File gpsd.changes of Package gpsd

Mon Apr 23 11:16:40 UTC 2012 -

- update to gpsd version 3.5

Fri Dec  2 16:27:13 UTC 2011 -

- add automake as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency

Sat Oct 15 12:21:55 UTC 2011 -

- fixed typos in gpsd.spec

Sat May 14 14:00:06 CEST 2011 -

- move from the shlib subpackage to the main package,
  as it fileconflicts with other versions of it. the library is
  internal only anyway.

Sat Apr 30 18:11:34 UTC 2011 -

- gpsd-devel depends on python-gpsd too.

Mon Apr  4 13:10:41 UTC 2011 -

- Update to version 2.96:
  + Bumped maximum channel count to 32 to accommodate GPS+GLONASS devices.
  + API version bumped to 5, redesign finished (changes are documented
    in the Client HOWTO).
  + cgps now handles resize signals.
  + Code can now link with uClibc for embedded use.
  + Various bugs in the C++ binding have been fixed.
  + gpxlogger can now daemonize and write to a specified log file.
  + A gpsd client can now set any locale it likes, and JSON
    will still be parsed using the C locale matching the daemon's.
  + Clients are no longer required to define a gpsd_report() hook.
  + gpsd no longer emits probe strings to unidentified USB devices at startup.
  + JSON timestamps in TPV and SKY are now ISO8601 rather than seconds since
    the Unix epoch; the library handles the older style backward-compatibly. 
  + GPGST sentences are now parsed for noise statistics when a device emits
  + AIS and RTCM2 JSON dumps have device fields.
  + JSON reports now include 50bps subframe data if the device allows access to
  + gpsdecode can now dump NMEA GPS binary, and subframe data to JSON.
  + The RTCM2 code now understands and  analyzes RTCM2.3 messages 13,
    14, and 31, and has been checked against another analyzer.
  + The ancient Sager dump format for RTCM2 is abolished in favor of a JSON

Tue Oct 26 13:20:00 UTC 2010 -

- Move udev rules from /etc/udev/rules.d to /lib/udev/rules.d
- Update to version 2.95:
  + Rationalize clearing and generation of DOPs
  + cgps now displays epx/epy rather than eph 
  + Speed is now always reported if our last two fixes were good
  + Reading packets from UDP datagrams by specifying a listening
    address and port is now supported
  + AIS code now interprets message type 6 and 8 application IDs 
    correctly as a Designated Area Code and Functional ID pair
  + gpspipe has a new -T option for setting the timestamp format
  + xgpsspeed is completely rewritten in Python
  + Qt bindings for the client library
  + gpsdcode now uses | as a field separator in -c mode, as string
    fields can contain commas
  + Corrected error for reporting of AIS rate-of-turn fields
- Changes of version 2.94:
  + Error-checking in the 50bps subframe code has been greatly
  + The Garmin GPS driver can now use libusb for device discovery
  + The libgps library has been split apart; the service functions
    used by the daemon now live in libgpsd
  + Stronger checking for valid ephemeris before extracting the
    leap-second offset
- Changes of version 2.93:
  + Support for JSON dumping and parsing of AIS message types 25 and 26
  + Removing non-streaming mode from the Python exerciser
  + Unsetting the appropriate in-use flag in the device array
  + Change the libgps default from old protocol to JSON
  + Add a close() method to the C++ binding
  + Try to recover better from sporadic cases of false matches to
    Trimble packet format from a SiRF binary datastream
  + gps_poll() now returns -1 with errno not set when the gpsd
    socket closes
  + TPV now refrains from reporting fields the fix quality won't support
  + gpsmon option for listing device types is now -L to -l can be used
    to enable logging
  + Documentation updates
  + New POLL command brings back polling-mode operation
  + gpsd no longer eats CPU when a device is unexpectedly uplugged
  + Support for the TNT revolution is back (run mode only)
  + There is now a gpsdfake diagnostic tool that fakes being gpsd shipping
    arbitrary specified data to clients.

Sat Mar 27 02:43:46 CET 2010 -

- Update to version 2.92:
  + Fix a packaging error: the python library module was omitted
    from the 2.91 tarball.
  + Improve the json import test.
- Changes from version 2.91:
  + We have support for NMEA GLONASS sentences, and a regression
  + Clients now get a DEVICE notification on every driver switch.
  + It is possible to specify a TCP/IP AIS feed such as AISHub as a
    data source.
  + Serious bitrot in the NTRIP support has been fixed - it was
    probably nonfunctional for several releases before this.
  + Fixed buggy display of satellite-used flags in cgps.
  + xgps is replaced by a rewrite in Python that uses pygtk,
    eliminating a dependency on Motif; also, it now displays AIS
  + Uniform treatment of display-unit defaulting and -u in xgps,
    cgps, and lcdgps.
  + Support for AIS message types 25 and 26.
  + Support for IPv6.
  + A numeric instability in the earth_distance() function
    affecting track error modeling has been fixed.
  + Old protocol has been removed from the daemon; the library
    still speaks it.
- Drop openmotif, openmotif-devel BuildRequires.
- Add xorg-x11-devel, xorg-x11-libXpm-devel BuildRequires.
- Add gpsd-fix-python-install.patch to fix installation of the
  python bindings.
- Add python-gtk Requires to gpsd-clients subpackage as xgps now
  depends on it.
- Use a valid group for the devel subpackage.
- Do not manually strip executables: this will be done by the build

Fri Feb 12 16:03:58 UTC 2010 -

- Add missing dependency to python-curses for devel package (bnc#574584)
- Add another Cyprus GPS USB id (bnc#574584)

Fri Dec 18 16:22:14 UTC 2009 -

- fix udev warnings "SYSFS is deprecated"

Tue Dec  8 16:51:54 UTC 2009 -

- Fix libgps subpackage requirements 

Tue Dec  8 14:13:09 UTC 2009 -

- Upgrade to gpsd-2.90, from the upstream change log:
  - GPSD-NG, the new JSON-based command protocol, is now deployed
  - Detection of end of a fix-reporting cycle is now reliable
  - Abandone gpsflash subproject 
  - Increase major version of shared library due to significant API change
  - Add new driver for Motorola Oncore receivers
  - gpsfake can now accept multiple logfiles, interleaving test sentences
    from each.
  - gpsd now accepts error estimates from the NMEA $GPGBS sentence.
  - Fix potential core dump in C client handling of "K" responses
  - Introduce major and minor API version symbols into the public interfaces
  - The sirfmon utility is gone, replaced by gpsmon
  - Fix an old error in NMEA parsing
  - cgpxlogger has been merged into gpxlogger.
  - Speed-setting commands now allow parity and stop-bit setting
  - tcmdecode becomes gpsdecode and can now de-armor and dump AIDVM packets
  - The clientlibrary now works correctly in locales where the decimal
    separator is not a period.
- Typo in sirfmon / gpsmon has been fixed silently by upstream (#bnc513037)
- Make libgps and python modules subpackages

Sun Aug  9 12:43:26 CEST 2009 -

- use new python macros

Mon Nov 24 12:05:49 CET 2008 -

- Disable TrueNorth Technologies device support, it breaks
  autodection (bnc#448002)
- Fix udev script again: must not kill running gpsd if disabled,
  missing quotes in test, indention, add parameter to set additional
  command line options for gpsd.

Wed Nov 19 12:14:42 CET 2008 -

- Sleep a second before setting the default device in udev
  script to give gpsd some time to set up the TCP socket

Thu Oct 23 15:06:28 CEST 2008 -

- Disable start of gpsd by udev rule by default and add sysconfig
  variable to enable it if desired (bnc#432420)

Thu Apr 24 13:24:50 CEST 2008 -

- Fix RPM group tag for devel package
- Cleanup spec file

Sat Mar 22 20:02:15 CET 2008 -

- update to 2.37
  + C++ bindings
  + Garmin USB support
  + multiple instances of ntp pps thread starting
  + better handling of odd PPS signals
  + eye candy in the php visualizers
- enable Garmin Simple Text support
- enable True North Technologies support
- disable static
- mark man files as %doc
- added desktop entries
- fix ldconfig calls
- clean buildroot 
- PreReq coreutils and fillup_prereq for postinstall

Fri Jan 18 16:41:27 CET 2008 -

- updated to 2.36
  * Integrated Garmin Simple Text Protocol driver from Peter Slansky.
  * Stabilize the Trimble regression tests.
  * Remove the wired-in NTP time offset from the NMEA driver
  * Integrate Ashtech driver from Chris Kuethe.
- Submit to STABLE for 11.0

Thu Dec 13 15:05:00 CET 2007 -

- updated to 2.35

Tue Nov 20 14:38:48 CET 2007 -

- update udev rules and script

Fri Jun 29 16:31:27 CEST 2007 -

- Spec file cleanup

Sun Dec 17 13:21:22 CEST 2006 -

- update to version 2.34:
  * Fix for byte-swapping of Zodiac control messages on big-endian hardware.
  * Disable iTalk by default and note that it needs to be tested.
  * Command line arguments can now be DGPSIP or NTRIP URLs; -d is
  * Added udev rules.
  * Address excessive processor and memory utilization on SBCs; it's now
    possible to configure compile-time limits on the number of devices and
    client sessions.
  * Eliminate use of fuser(1) in gpsfake.
  * Get gpsd working with EarthMates again, this had been broken since 2.15.
    Massive string safety audit and OpenBSD port by Chris Kuethe.
  * J command added.
  * The gpsctl and gpscat tools and the gpsd.phps script were added.
  * Switched to lesstif from openmotif.
  * Better autodetection of DLE-led packet protocols (notably TSIP and Garmin
    binary) and of SiRFStar I and III devices.
  * Fixed buggy parsing and generation of PGRME.

Mon Jun 05 10:44:57 CEST 2006 -

- Initial package

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