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 `/var/lib/collectd/' and generate an HTML file and a directory containing
 several PNG files which are graphs of the RRD files found.
-  Sample CGI script that creates graphs on the fly. The Perl modules `RRDs'
-(Debian package `librrds-perl'), `URI:Escape' (package liburi-perl),
-`HTML::Entities' (package libhtml-parser-perl) and a CGI capable web server
-(e.g. apache2 or boa) are needed. Simply install the script to a place where
-the webserver will treat it as a CGI script (/usr/lib/cgi-bin/ by default) and
-visit that page in a browser (http://localhost/cgi-bin/collection.cgi by
-default). Please refer to your webserver's documentation for more details.
-  Starting with version 4, collection.cgi requires a small config file, which
-should look something like this:
-  datadir: "/var/lib/collectd/rrd/"
-  libdir: "/usr/lib/collectd/"
   Script to be used with the exec-plugin (see collectd-exec(5) for details)
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 RRD-file that should have been in multiple RRD-files instead. Is is used by
 `migrate-3-4.px' to split up the cpu-, nfs-, swap-files and possibly others.
-  Init-script and Spec-file that can be used when creating RPM-packages for
-  Example configuration file for the ‘GenericJMX’ Java plugin. Please read the
-documentation at the beginning of the file for more details.
   Migration-script to ease the switch from version 3 to version 4. Many
@@ -84,10 +58,6 @@
 may still need to do some things by hand, read `README.migration' for more
-  Spec-file and affiliated files to build an RedHat RPM package of collectd.
   Sample configuration for the SNMP plugin. This config includes a few standard
@@ -97,11 +67,6 @@
 whatever people have send in. If you have some more definitions please send
 them in, so others can profit from it.
-  Manifest file for the Solaris SMF system and detailed information on how to
-register collectd as a service with this system.
   Service file for systemd. Please ship this file as
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