File _patchinfo of Package patchinfo.1598

  <issue tracker="bnc" id="815331">gnome-games: backport several upstream fixes</issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="675628">glines segmentation fault</issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="695092">Chess history doesn't work</issue>
  <issue tracker="bgo" id="696475">Hang when Phalanx attempts to promote a piece</issue>
  <summary>gnome-games: several fixes</summary>
  <description>gnome-games was updated to fix a crash in glines and several issues with glchess (bnc#815331):
- glines: fix segfault in 32-bit version
- glchess: fix being able to castle when square being moved over is threatened by a pawn
- glchess: chess history doesn't work very well
- glchess: fix AI hang when Phalanx attempts to promote</description>
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