File cpanspec.yml of Package perl-Devel-PPPort

description: |-
  Perl's API has changed over time, gaining new features, new functions,
  increasing its flexibility, and reducing the impact on the C namespace
  environment (reduced pollution). The header file written by this module,
  typically _ppport.h_, attempts to bring some of the newer Perl API features
  to older versions of Perl, so that you can worry less about keeping track
  of old releases, but users can still reap the benefit.
  'Devel::PPPort' contains two functions, 'WriteFile' and 'GetFileContents'.
  'WriteFile''s only purpose is to write the _ppport.h_ C header file. This
  file contains a series of macros and, if explicitly requested, functions
  that allow XS modules to be built using older versions of Perl. Currently,
  Perl versions from 5.003 to 5.20 are supported.
  'GetFileContents' can be used to retrieve the file contents rather than
  writing it out.
  This module is used by 'h2xs' to write the file _ppport.h_.
#no_testing: broken upstream
#  - source1
#  - source2
#  foo.patch: -p1
#  bar.patch:
#preamble: |-
# BuildRequires:  gcc-c++
#post_prep: |-
# hunspell=`pkg-config --libs hunspell | sed -e 's,-l,,; s,  *,,g'`
# sed -i -e "s,hunspell-X,$hunspell," t/00-prereq.t Makefile.PL 
#post_install: |-
# sed on %{name}.files
#license: SUSE-NonFree
#skip_noarch: 1
#custom_build: |-
#./Build build flags=%{?_smp_mflags} --myflag
#custom_test: |-
#startserver && make test
#ignore_requires: Bizarre::Module
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