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Sun Jun 23 16:50:45 UTC 2024 - Tina Müller <>

- updated to 1.620.0 (1.62)
   see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Workflow/

  ## 1.62 2023-02-11 bug fix/maintenance release, update recommended
  - Minor correction to documentation via PR [#208]( from @ehuelsmann
  - Improvement to the overall codebase by localizing `$EVAL_ERROR` in conjunction with `eval` structures, via PR [#211]( from @ehuelsmann
  ## 1.61 2022-10-01 bug fix release, update recommended
  - We have removed some code, which was no longer used, which was causing some grievance see PR [#203]( from by Oliver Welter (@oliwell)
  ## 1.60 2022-03-02 bug fix release, update recommended
  - We have discovered a minor regression, founded in our eager to implement more clean code. This has been addressed via PR [#195]( by Erik Huelsmann (@ehuelsmann).
    It was followed up by PR [#196]( by Oliver Welter (@oliwell).
    We are now setting the bar a bit lower for the 1.x releases in regard to best practices and code quality and focus on improving the code for 2.x, so we do not experience any more regressions.
  ## 1.59 2022-02-02 bug fix release, update required
  - Unfortunately we discovered a minor mishap, where a dependency was referenced without being properly declared as a dependency, which could result in inability for the distribution to work in a clean environment. This has now been addressed via PR [#190](
  We are sorry about any inconvenience this might have caused
  ## 1.58 2022-02-02 Maintenance release, update not required
  - Addressed violations of [Perl::Critic]( policies:
    - [Subroutines::ProhibitExplicitReturnUndef](
    - [ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitMixedBooleanOperators](
    Adjustments to Perl::Critic resourcefile (`t/perlcriticrc`), this somewhat addresses issue [#43](, there is more work to be done in this area, this will be adressed eventually
    By Jonas Brømsø (@jonasbn)
  - Requirement for Perl 5.14 has been made more explicit, see also PR [#185]( by Erik Huelsmann (@ehuelsmann)
  - Delay of instantation, prevents additional loggings attempts, this makes logging less noisy when running tests. Via PR [#174]( from Erik Huelsmann (@ehuelsmann)
  ## 1.57 2021-10-17 Bug fix release, update recommended
  - PR [#170]( addresses an issue where Workflow tries to log during the execution of `use` statements, at which time it's highly unlikely that the logger has already been initialized, resulting in warnings being printed on the console
  - PR [#171]( adds initialization of context parameters passed at instantiation; currently, parameters need to be added explicily and individually after instantiation
  - PR [#173]( addresses issue [#172](, fixing failure to autorun actions from the INITIAL state

Thu Jul 29 03:07:17 UTC 2021 - Tina Müller <>

- updated to 1.56
   see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Workflow/

  - With release 2.00 Workflow::Persister::SPOPS will no longer be included in the distribution, it will possibly be made available as a separate distribution, but with decreased maintenance efforts. [SPOPS]( does no longer seem to be actively supported and [issues with Perls versions from 5.11.1 and onwards]( underline this fact.
  SPOPS was developed by the original author of Workflow and the two have worked in parallel for a long time. The Workflow developers have come to a crossroad and focus of resources and efforts are aimed at modernizing workflow.
  ## 1.56 2021-07-28 Bug fix release, update recommended
  - PR [#139]( addresses an issue introduced in 1.55, where action configurations would contain unnecessary information
  - Elimination of global state, with improved abstraction the complexity could be removed via PR [#140](
  - PR [#141]( improves test suite, following up on PR [#131](
  - PR [#132]( follows up on issue [#129]( by improving documentation on group property of Workflow::Action
  - Elimination of warning about undefined value, which surfaced with release 1.55, adressed with PR [#135](
  - PR [#131]( documents the importance of overriding `init` for processing of parameters and not using `new`
  - PR [#130]( addresses issue [#129](, respects encapsulation by adhering to the API
  - Improves some error and log messages via PR [#128](
  ## 1.55 2021-07-09 Minor feature release, update not required
  - PR [#119]( adds capability of configuring custom workflow classes addressing issue [#107](
  - Simplified logging handing in code base via PR [#108]( investigation into possible performance issue described in [#89]( determined penalty to be insignificant
  - `Workflow::State->get_conditions()` now returns all conditions, fixed via PR [#122]( addressing issue [#121](, This fix actually implements, what is documented, but if you rely on previously undocumented behaviour, you might need to evaluate this fix
  - Issue with broken support action attribute specified in the state config has been addressed via PR [#123]( described in issue [#113](
  - A warning emitted from the test suite has been addressed via PR [#115](
  - A timing issue observed with the Travis CI setup have been addressed in PR [#112](

Mon Apr 26 03:06:38 UTC 2021 - Tina Müller <>

- updated to 1.54
   see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Workflow/

  ## 1.54 2021-04-25 Minor feature release, update not required
  - The existing private API: `Workflow->_get_action()` has been made public as: `get_action()` via PR [#56]( addressing issue [#54](, a private version is still available as `_get_action()` ensuring backwards compatibility. The change should improve and ease implementations where actions are consumed
  - The existing methods: `fields()`, `optional_fields()` and `required_fields` have all been made public PR [#57]( addressing issue [#55]( these methods provide information a UI or other consumer of the workflow could use for user interaction as for issue [#54]( and PR: [#56]( mentioned above
  - The implementation of caching for evaluation of nested has been revisted and improved via PR [#90](
  - A minor issue has been corrected in the documentation was corrected via PR [#111](, it seems some design ideas had snuck into the documentation a long time ago, without ever being implemented

Sat Apr 10 03:08:41 UTC 2021 - Tina Müller <>

- updated to 1.53
   see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Workflow/

  ## 1.53 2021-04-09 Minor feature release, update not required
  - This release changes logging granularity: instead of using the Log::Log4perl root logger for all logging output, use the instance class for logging in object methods as recommended [in the Log4perl documentation]( This change allows logging from workflow to be suppressed in your application by changing the logging level for the `Workflow` category by setting `log4perl.category.Workflow = OFF` in your logging configuration. Please note that if you created classes derived from Workflow, the logger will use those class names as categories. To suppress output entirely, those categories need their own logging configuration.
    **NOTE** This change adds a `log()` accessor to the "Workflow::Base" class. If you implement your own `log()` accessor or method, please take care to make it return a valid logger instance before calling `SUPER::new()` so the logger is immediately available for logging.
  - PR [#101]( changing confusing logging statements regarding observers having been added when none specified
  - Added test cases covering Workflow::Exception [#102](

Fri Feb 12 03:07:56 UTC 2021 - Tina Müller <>

- updated to 1.52
   see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Workflow/

  ## 1.52 2021-02-11 Bug fix release, update recommended
  - Addressed bug/issue [#95]( via PR [#96](, the issue was introduced with PR [#85]( in release 1.51
  - Improvements to Dist::Zilla config, only ExtUtils::MakeMaker supported via Dist::Zilla now. Module::Build support having been removed. See the [article by Neil Bowers]( (NEILB) on the topic. Thanks to Karen Etheridge (ETHER) for information and link to the above-mentioned article (issue [#93](, resolved via PR [#98](
  - Documentation in `INSTALL` file updated, the information was somewhat scarce and outdated (issue [#92](, resolved via PR [#99](
  - Some URLs fixed via PR [#97](, thanks to Michiel W. Beijen for the contribution
  - More unit-tests added via PR [#94](, continued work on issue [#36]( improving test coverage

Mon Feb  1 03:09:46 UTC 2021 - Tina Müller <>

- updated to 1.51
   see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Workflow/

Tue Jan 26 03:09:02 UTC 2021 - Tina Müller <>

- updated to 1.50
   see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Workflow/Changes

Wed Jan 13 03:09:40 UTC 2021 - Tina Müller <>

- updated to 1.49
   see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Workflow/Changes

  1.49 2021-01-08 Maintenance and minor feature release, update not required
  - Addressed an issue with return values from Workflow::Condition::GreedyOR's `evaluate_condition`, PR #50 from Erik Huelsmann
  - Fixed a bug in condition caching described in issue #9, PR #27 from Erik Huelsmann
  - Fixed a bug in Workflow::Condition::LazyAND with wrongful return values, PR #40 from Erik Huelsmann
  - Fixed a bug in Workflow::Validator::InEnumeratedType with wrongful naming, PR #33 from Erik Huelsmann
  - Updated Dist::Zilla configuration and added LICENSE file to repository based on generated from Dist::Zilla build, this should be automated like the README generation at some point
  - Improved internal handling for quoting in internal SQL statements, PR #30 from Erik Huelsmann
  - Improved the SQL used for database creation by adding referentiel integrity, PR #29 from Erik Huelsmann
  - Addressed a bug in initialization and improved the ability to handle a database handle, PR #32 from Erik Huelsmann
  - Improved loading of external of a few dependencies, improving error handling, PR #31 from Erik Huelsmann
  - Additions to test suite, WIP on better scoped condition caching, PR #26 from Erik Huelsmann
  - Minor feature addition addressing issue #5 with condition caching, PR #25 from Erik Huelsmann
    Condition caching can be disabled by setting:
      $Workflow::Condition::CACHE_RESULTS = 0; # false
    The default is 1, indicating true,
  - Improvements to test suite, moved from time to counter, speeding up the test, PR #24 from Erik Huelsmann
  - Documentation updates, PR #23 from Erik Huelsmann
  - Addressing issue #21 fixing broken URLs, PR #22 from Erik Huelsmann

Fri Sep 20 14:10:33 UTC 2019 -  <>

- updated to 1.48
   see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Workflow/Changes

  1.48 2019-09-05 Bug fix release, update not required
  - Eliminated warning emitted from test run. Bug reported by Petr Pisar
  1.47 2019-09-05 Bug fix release, update not required
  - Accidently included cartons local directory in the distribution tar-ball. Bug reported by Tina Müller (tinita)
  1.46 2019-05-28 Bug fix release, update not required
  - Patch from Oliver Welter, addressing issue with greedy join handling error message

Wed Jul 12 06:26:15 UTC 2017 -

- updated to 1.45
   see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Workflow/Changes

Tue Apr 14 15:40:20 UTC 2015 -

- updated to 1.41
   see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Workflow/Changes

Wed Dec  1 13:36:03 UTC 2010 -

- switch to perl_requires macro

Sat Aug  7 16:18:24 UTC 2010 -

- update to 1.34
  o for more info please see Changes file
- noarch pkg

Sat Jul 25 19:45:55 CEST 2009 -

- spec mods
  * removed ^----------
  * removed ^#---------

Tue Jul 14 13:04:53 CEST 2009 -

- initial package 1.32

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