more aggressive about not opening new connections in
      debug mode after CTRL-C. Address #1604.

Fri Sep  2 12:16:56 UTC 2016 -

- use %{with} macro for conditional inclusions instead of hardcoding
  version numbers
- improved package descriptions
- fixed builds on SLE12 and SLE11SP4

Mon Jan 25 18:48:55 UTC 2016 -

- removed installation of experimental module
- update to 3.0.11 (fate#320481, bsc#961479, CVE-2015-8763,
  bsc#935573, CVE-2015-4680)
  * Changes of version 3.0.11
    + Feature improvements
      - "unlang" comparisons of IP addresses to IP prefixes are now
        detected, and types automatically cast.
      - Allow shorthand form of ipv4prefix values e.g. 127/8.
      - Add "auto_chain" to raddb/mods-available/eap, tls subsection.
        This allows the disabling of OpenSSL auto-chaining of
        certificates. Which might be wrong.
      - Added printing of coa and disconnect stats (radmin).
      - radclient defaults to expecting Access-Accept responses to
      - Updated dictionary.lancom, dictionary.starent.
      - Portability fixes for Solaris.
      - More errors from ntlm_auth gets passed to MS-CHAP.
      - Update abfab-tr-idp virtual server.
      - Added "filter_password" in policy.d/filter. This removes
        embedded zero bytes in User-Password, for compatibility with
        broken clients.
      - The server now issues a WARNING message if duplicate
        configuration items are found.
      - TLS can skip the "verify" section if OCSP returns OK. See
        raddb/mods-available/eap, "skip_if_ocsp_ok".
      - Set TLS-OCSP-Cert-Valid = yes / no / skipped, which is the
        result from the OCSP check.
      - Interoperate with AD and "LmCompatibiltyLevel = 5", by
        always setting WBC_MSV1_0_ALLOW_MSVCHAPV2 for native winbind
        in rlm_mschap.
      - TTLS and PEAP now require "virtual_server" to be a real
      - Print WARNING when TTLS or PEAP identities are spoofed or
        not properly anonymized. See RFC 7542 for requirements.
      - Various rlm_python fixes from Herwin Weststrate.
      - Allow setting Response-Packet-Type in "Post-Proxy-Type Fail",
        which is useful when the home server does not respond.
      - elasticsearch updates from Matthew Newton
    + Bug Fixes
      - Fix issue where field nas_type would not be accessible via
        the %{client:} xlat, for clients loaded from SQL.
      - Fix compatiblity issues with OpenSSL 1.0.2. Ignore calls to
        msg_callback with 'pseudo' content types.
      - Data type "ipv4prefix" is parsed correctly.
      - Use correct talloc context in rlm_exec. Fixes #1338.
      - Complain in unlang if "else" is used with no previous "if"
        or "elsif".
      - Send accounting status packets to the accounting port.
        Fixes #1364.
      - Print out CFLAGS when doing "radiusd -Xxv"
      - Fixed bug with coa/acct stats value #1339. Based on patch
        from Jorge Pereira.
      - Fixes for LEAP proxying. Don't use LEAP!
      - Fix issue with "directory already exists" seen when doing
        "make install".
      - Fixed bug with radmin related to the option "stats detail
      - Complain if the detail file reader does not have permission
        to read the "" file. Fixes #1398
      - Fixed SoH. Attributes were not being copied to the virtual
      - Used a wrong list to global statistics in "stats".
      - Create EAP-PWD identity correctly. Prevents segfaults.
      - Dynamically validate authentication types for PEAP and
      - Fix includes in installed headers.
      - OpenSSL 1.0.1f and 1.0.1g do NOT calculate TLS 1.2 keys
        correctly. See raddb/mods-available/eap, "disable_tlsv1_2"
      - Allow password change to work for MS-CHAP. This requires
        'r=0', because password changes are not retries.
      - Fix home server fail-over for home servers using TCP and/or
      - Special characters in expanded regexes are now escaped e.g.
        User-Name containing '.', and comparing /%{User-Name}/, the
        '.' will now be escaped. See src/tests/keywords/regex-escape.
      - Use correct authentication vector when sending Access-Reject
        replies for RadSec.
      - Set FreeRADIUS-Proxied-To in TTLS again. You should use the
        "inner-tunnel" virtual server, instead of relying on this
      - Fix debugging constants in rlm_perl. Patch from Herwin
      - Add samba-dev / samba4-dev to debian builds so that
        rlm_mschap can automatically use the new winbind API.
      - Automatically skip zero-length attributes when sending
        packets, instead of erroring out.

Mon Oct 26 12:45:59 UTC 2015 -

- fix bsc#951404
  * Rebuild of freeradius-server package fails
  * fix source url

Mon Oct  5 19:50:27 UTC 2015 -

- update to 3.0.10
  * Changes of version 3.0.10
    + Feature improvements
      - Do more optimization of unlang policies. This makes run-time
        a bit faster.
      - Re-name most of the functions in src/lib. Third-party module
        authors will have to do the same.
      - More documentation on contributing and how to write modules.
      - Update radiusd.service for systemd.
      - Open IPv6 proxy socket if the server is listening on IPV6
        auth / acct / coa packets.
      - Create debian packages for DHCP. Fixes #1125.
      - Add more tests for "update" section parsing.
      - Update "man" pages.
      - Update attributes for Alcatel 7750
      - Add dictionary for Boingo Wi-Fi
      - Add support for DHCP lease queries.
        See raddb/sites-available/dhcp
      - On HUP, check all modules for config files which have
        changed. And only re-load those modules.
      - Allow FreeRADIUS-Response-Delay(-USec) to be set for RADIUS
        packets. Patch from Herwin Weststrate.
      - Documentation fixes from Alan Buxey and Matthew Newton.
      - Update "logrotate" script.
      - Added more RFCs to doc/rfc for new standards implemented by
      - Don't crash when doing "radmin -e "help hup". Patch from
        Matthew Newton.
      - The dictionary parser now does more sanity checks, which
        prevents run-time problems with invalid attributes.
      - Update debian packages. Patches from Christopher Hoskin.
      - Many other debian packaging fixes from Matthew Netwon and
        Herwin Weststrate.
      - Add "session-state" to Perl. Patch from Herwin Weststrate.
    + Bug Fixes
      - Fix rlm_files so that there are no collisions when loading
        10's of 1000's of users.
      - Fix radclient to use our internal v4/v6 parsing functions.
        v6 addresses with ports now work correctly.
      - Fix sending/receiving packet messages to wrap v6 addresses
        in square brackets '[]'.
      - Check for sasl/sasl.h when building rlm_ldap, and disable
        SASL functionality if unavailable.
      - Fix issue which caused a non \0 terminated buffer to be
        assigned to attributes if the value being assigned contained
        an invalid escape sequence.
      - Fix deadlock when reconnecting connections in the connection
      - Fix potential overrun in functions that used fr_utf8_char
        with a non nul terminated buffer.
      - Fix decoding issue for Tunnel-Password type attributes which
        were very long. Found by Denis Andzakovic.
      - Fix radclient issue with TCP sockets on FreeBSD.
      - The server now creates ${run_dir} and ${logdir} directories
        in daemon mode, when running as "root".
      - Handle tags when using maps. Fixes #1191.
      - Fix crash when CoA packets time out.
      - Fix parse error in rediswho
      - Fix regex support in SQL radcheck the "users" file and
      - Register listen xlat earlier, so that it's available when
        the virtual servers are being parsed.
      - Parse Ascend-Data-Filter when given as "0x..."
      - Print Ascend-Data-Filter correctly. Add test cases for both.
      - Allow old-style clients again. They will be disallowed for
        3.1.0 and following.
      - Complain instead of crash when "else" and "elsif" are in the
        wrong place.
      - Clean up memory more aggressively. This lowers the maximum
        memory used, most typically for TLS based EAP methods.
      - Prevent the server from unlinking the control socket of an
        already running instance.
      - Fallback to using the configured OCSP URL if one exists, and
        no URL is provided in the certificate.
      - Return CoA-NAK if proxying CoA fails. Based on patch from
        Jorge Pereira.
      - Lower peak memory usage by decreasing size of internal
        memory pools.
      - The control socket is now left in place if a second copy of
        the server is accidentally started.
      - Allow virtual attributes in "switch", "case", etc. Fixes
        #1240 and #1265.
      - Many spell check / typo fixes in comments and example
        configuration files.
      - Better handle multiple DHCP listeners.
      - Don't print secrets for old-style realms. Fixes #1267.
      - Don't fall through in empty "case" statements. Fixes #1274.
      - Update EAP-TTLS so that MPPE keys are correctly calculated
        with TLSv1.2.
      - Always delete MS-MPPE-* from the TTLS inner tunnel. This
        allows TTLS / EAP-MSCHAPv2 to work. Fixes #1206.
      - Fix off by one error that caused some MSCHAP-Error messages
        to be sent without the password change version (V=3) and the
        textual message component (M=).
      - Always include C= V= and M= in MSCHAPv2 errors. RFC 2759
        does not say that any of these fields are optional, and not
        including V= caused errors with wpa_supplicant.
      - Do not include M= in MSCHAPv1 errors. It's not supported.

Fri Aug  7 10:56:29 UTC 2015 -

- Fix boo#912714: freeradius can't use ntlm_auth
  * Create winbind group
  * Add radiusd to winbind group

Tue Aug  4 15:19:06 UTC 2015 -

- Remove gpg signature file
  * The gpg signature checking is broken and doesn't work

Tue Aug  4 14:28:24 UTC 2015 -

- Fix bsc#935573: Insufficent CRL application for intermediate certificates
  * CVE-2015-4680
  * freeradius-server-CVE-2015-4680.patch based on

Wed Jul  8 20:05:24 UTC 2015 -

- update to 3.0.9
  * Changes of version 3.0.9
    + Feature improvements
      - Make "pool" configurations more consistent, and update
        documentation for them.
      - Move connection pool logic to "most recently started",
        instead of MRU. This should help with pool stability.
      - More VSAs for 3GPP2
      - Added examples of multi-value attributes to rlm_perl.
      - LDAP-Group and SQL-Group attributes are now dynamically
      - Only the "sql" module registers SQL-Group. Other instances
        register "instance-name-SQL-Group", similarly to "ldap".
      - Unknown attributes are now complained about more often when
        used in unlang statements. e.g. if (Foo-Bar == 3) used to be
        a string to string comparison. It is now a parse error.
      - Rename RLM_COMPONENT_* to MOD_* in the code. This makes many
        things easier.
      - Move to C99 initializers for modules.
      - Load modules in raddb/mods-enabled. This allows attributes
        like "LDAP-Group" to be used in the "files" module, without
        explicit ordering or listing in "instantiate".
      - Added 'bootstrap' section to modules. Third-party modules
        will need to be updated.
      - When adding clients from a DB, add them to a virtual server
        if that virtual server has a "listen" section. Otherwise,
        add the clients to the global list.
      - When reading dynamic clients from a file, don't expire them
        if the underlying file is unchanged.
      - Allow the server to originate CoA requests from the
        post-auth stage.
      - The server creates ${run_dir} and ${logdir} in daemon mode,
        if they do not already exist.
      - Add dictionary for Wi-Fi Alliance Hotspot 2.0. The server
        now supports all mandatory and optional attributes for this
      - HUP now re-loads the configuration only if the files have
        changed. If all files are unchanged, HUP re-opens the log
        file, and does nothing else.
      - Much better debug messages for EAP-TLS, including which
        attributes are cached, and when they are retrieved.
      - Increase default max_requests to 16384. Memory is cheap now.
      - Added "stats memory" commands to radmin. Debug build only.
      - Aptilo controller dictionary updates.
      - SQL modules now use Acct-Unique-Session-Id everywhere.
      - The redis modules are now stable.
      - The LDAP module now supports SASL "interactive bind" method.
        This allows Kerberos based administrator and user binds.
      - DHCP code is now in libfreeradius-dhcp.
      - More DHCP encoding / decoding unit tests.
      - rlm_replicate can now be listed in the "accounting" section.
      - Better sqlite debugging output.
      - Remove "required" option from many sql_ippool directives.
      - Set default CA "basic constraints" to "critical". Fixes #1073
      - Updates to help / man pages from Jorge Pereira.
      - Added more tests.
    + Bug Fixes
      - Be more careful about unused config item warnings when
        using -Xx.
      - Move more defines to be auto-generated.
      - Allow virtual servers in proxy fallback.
      - Allow %{module:} to work.
      - Don't crash in RadSec. Closes #980.
      - Return better errors when a unix group / user is not found.
      - Re-enable detail module "locking" parameter.
      - Don't crash when logging replies from Status-Server packets.
      - The couchbase module now uses "update" instead of "map", for
        consistent with the rest of the server.
        See raddb/mods-available/couchbase
      - Don't require NT-Password for MS-CHAP password changes.
      - Be a bit more careful about decrypting MS-CHAP-MPPE-Key
        attributes. Closes #1013. There is no perfect fix, tho.
      - Fix security issues with EAP-PWD.
      - Fix dynamic clients read from SQL in non-debug mode
      - MS-CHAP now allows retries (i.e. password change) when
        passwords are expired.
      - Allow "user=radiusd" when the server is already user
      - suid up/down works on non-Linux systems. This means that the
        control socket should have the correct ownership.
      - Fix issue which caused the server to sometimes have problems
        when a home server was marked zombie.
      - Fix because Perl is now more picky.
      - Fix proxy to Packet-Dst-IP-Address, so that it uses the
        correct destination port.
      - Fix corner case with cursor functions and removal.
      - OpenDirectory fixes and documentation.
      - Fix leaks in rlm_redis.
      - RFC 6929 "evs" attributes are now encoded / decoded properly.
      - Fix talloc pool leaks when receiving malformed or
        retransmitted Accounting/CoA requests.
      - Printed attributes again use double quotes instead of single
      - Set X509_V_FLAG_CRL_CHECK_ALL, and add "check_all_crl" to
        eap.conf. Fixes oCert CVE-2015-4680.
      - rlm_expr now errors out correctly on malformed attribute
        references instead of triggering an assert.
      - Make "break" work in "foreach" loops
      - Allow dynamic expansions to work again in the "hints" file.
      - Correct minor typos in comments and examples from Alan Buxy.
      - Re-urlencode the path portion of ldapi:// urls before
        passing it to ldap_initialise.
- freeradius-server-rlm_sql_unixodbc-configure.patch removes
  hard-coded directory in configure script of rlm_sql_unixodbc
- install new module

Thu Apr 23 14:22:17 UTC 2015 -

- minor adjustments/cleanup of spec and changes

Wed Apr 22 20:31:44 UTC 2015 -

- update to 3.0.8
  * Changes of version 3.0.8
    + Feature improvements
      - Allow syslog_severity to be set in rlm_linelog.
      - Allow defaults to be set for bulk clients in LDAP and
      - Updates to dhcpclient. Patches from Nicolas C.
      - rlm_mschap now supports direct connections to winbind,
        which is faster than ntlm_auth.
        See raddb/mods-available/mschap. Patch from Matthew Newton.
      - Recommend /dev/urandom for TLS randomness, instead of
      - Allow TLSv1 to be disabled via "disable_tlsv1" in tls{}.
      - Allow Expanded EAP types where vendor is 0 (IETF) and type
        is normal EAP type. Supplicants sending Expanded EAP types
        like this are broken.
      - Add support for server side sort controls when searching
        for user objects in rlm_ldap.
    + Bug Fixes
      - Don't complain about "authorize" in "server {}" blocks, but
        only if there's no "server" block.
      - Fix cosmetic issue where debug from the first packet read by
        a detail reader thread would be emited during config parsing.
      - Fix ASSERT on truncated detail packets.
      - Don't use main server log functions from within panic_action,
        as in the case of syslog this would cause deadlocks if the
        fault was triggered from within a malloc.
      - Fix issue in "switch" when "correct_escapes = false".
        Fixes #911.
      - Fix sqlcounter configuration to use "%%b" instead of "%b",
        otherwise the new syntax validation will fail.
      - Allow forward references in configuration items. Modules
        aren't always loaded in a sane order.
      - Fix more escaping issues. Closes #912.
      - Decode MAC addresses correctly for VMPS.
      - Fix memory leak with TLS connections.
      - Fix state machine threading issues for conflicting packets.
      - Fix copy_request_to_tunnel issues for tagged attributes.
      - Allow "ok" to over-ride "updated" inside of Auth-Type
      - Update state machine so that post-proxy is run though child
        threads for performance, instead of blocking the main thread.
      - Allow "netmask" to work again in client definitions.
      - Relax restrictions on SQL group queries.
      - track outgoing proxy sockets and clean them up more
      - track proxy statistics, including CoA and Disconnect.
      - If radmin has a connection failure when running a command,
        it re-connects and runs the command again.
      - mark home servers "unknown" less aggressively.
      - Fix potential SEGV in PostgreSQL driver on error.
      - Fix issue where fields like nas_type would not be
        accessible via the %{client:} xlat, for dynamic clients.
      - Set default busy_timeout (of 200ms) in the sqlite driver, so
        writes don't cause selects to fail in multithreaded mode.
        This is user configurable, and may be increased if required.
      - Convert Password-With-Header attributes to binary (from hex
        or base64), in the authorize method of rlm_pap.
      - Fix invalid assert in state.c, that could cause abort in
      - Fix double free when -m flag is used, and connection pools
        are referenced by multiple modules.
      - RADIUS over TLS accounting uses the same port as
      - Regularized return codes from radmin commands.
      - Fix RHEL spec file so it works correctly for Centos7 which
        uses systemd, and didn't like the SystemV init script.
      - radwho and radlast now have a -D option to load dictionaries
      - DHCP packets are no longer checked for duplicates.
      - Don't crash in sql module group comparisons in corner case.
      - Calculate MPPE keys correctly when using TLS 1.2.
      - Fix load-balance sections. Closes #945
      - TLS certificates are available again in the post-auth
        section. They are not available for session resumption.
      - radclient encodes CHAP-Password properly when using -c
        Closes #955.
      - Fix issue in rlm_cache_memcached driver that caused variable
        length values to be truncated.
      - Fix track functionality in detail reader, so it no longer
        fails with a "Failed marking detail request as done: Bad
        file descriptor" error.
      - Actually add the peer identity (as User-Name) to the inner
        tunnel in EAP-PWD requests, so it's available for lookups.
      - Fixes to PostgreSQL queries. Patches from Santiago Gimeno.
- new set of consolidated patch files:
  * freeradius-server-2.1.1-logrotate_su.patch
  * freeradius-server-2.1.6-rcradiusd.patch
  * freeradius-server-initscript-pidfile.patch
  * freeradius-server-radius-reload-logrotate.patch
  * freeradius-server-var_run.patch
  * freeradius-server-radiusd-logrotate.patch
  * freeradius-server-rcradiusd.patch
  * freeradius-server-tmpfiles.patch

Wed Jan 14 13:10:11 UTC 2015 -

- Do not disable as-needed build
- Remove the with_sysconfig switch and just stick with versions

Tue Jan 13 09:42:05 UTC 2015 -

- update to 3.0.6
  - fixes a segmentation fault in PEAP module (bnc#912588)
  Feature improvements:
  * radmin / raddebug conditional errors are printed to the output, instead of being discarded.
  * raddebug will exit if condition set with -c was invalid.
  * radmin auto-reconnects if the connection to the server has gone away.
  * rlm_cache now has submodule support. See raddb/mods-available/cache
  * New memcached driver for rlm_cache. See raddb/mods-available/cache
  * Add support for &Attribute-Name[*] in conditions. See "man unlang" for details.
  * Add &Attribute-Name[n] which gets the last instance of an attribute e.g. Module-Failure-Message[n].
  * Allow for redundant string expansions. See the "instantiate" section of radiusd.conf.
  * When checking IP addresses in conditions, make the right side be parsed as an IP prefix.
  * Support JIT compilation of compiled regular expressions when built with libpcre.
  * Support named capture groups with "%{regex:<name>}" when built with libpcre.
  * Increase regular expression capture groups from 8 to 32.
  * Emit error markers for badly formed regular expressions.
  * Allow 'm' flag to enable multiline mode in regular expressions.
  * Support limited implicit attribute conversion in update sections.
  * Support casting between IPv6 and IPv4 where the IPv6 address has the v4/v6 mapping prefix (::ffff:).

Mon Dec 22 09:09:16 UTC 2014 -

- Drop .keyring and .sig file: freeradius-server still uses MD5
  signatures, which are no longer validated/accepted by GPG 2.1.

Wed Dec  3 14:22:03 UTC 2014 -

- update to 3.0.5
  Some of the new features:
  * Allow LDAP to specify arbitrary attributes for dynamic
  * Allow one level of backslashes (finally).  See radiusd.conf,
    "correct_escapes" setting.
  * When supported by OpenSSL, allow TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2
    in EAP methods.
  * Allow multiple new connections to be spawned simultaneously
    in the connection pool, to cope with spikes in traffic.
  * Use kqueue on systems which support it.  This allows for
    better scaling when using many sockets.
  * Home server "response_window" can now take fractions of a
    second.  See proxy.conf.
  * radmin now supports "show module status", as thee counterpart
    to "set module status"
  * "ipaddr" will now use v6 if no v4 address is present.  You should
    use "ipv4addr" or "ipv6addr" to force v4/v6 addresses.
  * "client" sections will allow "ipaddr = 192.192.0/24".  The old
    "netmask" is still accepted, but the new format is preferred.
  * Allow custom HTTP headers to be set for rlm_rest requests using
    control:REST-HTTP-Header (attributes consumed after use).
  * Extend format of %{rest:} expansion to allow HTTP method and POST
    data to be specified
    and urlquoting.
  * Add support for aliases in rlm_ldap.
  * Add support for connection pool sharing to all modules that use
    the connection pool (pool = <instance>).
  * "tls" sections now have a "psk_query" configuration item, for dynamic
    queries to discover a key from a PSK identity.
  * Preliminary support for EAP channel bindings.
  * Foundational work for dynamic home servers.  They do not yet work,
    but this is now only a matter of updating the "realm" module in
    a future release.
  * Support &attr[*] syntax to copy all instances of an attribute when
    used with the += operator in an update section. May be qualified with
    a tag.
  * The logintime and expiration modules can now be listed in the
    post-auth section.  This makes some configurations simpler.
  * rlm_sqlippool is now IPV6 capable.  Set "ipv6 = yes" to get
    Framed-IPv6-Prefix returned.  The SQL queries have NOT been updated.
    Please submit patches.
  and numerous; bugfixes
- remove gpg-offline
- create /run/radiusd after install
- drop freeradius-server-opensslversion.patch (upstream)

Mon Dec  1 10:52:28 UTC 2014 -

- freeradius-server-opensslversion.patch: do not check the minor
  version of openssl, minor versions are supposed to be compatible.

Sun Aug  3 18:31:49 UTC 2014 -

- added patch to changelog to fix factory-auto failure (Req #242825)

Mon Jul 28 12:28:44 UTC 2014 -

- fixed SUSE spelling in a filename (bnc#889034)
  * don't install suse/README.SuSE
- remove old tarball and signature file

Tue Jul 22 12:17:52 UTC 2014 -

- spec run through spec-cleaner
- don't install files to /var/run

Fri May 16 13:31:41 UTC 2014 -

- update to 3.0.3
	Many bugfixes
	Feature improvements
	* Everything now builds with no warnings from the C compiler,
	  clang static analyzer, or cppcheck.
	* rlm_ldap now supports defining the LDAP attribute name via
	  backticked expansion (i.e. shell command) in
	  RADIUS <-> LDAP mappings.
	* rlm_ldap now supports older style generic attributes.
	* dynamic expansions (e.g. "%{expr:1 + 2}" are now parsed
	  when the server starts.  Syntax errors in the strings
	  are caught, and a descriptive error is printed.
	* Static regular expressions (e.g. /a*b/) are now parsed
	  when the server starts.  Syntax errors in the strings
	  are caught, and a descriptive error is printed.
	* dynamic expansions are cached after being parsed.  They are
	  no longer re-parsed at run-time for every request.
	* regular expressions are now parsed and cached when the server
	* Added the %{rest:} expansion to rlm_rest, which will send
	  a GET request to the URL passed as the format string.
	  Any body text will be written to the expansion buffer.
	* rlm_rest now available as a debian package.
	* When an 'if' condition statically evaluates to true/false,
	  unlang does more static optimization.  For examples, see
	* All modules are marked as safe for '-C', which lets the
	  dynamic expansion checks work in more situations.
	* Added 'none' and 'custom' rlm_rest body types. 'custom'
	  allows sending of arbitrary expanded text and content-type
	* Added "config" section to Perl.  See mods-available/perl
	* Added '%v' which expands to the server version - Patch
	  from Alan Buxey.
	* more mis-matched casts are caught in "if" conditions,
	  and descriptive errors are printed.
	* Support basic response validation in radclient. This allows
	  administrators to write local test cases for their
	  site-specific configurations.
	* Removed radconf2xml and radmin "show client config" and
	  "show home_server config".
	* Forbid running with vulnerable versions of OpenSSL.
	  See "allow_vulnerable_openssl" in the "security"
	  subsection of "radiusd.conf"
	* Catch underlying "heartbleed" problem, so that nothing bad
	  happens even when using a vulnerable version of OpenSSL.
	* Add locking API for sql_null, linelog, and detail modules,
	  which should improve performance and work around issues
	  on platforms with bad file locking.
	* Allow DHCP NAKs to be delayed, via setting
	  reply:FreeRADIUS-Response-Delay = 1
	* Allow tag and array references anywhere attributes
	  are allowed in "unlang".
	* many enhancements to radsniff, including output
	  to collectd, ipv6 support and packet loss statistics.
	* Many dictionary updates (ZTE, Brocade, Motorola).
	* rlm_yubikey now automatically splits passwords from OTP
	* The detail file reader is now threaded by default.
	  This should improve performance reading the files.
- dropped freeradius-server-CVE-2014-2015.patch (upstream)

Fri Feb 28 09:04:08 UTC 2014 -

- fix for CVE-2014-2015 (bnc#864576)
  * denial of service in rlm_pap hash processing
  * added freeradius-server-CVE-2014-2015.patch

Wed Jan 29 13:53:30 UTC 2014 -

- remove the old 3.0.0 sources

Sat Jan 25 14:44:31 UTC 2014 -

- update to 3.0.1
    Feature improvements
    * Add "timeout" to exec, and "ntlm_auth_timeout" to mschap.
      So that run-away child processes are caught earlier.
    * Allow TLS clients to use "proto = tls", in which case
      TLS is required.  The shared secret is then set to "radsec".
    * More documentation in the tls virtual server.
    * Add "date" module for date formatting.
      See raddb/mods-available/date.
    * Added unit test suite for internal server functionality
    * When loading "update" sections, check if the RHS is a literal
      value.  If so, syntax check it immediately.
    * Update LDAP module documentation and functionality.
      The generic attribute can now update lists.
    * Updated dictionary.extreme.
    * Update sqlippool to do clears as a separate transaction,
      and at most once per second.  This should help MySQL.
    * Respect control:Response-Packet-Type for all types of
    * Add support for SSL encryption to the MySQL driver.
    * Allow arbitrary connection parameters to be used with the
      PostgreSQL driver.
    * Changes to the OpenLDAP schema to fully expose functionality
      of the new LDAP module.
    * Update debian packaging to include a freeradius-config
      package. This package may be provided as a site local
      package to avoid fighting with the preinstalled config
    Bug fixes
    * Use correct field for ARP setting in DHCP.
    * Fix crash on debug condition (#454).
    * Fix a number of minor issues caught by the clang
    * Set WARNING messages to yellow instead of normal text.
    * Correct debug colorise logic.  Patch from Phil Mayers.
    * Encode attributes of type "ethernet".  No one uses them,
      but it makes sense.
    * Work around regex initialization issues.
    * Fix build when linking against OpenSSL.
    * Print IDs as positive numbers, which helps for large DHCP
    * Fix issue with sql_ippool.
    * sqlcounter now uses 64-bit counters, to deal with 4G overflow.
    * Fix issues with DHCP subsystem.
    * Don't build / install disabled modules, or their config
    * Fix build for OSX Mavericks, which hid the header files
      in a magical place.
    * Fix LEAP buffer issue.  You should still avoid LEAP.
    * Mark "unknown" WiMAX attributes as being WiMAX.
    * Fix typo in packet decoder for fragmented extended attrs
    * RPM spec fixes.
    * Fix rlm_perl build issues when not using threads.
    * Enable %{Response-Packet-Type} again.
    * Update configuration file parser to handle "bool"
    * Update declarations of global boolean variables to use
      "bool" consistently. This fixes an issue where some
      modules were instantiated in "config check" mode and
      did not work correctly.
    * Make more messages debug instead of info, to avoid
      polluting the logs with messages that can't be fixed.
    * Set operator in internal unlang code to suppress spurious
      warning messages.
    * Fix debian packaging.
    * Added "status" to Debian init script.
    * Fix "update outer.request" to update the outer request.
    * Don't print TLS debugging messages when not in debug mode.
    * Correctly manage counters for "limit" sections of TCP / TLS
      "listen" sockets.
    * Fix libldap debug output.
    * Fix rlm_ldap tls functionality.
    * Initialise OpenSSL globals early to avoid issues with the
      PostgreSQL library.
    * Fix typo in sqlcounter expansion code.  Fixes #463
    * Overwrite previous instances of SQL-User-Name when adding
      it to the request.
    * Work around bugs in both MIT and heimdal versions of
      krb5_copy_context(), which caused segfaults in
      multithreaded mode.
    * Provide meaningful error messages if Heimdal krb5 is used.
    * Fix attribute supression in rlm_detail.
    * Exit with error code if child fails to complete server
      initialisation after forking.  This allows init scripts to
      correctly report whether the server started ok.

Mon Oct 21 12:06:19 UTC 2013 -

- don't build with experimental modules
- fix packaging bugs:
  * install init scripts only on <= 11.4
  * install systemd unit
  * add %defattr for submodules

Tue Oct 15 15:15:24 UTC 2013 -

- update to 3.0.0
  * new feature release
  * see /usr/share/doc/packages/freeradius-server/ChangeLog
    for complete list of changes in this release
  * documentation for upgrading from 2.x is in /etc/raddb/README.rst
- drop oracle support (wasn't built anyway)
- dropped patches (obsolete):
  * freeradius-server-2.1.6-codecleanup.patch
  * freeradius-server-2.1.6-dialup_admin.patch
  * freeradius-server-2.1.1-edirectory.patch
- added systemd service unit
  * radiusd.service
- added systemd-tmpfile for /var/run/radiusd
  * freeradius-tmpfiles.conf
- added gpg-offline verification
  * freeradius-server.keyring

Thu Sep  5 17:22:43 CEST 2013 -

- add libperl_requires, as we link against libperl and thus
  need a specific version of perl

Thu Mar 14 15:17:37 UTC 2013 -

- fixed a bug in the logrotate script (bnc#797292)

Mon Oct  1 11:34:31 UTC 2012 -

- files in sites-available/ are now %config(noreplace) [bnc#781756]

Sat Sep 10 14:20:57 UTC 2012 -

- update to 2.2.0 
  - see /usr/share/doc/packages/freeradius-server/ChangeLog
    for complete list of changes in this release
  - fixes CVE-2012-3547 (bnc#777834)
  - dropped freeradius-server-2.1.6-overflow.patch (upstream)
  - dropped freeradius-server-sha1-default.patch (upstream)
  - refreshed freeradius-server-fix-cert-bootstrap.patch

Mon May 28 11:47:32 UTC 2012 -

- Use the new 'su' logrotate option (bnc#677335)

Mon May 14 21:47:20 UTC 2012 -

- Enable the same CFLAGS as for other hardware

Wed Oct 19 13:55:27 UTC 2011 -

- update to 2.1.12
    Feature improvements
	* Updates to dictionary.erx, dictionary.siemens, dictionary.starent,
	  dictionary.starent.vsa1, dictionary.zyxel, added dictionary.symbol
	* Added support for PCRE from Phil Mayers
	* Configurable file permission in rlm_linelog
	* Added "relaxed" option to rlm_attr_filter.  This copies attributes
	  if at least one match occurred.
	* Added documentation on dynamic clients.
	  See raddb/modules/dynamic_clients.
	* Added support for elliptical curve cryptography.
	  See ecdh_curve in raddb/eap.conf.
	* Added support for 802.1X MIBs in checkrad
	* Added support for %{rand:...}, which generates a uniformly
	  distributed number between 0 and the number you specify.
	* Created "man" pages for all installed commands, and documented
	  options for all commands.  Patch from John Dennis.
	* Allow radsniff to decode encrypted VSAs and CoA packets.
	  Patch from Bjorn Mork.
	* Always send Message-Authenticator in radtest. Patch from John Dennis.
	  radclient continues to be more flexible.
	* Updated Oracle schema and queries
	* Added SecurID module.  See src/modules/rlm_securid/README
    Bug fixes
	* Fix memory leak in rlm_detail
	* Fix "failed to insert event"
	* Allow virtual servers to be reloaded on HUP.
	  It no longer complains about duplicate virtual servers.
	* Fix %{string:...} expansion
	* Fix "server closed socket" loop in radmin
	* Set ownership of control socket when starting up
	* Always allow root to connect to control socket, even if
	  "uid" is set.  They're root.  They can already do anything.
	* Save all attributes in Access-Accept when proxying inner-tunnel
	* Fixes for DHCP relaying.
	* Check certificate validity when using OCSP.
	* Updated Oracle "configure" script
	* Fixed typos in dictionary.alvarion
 	* WARNING on potential proxy loop.
	* Be more aggressive about clearing old requests from the
	  internal queue
	* Don't open network sockets when using -C
- freeradius-server-snprintf-overflow.patch merged in upstream

Tue Sep 27 13:05:59 UTC 2011 -

- fixed interaction with eDirectory (bnc#720620) 

Fri Jun 24 09:18:52 UTC 2011 -

- update to 2.1.11 
  - see /usr/share/doc/packages/freeradius-server/ChangeLog
    for complete list of changes in this release
- add freeradius-server-snprintf-overflow.patch
- use spec-cleaner

Tue May 24 19:18:44 UTC 2011 -

- Supress timestamps in binaries, breaks build-compare. 

Mon Oct  4 10:54:23 UTC 2010 -

- update to 2.1.10
  - see /usr/share/doc/packages/freeradius-server/ChangeLog
    for complete list of changes in this release
- drop freeradius-server-2.1.6-edir-64bit.patch (fixed upstream)

Thu Sep 16 14:22:15 CEST 2010 -

- radiusd reload after logrotate [bnc#634445]

Mon Jun 21 19:24:08 UTC 2010 -

- update to 2.1.9 (bnc#615699)
  - bugfix release, for list of changes please see

Mon May  3 13:50:08 UTC 2010 -

- add freeradius-server-initscript-pidfile.patch
  - handle /var/run on tmpfs

Sun Mar 21 08:43:58 UTC 2010 -

- specfile cleanup

Thu Mar 11 12:44:18 UTC 2010 -

- drop freeradius-server-2.1.6-ltdl.patch - not needed anymore
- clean up specfile
- remove bind-libs, zlib-devel from BuildRequires - not needed

Tue Mar  9 15:01:46 UTC 2010 -

- update to 2.1.8
 - for full list of changes, please see
- drop freeradius-server-no-default-case.patch: fixed upstream

Thu Dec 17 15:50:19 UTC 2009 -

- update to 2.1.7 
 - for full list of changes, please see

Thu Oct 22 09:05:35 UTC 2009 -

- freeradius-server-no-default-case.patch (bnc#527742) 

Thu Oct 15 09:05:18 UTC 2009 -

- freeradius-server-sha1-default.patch (bnc#546042)
- freeradius-server-fix-cert-bootstrap.patch (bnc#546041)

Fri Jun 19 10:35:46 CEST 2009 -

- disable as-needed for this package as it fails to build with it

Tue Jun  2 15:50:59 CEST 2009 -

- updated to 2.1.6
  o Feature improvements
	* radclient exits with 0 on successful (accept / ack), and 1
	  otherwise (no response / reject)
	* Added support for %{sql:UPDATE ..}, and insert/delete
	  Patch from Arran Cudbard-Bell
	* Added sample "do not respond" policy.  See raddb/policy.conf
	  and raddb/sites-available/do_not_respond
	* Cleanups to Suse spec file from Norbert Wegener
	* New VSAs for Juniper from Bjorn Mork
	* Include more RFC dictionaries in the default install
	* More documentation for the WiMAX module
	* Added "chase_referrals" and "rebind" configuration to rlm_ldap.
	  This helps with Active Directory.  See raddb/modules/ldap
	* Don't load pre/post-proxy if proxying is disabled.
	* Added %{md5:...}, which returns MD5 hash in hex.
	* Added configurable "retry_interval" and "poll_interval"
	  for "detail" listeners.
	* Added "delete_mppe_keys" configuration option to rlm_wimax.
	  Apparently some WiMAX clients misbehave when they see those keys.
	* Added experimental rlm_ruby from
	* Add Tunnel attributes to ldap.attrmap
	* Enable virtual servers to be reloaded on HUP.  For now, only
	  the "authorize", "authenticate", etc. processing sections are
	  reloaded.  Clients and "listen" sections are NOT reloaded.
	* Updated "radwatch" script to be more robust.  See scripts/radwatch
	* Added certificate compatibility notes in raddb/certs/README,
	  for compatibility with different operating systems. (i.e. Windows)
  o Bug fixes
	* Minor changes to allow building without VQP.
	* Minor fixes from John Center
	* Fixed raddebug example
	* Don't crash when deleting attributes via unlang
	* Be friendlier to very fast clients
	* Updated the "detail" listener so that it only polls once,
	  and not many times in a row, leaking memory each time...
	* Update comparison for Packet-Src-IP-Address (etc.) so that
	  the operators other than '==' work.
	* Did autoconf magic to work around weird libtool bug
	* Make rlm_perl keep tags for tagged attributes in more situations
	* Update UID checking for radmin
	* Added "include_length" field for TTLS.  It's needed for RFC
	  compliance, but not (apparently) for interoperability.
  - FreeRADIUS 2.1.5
	* Release number skipped due to procedural issues.
  - FreeRADIUS 2.1.4
  o	Feature improvements
	* Permit multiple "-e" in radmin.
	* Add support for originating CoA-Request and Disconnect-Request.
	  See raddb/sites-available/originate-coa.
	* Added "lifetime" and "max_queries" to raddb/sql.conf.
	  This helps address the problem of hung SQL sockets.
	* Allow packets to be injected via radmin.  See "inject help"
	  in radmin.
	* Answer VMPS reconfirmation request.  Patch from Hermann Lauer.
	* Sample logrotate script in scripts/logrotate.freeradius
	* Add configurable poll interval for "detail" listeners
	* New "raddebug" command.  This prints debugging information from
	  a running server.  See "man raddebug.
	* Add "require_message_authenticator" configuration to home_server
	  configuration.  This makes the server add Message-Authenticator
	  to all outgoing Access-Request packets.
	* Added smsotp module, as contributed by Siemens.
	* Enabled the administration socket in the default install.
	  See raddb/sites-available/control-socket, and "man radmin"
	* Handle duplicate clients, such as with replicated or
	  load-balanced SQL servers and "readclients = yes"
  o Bug fixes
	* Clean up control sockets when they are closed, so that we don't
	  leak memory.
	* Define SUN_LEN for systems that don't have it.
	* Correct some boundary conditions in the conditional checker ("if")
	  in "unlang".  Bug noted by Arran Cudbard-Bell.
	* Work around minor building issues in gmake.  This should only
	  have affected developers.
	* Change how we manage unprivileged user/group, so that we do not
	  create control sockets owned by root.
	* Fixed more minor issues found by Coverity.
	* Allow raddb/certs/bootstrap to run when there is no "make"
	  command installed.
	* In radiusd.conf, run_dir depends on the name of the program,
	  and isn't hard-coded to "..../radiusd"
	* Check for EOF in more places in the "detail" file reader.
	* Added Freeswitch dictionary.
	* Chop ethernet frames in VMPS, rather than droppping packets.
	* Fix EAP-TLS bug.  Patch from Arnaud Ebalard
	* Don't lose string for regex-compares in the "users" file.
	* Expose more functions in rlm_sql to rlm_sqlippool, which 
	  helps on systems where RTLD_GLOBAL is off.
	* Fix typos in MySQL schemas for ippools.
	* Remove macro that was causing build issues on some platforms.
	* Fixed issues with dead home servers.  Bug noted by Chris Moules.
	* Fixed "access after free" with some dynamic clients.

Thu Mar 26 15:58:44 CET 2009 -

- do not ship static modules 

Tue Feb 10 10:38:27 CET 2009 -

- updated to 2.1.3
  o Feature Improvements
    * Allow running with user=radiusd and binding to secure sockets.
    * Start sending Status-Server "are you alive" messages earlier,
      which helps with proxying multiple realms to a home server.
    * Removed thread pool code from rlm_perl. It's not necessary.
    * Added example Perl configuration to raddb/modules/perl
    * Force OpenSSL to support certificates with SHA256. This seems
      to be necessary for WiMAX certs.
  o Bug Fixes
    * Fix Debian patch to allow it to build.
    * Fix potential NULL dereference in debugging mode on certain
      platforms for TTLS and PEAP inner tunnels.
    * Fix uninitialized memory in handling of vendor definitions
    * Fix parsing of quoted (but non-string) attributes in
      the users< file.
    * Initialize unknown NAS IP to, rather than
    * use SUN_LEN in control socket, to avoid truncation on some platforms.
    * Correct internal handling of debug condition to prevent it
      from being over-written.
    * Check return code of regcomp in unlang, so that invalid regular
      expressions are caught rather than mishandled.
    * Make rlm_sql use <ltdl.h>. Addresses bug #610.
    * Document list "type = status" better. Closes bug #580.
    * Set "default days" for certificates, because OpenSSL won't do it.
      This closes bug #615.
    * Reference correct list in example raddb/modules/ldap. Closes #596.
    * Increase default schema size for Acct-Session-Id to 64. Closes #540.
    * Fix use of temporary files in dialup-admin. Closes #605
      and addresses CVE-2008-4474.
    * Addressed a number of minor issues found by Coverity.
    * Added DHCP option 150 to the dictionary. Closes #618.

- removed CVE-2008-4474.patch (included in update)

- fixed buffer overflow (overflow.patch)

Tue Feb 10 10:19:32 CET 2009 -

- fixed eDirectory bug on 64bit architectures (edir-64bit.patch)

Fri Feb  6 15:19:04 CET 2009 -

- moved manpages from section 1 to utils subpackage [bnc#469682]

Fri Jan  9 16:04:22 CET 2009 -

- fixed bootstraping of certificates in %post [bnc#461998]

Thu Oct  9 11:41:06 CEST 2008 -

- fixed CVE-2008-4474 [bnc#433762]

Thu Oct  9 11:37:04 CEST 2008 -

- updated to 2.1.1
  o Feature Improvements
    * Many more options and features are available via radmin.
      See man radmin and raddb/sites-available/control-socket.
    * Many more commands available via the control socket.
      Connect via radmin, and type help for more information.
    * Added dictionary.networkphysics and dictionary.lancom.
    * Calculate WiMAX MIP keys, and added sample WiMAX SQL tables.
  o Bug Fixes
    * Fixed bug that made radmin not work.
    * Fixed Suse && Debian package scripts.
    * Fixed issues with dynamic clients.
    * Fixed configure checks for -lreadline
    * rlm_sqlippool no longer needs to be linked to rlm_sql.
    * Add statistics for detail file listeners. This closes bug #593.
    * Fixed printing of some WiMAX attributes.
    * Fixed double free on exit() in rlm_attr_filter.
    * Fixed build issues on Solaris.
    * Fixed fast session resumption for EAP-TLS.

Mon Sep 15 12:37:31 CEST 2008 -

- make radrelay a hardlink to radiusday (instead of identical copy)

Tue Sep  9 19:49:08 CEST 2008 -

- updated to 2.1.0
  o Feature Improvements
    * Clients may now be defined dynamically, based on IP address.
      See raddb/sites-available/dynamic-clients.
    * SNMP support is now available through an experimental Perl script.
      See scripts/snmp-proxy/README
    * SNMP statistics are also available through Status-Server packets.
      See raddb/sites-available/status
    * Added more Microsoft attributes from bug #568.
    * The linelog module has more functionality and flexibility.
      See raddb/modules/linelog.
    * The debugging output has been sanitized. It should be much more
    * Debug logs can now be turned on/off while the server is running,
      for a user, group, realm, etc. See the log section of raddb/radiusd.conf.
    * Added support for WiMAX Forum attributes. The dynamic keys are
      not yet calculated. See share/dictionary.wimax
    * Added session resumption for PEAP and TTLS.
      See raddb/eap.conf, and the cache sub-section.
    * Added radmin command-line tool for administering a running server.
      See man radmin and raddb/sites-available/control-socket.
  o Bug Fixes
    * Double escaping of '\\' in the users (and some other) files
      has been fixed. If you have '\\' in the users file, your
      configuration will need to be checked, and fixed!
    * Parse security section of radiusd.conf. This was accidentally
      deleted in 2.0.5. Closes bug #566.
    * Bind to interface before IP, which allows DHCP sockets to listen
      on "*" for multiple interfaces.
    * Fix handling of giaddr in DHCP responses.
    * Corrected parsing of status_check in home_server so that it works.
    * Fix hints so that "Puser" works again.
    * Removed length restrictions on attribute names in the dictionaries.
    * Update socket code to avoid C compiler optimizations.

Thu Aug 28 01:31:33 CEST 2008 -

- remove deprecated startvar from fillup_and_insserv call

Tue Aug 26 12:01:12 CEST 2008 -

- Fix Required-Stop in init scripts.

Wed Jul 23 11:06:13 CEST 2008 -

- updated to 2.0.5
    Feature improvements
    * Permit SQL authorize_reply_query to be empty.
    * Allow setting response packet type in Post-Proxy-Type Fail
    * Added install-chown target to set correct permission and ownership
      make RADMIN=radmin RGROUP=radius install-chown
    * Support for LDAP-Group and other dynamic comparison attributes
      in unlang.  Developed from a patch by Jason Alderfer.
    * Added chroot support.  See radiusd.conf for comments.
    * Allow clients of 0/0.  We do not recommend using this, though.
    * Moved many module configurations into raddb/modules/*
    Bug fixes
    * Allow proxying to virtual servers for accounting packets, too.
    * Added "num fields" function to PostgreSQL client.
    * Updated proxy fallback mechanism to validate fallback servers,
      and to process fallback requests in a child thread.
    * rlm_realm returns "ok" for LOCAL realms, not "noop".
    * Fixed some DHCP code handling.  The examples should now work.

- updated to 2.0.4
    Feature improvements
    * Allow "virtual_server" in "realm" and "home_server" sections.
      See raddb/proxy.conf and raddb/sites-available/
    * Allow "passwd" module to be listed in "accounting" and "post-auth".
    * Added "fallback" to "home_server_pool" configuration, to handle
      the case of all home servers being dead.  See raddb/proxy.conf.
    * Added sample text to raddb/sites-available/inner-tunnel which
      can simplify debugging of inner tunnel configurations.
    * Added regular expression matching in realm names.  See
      raddb/proxy.conf for examples.
    * Added simple DHCP server functionality.  For comments, see
    * Added file globbing capabilities to detail file reader
    * Added sample raddb/sites-available/robust-proxy-accounting
    * Clients in SQL can now refer to a virtual server.
      Patch from Michael Bretterklieber.
    * Added some examples of creating RADIUS administrator in SQL,
      and assigning appropriate access rights.
    Bug fixes
    * Install all files in raddb/sites-available
    * Allow non-threaded builds.
    * Don't treat '0x' as special for known attributes that are not
      of type "octets".
    * Fix log error in rlm_pap.
    * Remove documentation about non-existent functionality.
    * Updated warning messages in debug output.
    * Fix handling of timeouts in rlm_ldap that affected 64-bit systems.
      This fix was supposed to go into 2.0.3, but did not make it.
    * Fix event handling in debug mode for failed proxy requests.
    * Fix memleak in fifos.  Closes #537.
    * Fix memleak on blocked threads.  Closes #538.
    * Perform additional checks on NULL realms.  Closes #541.
    * Fix handling of "clients" in "listen" section.
    * When detail file cannot process a packet, sleep for longer
      to let the rest of the server do something.
    * Add missing table to raddb/sql/mssql/schema.sql.  Closes #545.
    * Updated rlm_sql_postgresql to build with PostgreSQL 7.x.
      Closes #533.
    * Fix "postauth" of rlm_ldap to look for LDAP-UserDn in the
      correct place.
    * Update rlm_attr_filter for some corner cases.  Closes #543.
    * Fixed memory leak in libfreeradius event handler.
    * In the SQL Accounting on/off queries, remove the restriction
      that the session time had to be zero.

- dropped obsoleted patches
  * event-fifo-threads.patch (included in update)
  * raddb.patch (no longer needed)

- added logrotate to Recommends

Tue May 13 18:25:19 CEST 2008 -

- fix crashes in events, fifo and threads (event-fifo-threads.patch)

Mon May  5 15:02:10 CEST 2008 -

- Fix coding errors that made the package fail to build.

Wed Mar 19 17:23:48 CET 2008 -

- updated to 2.0.3
    Feature improvements
    * Updated raddb/certs/ca.cnf with extensions to allow ca.der
      to be imported as a CA on Symbian and Windows Mobile devices.
      Closes bug #524
    * Enable multiple matches in "hints" via Fall-Through = Yes.
      Closes bug #477
    * Added preliminary SQLite driver, contibuted by Apple.
      Untested, with no sample configuration.  This address bug #470.
    * Updated logging sub-system so that log messages from libfreeradius
      can go to the log file, and not stdout.
    * Added dictionary.rfc5176
    * EAP module now checks for instance name, and uses that for
      authentication.  This avoids the need to set Auth-Type when
      there are multiple instances of the EAP module.
    * Added Module-Return-Code attribute, which contains the value
      returned by the previous module (ok/fail/update/etc.)
    Bug fixes
    * Corrected typos in rlm_dbm.  Closes bugs #521 and #522.
    * Detail file "listen" sections now work much better.
    * Don't allow old "log_*" to over-ride new format.  Closes bug #525
    * Initialize allocated memory in Oracle SQL driver.  This fixes
      occasional crashes on some systems.  Closes bug #518
    * Call correct function in rlm_protocol_filter.  This enables the
      module to build.  Closes bug #512.
    * Added deprecated flag to build for rlm_krb5.  This allows it to
      run on 64-bit systems.  Closes bug #491
    * Corrected error message when parsing invalid configurations
      so it doesn't crash.  Closes bug #527
    * Fix handling of timeouts in rlm_ldap that affected 64-bit systems.
    * Handle $INCLUDE's in "instantiate" section.  Closes #528.
    * Format updates to "man" pages from Stephen Gran.

- updated to 2.0.2
    Feature improvements
    * Added notes on how to debug the server in radiusd.conf
    * Moved all "log_*" in radiusd.conf to log{} section.
      The old configurations are still accepted, though.
    * Added ca.der target in raddb/certs/Makefile.  This is
      needed for importing CA certs into Windows.
    * Added ability send raw attributes via "Raw-Attribute = 0x0102..."
      This is available only debug builds.  It can be used
      to create invalid packets! Use it with care.
    * Permit "unlang" policies inside of Auth-Type{} sub-sections
      of the authenticate{} section.  This makes some policies easier
      to implement.
    * "listen" sections can now have "type = proxy".  This lets you
      control which IP is used for sending proxied requests.
    * Added note on SSL performance to raddb/certs/README
    Bug fixes
    * Fixed reading of "detail" files.
    * Allow inner EAP tunneled sessions to be proxied.
    * Corrected MySQL schemas
    * syslog now works in log{} section.
    * Corrected typo in raddb/certs/client.cnf
    * Updated raddb/sites-available/proxy-inner-tunnel to
      permit authentication to work.
    * Ignore zero-length attributes in received packets.
    * Correct memcpy when dealing with unknown attributes.
    * Corrected debugging messages in attr_rewrite.
    * Corrected generation of State attribute in EAP.  This
      fixes the "failed to remember handler" issues.
    * Fall back to DEFAULT realm if no realm was found.
      Based on a patch from Vincent Magnin.
    * Updated example raddb/sites-available/proxy-inner-tunnel
    * Corrected behavior of attr_filter to match documentation.
      This is NOT backwards compatible with previous versions!
      See "man rlm_attr_filter" for details.

- dropped patches:
  * conf_read.patch (included in update)
  * strncat.patch (obsoleted by update)

Tue Jan 29 14:33:35 CET 2008 -

- replace obsoleted call to conf_read with cf_file_read (conf_read.patch)
- split off -doc subpackage

Thu Jan 24 16:39:37 CET 2008 -

- fix strncat usage (strncat.patch)

Tue Jan 22 16:23:12 CET 2008 -

- updated to 2.0.1
  * improve unlang
  * update acct_module
  * fix parsing of syslog logging
  * minor fixes over 2.0.0

Tue Jan 22 13:58:25 CET 2008 -

- renamed to freeradius-server (to follow upstream change)
- updated to 2.0.0:
  o Feature improvements
    * Debugging mode is much clearer and easier to read.
    * A new policy language makes many configurations trivial.
      See "man unlang" for a complete description.
    * Virtual servers are now supported.  This permits clear separation
      of policies.  See raddb/sites-available/README
    * EAP-TLS (PEAP, EAP-TTLS) and OpenSSL certificates "just work".
      See raddb/certs/README for details.
    * Proxying is much more configurable than before.
      See proxy.conf for documentation on pools, and new config items.
    * Full support for IPv6.
    * Much more complete support for the RADIUS SNMP MIBs.
    * HUP now works.  Only some modules are re-loaded,
      and the server configuation is *not* reloaded.
    * "check config" option now works.  See "man radiusd"
    * radrelay functionality is now included in the server core.
      See raddb/sites-available/copy-acct-to-home-server
    * VMPS support.  It is minimal, but functional.
    * Cleaned up internal API's and names, including library names.
  o Bug fixes
    * Many.
- removed obsolete patch:
  * type_punning.patch

Tue Dec  4 18:08:41 CET 2007 -

- remove openldap2 from BuildRequires

Tue Nov  6 13:16:58 CET 2007 -

- updated to 1.1.7
    Feature Improvements
    * Updated LDAP documentation.
    * Added note on DH parameters in eap.conf, and debugging messages
      which complain if DH is used, but not configured properly.
    * Updated the Mikrotik dictionary. Added a note that the sample
      dictionary they supply is broken.
    * Output more information on blocked threads, which should help
      narrow down which modules is causing the problem.
    * Added more eDirectory support.
    * rlm_ldap now prints out attributes in the standard format
    * Enabled server-side handling of procedures in MySQL
    Bug Fixes
    * Added NT-Hash support for mschap_xlat.
    * Corrected documentation to point to correct location of files.
    * Checks for more recent FreeBSD versions.
    * uses -DLDAP_DEPRECATED to avoid OpenLDAP crashes.
    * Use correct value for authentication name in rlm_mschap.
    * Fix over-ride for usernames when use_tunneled_reply = yes.

Fri Apr 20 15:10:28 CEST 2007 -

- Update to 1.1.6. Changes since 1.1.3:
    Feature improvements
    * Added dictionary.rfc4372 (Chargeable User Identity)
    * Added dictionary.rfc4675 (VLAN and Priority)
    * Added dictionary.rfc4679 (ADSL Forum)
      NOTE some name differences from the RFC, due to dictionary.redback
    * Updated rlm_python to something usable
    * Added experimental sql "HPW" IPPools.
    * Added more dictionaries
    * Dictionary files now MUST NOT be globally writable.
    * Configuration files now MUST NOT be globally readable,
      or globally writable.
    * Be more aggressive about freeing memory on clean exit.
      This helps track down run-time leaks.
    * Updated rlm_python to something usable
    * Added experimental sql "HPW" IPPools.
    * Major enhancements to rlm_pap, that make "encryption_scheme"
      a thing of the past.  See "man rlm_pap" for details.
      work-arounds that enable Windows Vista clients to work.
    * Added preliminary code to support Firebird.
      Use at your own risk!
    * Send MS-CHAP2-Success, which makes EAP-TTLS/MSCHAP work on more
    * Add a new "reply-name" directive in rlm_sqlcounter to define the
      name of the reply attribute.
    * Added more dictionaries and attributes
    * Print ntlm_auth failure reason in Module-Failure-Message
    * radsqlrelay is able to get the DB password from a file instead
      of command line.

    Bug fixes
    * Corrected typo in rlm_pap.c
    * Corrected typo in src/main/auth.c
    * Suppress SSL error messages if error is zero.
    * Don't complain about "Error in read client certificate A"
      if we expect to read it in the next packet.  Fix based on patch
      by Dan Lukes.
    * Corrected nearly 30 bugs found by Coverity
      See also
    * Don't die on HUP.  Instead leak memory (sorry).  After a few
      hundred HUP's, the server will have leaked a few megabytes of
      memory, and you should probably re-start it.  It's ugly, but
      better than dying.
    * Corrected a few double free's
    * Corrected typo in radrelay, which prevented it from working
    * Made Firebird module build
    * Fixed bug in PostgreSQL module that caused server crash.
    * Fixed bug in SQL module that could cause server to crash.
    * Corrected base64 decoding in rlm_pap
    * Don't retransmit accounting packets.  The NAS should do this.
    * Handle Client-Error in EAP-SIM.
    * Port OpenSSL locking fixes from CVS head.  This makes PEAP
      more stable on some systems.
    * Require Message-Authenticator in Status-Server packets
    * Correct Tunnel-Medium-Type VALUEs in dictionary.rfc2868
    * Be more aggressibe about freeing memory on clean exit.
      This isn't strictly a bug fix, but it makes it easier to
      find memory leaks
    * Increase buffer size for dynamic expansion, which allows
      longer SQL qeuries.
    * Use correct line number when there's a parse error in one
      of the configuration sections.
    * Terminate SSL sessions in EAP on error, rather than continuing
      in some cases.
    * Increase buffer size to allow parsing of long octet strings
    * Fix string termination on xlat in rlm_perl
    * Fix a parse error in the digest module, where malformed
      digest requests would result in the user being accepted.  Oops...
    * VALUEs can only be defined for 'integer', to catch mistakes
      with setting VALUEs for type 'string'.
    * Better parsing of VALUE names, so that values starting with
      a digit work correctly.
    * Check return from malloc.
    * Fix a double free() in rlm_eap_tls.c
    * Check return code of malloc() during initialization.
    * Fix a corner case where the proxy port isn't set either in
      radiusd.conf or in proxy.conf.

Mon Mar 26 12:45:29 CEST 2007 -

- add gdbm-devel BuildRequires

Sun Feb 11 18:33:47 CET 2007 -

- one oversight in last change, build tested

Sun Feb 11 12:00:25 CET 2007 -

- fix build as non-root

Mon Sep  4 11:18:59 CEST 2006 -

- Make sure that will always be executed.

Wed Aug 23 20:34:55 CEST 2006 -

- update to version 1.1.3
  * autoconf updates
  * More dictionary updates
  * Security and portability fixes to rlm_otp
  * Miscellaneous bug fixes

Mon Jun  5 22:31:04 CEST 2006 -

- update to version 1.1.2
  * Allow tagged VSA's for Juniper.
  * Allow Ascend "abinary" format to be specified as octets,
    (e.g. Ascend-Data-Filter = 0x010203...)
  * Added "cipher_list" configuration to the EAP-TLS module.
    See "eap.conf" and "man 1 cipher" for details.
  * Added "check_cert_issuer" configuration to the EAP-TLS module.
    See "eap.conf" for details.
  * Added "suppress" configuration entry to rlm_detail,
    to suppress certain attributes (e.g. User-Password).
  * Write SSL errors to log file, rather than stderr.
  * Allow a core dump on uid change on Linux
  * Bugfixes

Wed May 24 15:58:41 CEST 2006 -

- Don't strip binaries.

Tue Mar 28 20:22:34 CEST 2006 -

- fixed an error on x86_64 machines when reading dictionaries
- make "use_tunneled_reply" work properly for PEAP

Mon Mar 27 14:32:09 CEST 2006 -

- also use fPIC on s390*

Thu Mar 23 20:39:02 CET 2006 -

- fixed validation issue with the EAP-MSCHAPv2 module (#160249)

Wed Jan 25 21:36:01 CET 2006 -

- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires

Fri Jan 20 18:19:32 CET 2006 -

- fixed directory permissions (#141153)

Thu Jan 19 01:23:36 CET 2006 -

- changed php requires to generic ones (for php5)

Sat Jan 14 16:40:53 CET 2006 -

- use --with-udpfromto useful for systems with multiple addresses

Thu Jan 12 22:48:30 CET 2006 -

- update to version 1.1.0

Wed Jan 11 16:03:44 CET 2006 -

- adding stack-protector to CFLAGS
- don't package *.la files for now (#141207)

Wed Dec 21 10:14:01 CET 2005 -

- fixed realloc() in rlm_pam

Tue Nov 15 21:49:18 CET 2005 -

- moved dialup_admin to subpackage and integrate it into
  Apache 2 configuration

Mon Sep 26 01:35:29 CEST 2005 -


Fri Sep 23 06:09:08 CEST 2005 -

- update to version 1.0.5
- updated eDirectory integration documentation

Fri Sep 23 01:38:53 CEST 2005 -

- fix build-dir references in .la files

Tue Aug 30 12:50:30 CEST 2005 -

- fixed some issues from security audit (#104195)
  (is already upstream for 1.0.5 release)

Mon Aug 15 19:34:18 CEST 2005 -

- fix mysql creation script (#104752)

Sat Jun 18 19:37:56 CEST 2005 -

- update to version 1.0.4

Sun Jun  5 00:36:51 CEST 2005 -

- update to version 1.0.3
- link radiusd with -pie

Mon Apr 11 11:29:05 CEST 2005 -

- start daemon correctly (#75979)
- fixed packaging on x86-64 (#75979)

Wed Mar  2 07:19:27 CET 2005 -

- com_err.h patch not needed anymore
- modified spec-file to work with older distributions

Fri Feb 18 11:05:35 CET 2005 -

- enabled eDirectory support and added documentation

Thu Feb 17 08:34:12 CET 2005 -

- update to 1.0.2

Sat Nov 27 13:44:09 CET 2004 -

- fixed installation of radeapclient (#48549)

Sat Nov 20 12:57:22 CET 2004 -

- don't use heimdal for distributions newer than 9.2

Mon Nov 15 14:53:25 CET 2004 -

- Use common-* PAM configuration

Sat Oct 23 20:53:51 CEST 2004 -

- update to version 1.0.1
- moved *.la files to devel package

Sat Aug 28 13:33:35 CEST 2004 -

- modify logrotate config (#44436)

Tue Aug 17 23:55:38 CEST 2004 -

- fixed syntax error (Typo?) in init script

Fri Aug 13 07:10:34 CEST 2004 -

- added some sample scripts to documentation

Tue Aug 10 09:35:03 CEST 2004 -

- update to 1.0.0

Thu Jun 24 00:03:59 CEST 2004 -

- update to 1.0.0pre3 (version set as 0.9.9)

Thu Feb  5 13:36:54 CET 2004 -

- disabled rlm_sql_iodbc and enabled rlm_sql_unixodb

Fri Jan 16 13:38:13 CET 2004 -

- Add pam-devel to neededforbuild

Mon Jan 12 10:26:25 CET 2004 -

- add %defattr

Fri Nov 28 06:56:46 CET 2003 -

- security update to 0.9.3
  * Fix a remote DoS and possible exploit due to mis-handling
    of tagged attributes, and Tunnel-Password attribute.

Thu Oct 16 09:02:57 CEST 2003 -

- update to 0.9.2
   (see /usr/share/doc/packages/freeradius/ChangeLog)

Fri Aug  1 16:02:14 CEST 2003 -

- fix include path for com_err.h

Thu Jul 31 06:18:03 CEST 2003 -

- use stop/restart macros

Wed Jul 23 10:53:20 CEST 2003 -

- use special user for running radiusd
- modify default configuration to work without changes
  (Auth-Type = Local)
- added README.SuSE explaining about radiusd user

Mon Jul 21 08:56:54 CEST 2003 -

- update to 0.9.0
- build against libiodbc to enable iodbc module

Wed Jun  4 19:47:02 CEST 2003 -

- Add db-devel to neededforbuild.
- Don't use system libtool.
- Fix use of sort.
- Avoid running autoconf.

Tue Apr 15 23:46:08 CEST 2003 -

- fixed neededforbuild

Mon Mar  3 18:20:50 CET 2003 -

- removed %ghost stuff from filelist

Fri Feb  7 13:31:05 CET 2003 -

- Use instead of

Wed Jan 15 15:53:21 CET 2003 -

- use sasl2

Tue Jan 14 11:42:24 CET 2003 -

- fixed multi-line string literals

Thu Dec 12 10:28:13 CET 2002 -

- update to 0.8.1
  * minor bugfixes

Mon Dec  2 07:20:10 CET 2002 -

- removed radwatch from package

Tue Nov 19 08:33:36 CET 2002 -

- update to 0.8
  * Support for Status-Server packets
  * Fixed memory leak when proxying
  * Round-robin load balancing when proxying
  * Many bug fixes
  * (/usr/share/doc/packages/ChangeLog)
- moved modules to /usr/lib/freeradius

Mon Aug 19 00:06:38 CEST 2002 -

- don't overwrite README's with each other

Fri Aug 16 09:06:03 CEST 2002 -

- added PreReq (Bug #17838)

Thu Jun 20 01:06:41 CEST 2002 -

- hack ltconfig for ppc64

Mon Apr  8 11:11:56 CEST 2002 -

- fixed packaging on 64bit platforms
- added logrotate config
- added some sample scripts to doc-dir

Fri Mar 22 15:01:10 CET 2002 -

- update to 0.5
  * MS-CHAP and MS-CHAPv2 MPPE support,
  * EAP/MD5 and experimental EAP/TLS,
  * Experimental PHP web administration interface,
  * Fixes for *BSD,
  * Configurable database queries, executed per packet
    (e.g. %{ldap:ldap:///dc=company,dc=com?uid?sub?uid=%u}),
  * Fix logic bug which would cause occasional server crashes,
  * Server-side quenching of DoS attacks,
  * Experimental Python module,
  * Aptis, Quintum, and Foundry dictionaries,
  * Limited support for IPv6.

Mon Feb 25 16:19:26 CET 2002 -

- moved *.la back to main-package as it is needed for
  dynamic loading of modules

Mon Feb 25 07:44:11 CET 2002 -

- added patch to work with heimdal-krb5
- moved *.so to -devel package

Fri Feb  8 14:24:51 CET 2002 -

- deactivated kerberos support
  (seems to be not compatible with heimdal :-()

Thu Feb  7 13:27:47 CET 2002 -

- changed heimdal libdir

Thu Dec 13 07:33:45 CET 2001 -

- update to 0.4
- better use of fillup_and_insserv

Mon Dec  3 11:42:15 CET 2001 -

- don't use START_RADIUSD anymore
- make use of new fillup_and_insserv macro

Fri Oct 12 07:03:07 CEST 2001 -

- update to version 0.3
- packed source-archive as bz2
- branched package -> devel

Fri Aug  3 07:53:54 CEST 2001 -

- removed use of watcher-script
- removed config-check (-C) in init script
  (it's not supported in freeradius)

Thu Aug  2 12:22:00 CEST 2001 -

- status fix in init script
- renamed pam-configfile: radius -> radiusd

Wed Aug  1 09:57:53 CEST 2001 -

- updated to 0.2

Thu Jul 26 10:06:01 CEST 2001 -

- Fix needed for build

Tue Jul 10 15:05:52 CEST 2001 -

- added %{suse_update_config}

Sat Jun 23 20:52:07 CEST 2001 -

- Fix preprocessor directives inside macro arguments.

Mon Jun 18 07:58:08 CEST 2001 -

- removed absolute paths from pam-config

Wed May 23 13:32:20 CEST 2001 -

- first official beta-version 0.1

Wed Mar 21 13:11:34 CET 2001 -

- new snapshot 20010321 (pre-BETA)
- replaced start- and killproc to avoid problems with Kernel 2.4
  using the radwatch shell-script
- added built of LDAP and MySQL modules

Mon Jan 29 09:58:23 CET 2001 -

- %files: /etc/raddb/bay.vendor -> /etc/raddb/dictionary.bay

Mon Jan 15 10:52:42 CET 2001 -

- new snapshot 20010115
- initial BETA package (sources are ALPHA!)

Thu Jan  4 13:32:26 CET 2001 -

- CVS snapshot 20010104

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