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Fri Mar 29 05:53:31 UTC 2019 - Stephan Kulow <>

- updated to version 5.2.3
 see installed

  ## Rails 5.2.3 (March 27, 2019) ##
  *   Fix different `count` calculation when using `size` with manual `select` with DISTINCT.
      Fixes #35214.
      *Juani Villarejo*
  *   Fix prepared statements caching to be enabled even when query caching is enabled.
      *Ryuta Kamizono*
  *   Don't allow `where` with invalid value matches to nil values.
      Fixes #33624.
      *Ryuta Kamizono*
  *   Restore an ability that class level `update` without giving ids.
      Fixes #34743.
      *Ryuta Kamizono*
  *   Fix join table column quoting with SQLite.
      *Gannon McGibbon*
  *   Ensure that `delete_all` on collection proxy returns affected count.
      *Ryuta Kamizono*
  *   Reset scope after delete on collection association to clear stale offsets of removed records.
      *Gannon McGibbon*

Thu Mar 14 03:44:37 UTC 2019 - Marcus Rueckert <>

- update to version
  CVE-2019-5418 CVE-2019-5419 CVE-2019-5420

Sat Jan 19 19:51:01 UTC 2019 - Marcus Rueckert <>

- rb_build_ruby_abi needs to be rb_build_ruby_abis

Fri Jan 18 16:24:39 UTC 2019 - Marcus Rueckert <>

- limit to ruby 2.5 and above for 42.3/sle12

Sat Dec  8 16:16:28 UTC 2018 - Stephan Kulow <>

- updated to version 5.2.2
 see installed

  ## Rails 5.2.2 (December 04, 2018) ##
  *   Do not ignore the scoping with query methods in the scope block.
      *Ryuta Kamizono*
  *   Allow aliased attributes to be used in `#update_columns` and `#update`.
      *Gannon McGibbon*
  *   Allow spaces in postgres table names.
      Fixes issue where "user post" is misinterpreted as "\"user\".\"post\"" when quoting table names with the postgres
      *Gannon McGibbon*
  *   Cached columns_hash fields should be excluded from ResultSet#column_types
      PR #34528 addresses the inconsistent behaviour when attribute is defined for an ignored column. The following test
      was passing for SQLite and MySQL, but failed for PostgreSQL:
      class DeveloperName < ActiveRecord::Type::String
        def deserialize(value)
          "Developer: #{value}"
      class AttributedDeveloper < ActiveRecord::Base
        self.table_name = "developers"
        attribute :name,
        self.ignored_columns += ["name"]
      developer = AttributedDeveloper.create
      developer.update_column :name, "name"
      loaded_developer = AttributedDeveloper.where(id:"*").first
      puts # should be "Developer: name" but it's just "name"
      *Dmitry Tsepelev*
  *   Values of enum are frozen, raising an error when attempting to modify them.
      *Emmanuel Byrd*
  *   `update_columns` now correctly raises `ActiveModel::MissingAttributeError`
      if the attribute does not exist.
      *Sean Griffin*
  *   Do not use prepared statement in queries that have a large number of binds.
      *Ryuta Kamizono*
  *   Fix query cache to load before first request.
      *Eileen M. Uchitelle*
  *   Fix collection cache key with limit and custom select to avoid ambiguous timestamp column error.
      Fixes #33056.
      *Federico Martinez*
  *   Fix duplicated record creation when using nested attributes with `create_with`.
      *Darwin Wu*
  *   Fix regression setting children record in parent `before_save` callback.
      *Guo Xiang Tan*
  *   Prevent leaking of user's DB credentials on `rails db:create` failure.
  *   Clear mutation tracker before continuing the around callbacks.
      *Yuya Tanaka*
  *   Prevent deadlocks when waiting for connection from pool.
      *Brent Wheeldon*
  *   Avoid extra scoping when using `Relation#update` that was causing this method to change the current scope.
      *Ryuta Kamizono*
  *   Fix numericality validator not to be affected by custom getter.
      *Ryuta Kamizono*
  *   Fix bulk change table ignores comment option on PostgreSQL.
      *Yoshiyuki Kinjo*

Mon Dec  3 06:25:30 UTC 2018 -

- updated to version (boo#1118076)

  * No changes / Just a version bump to match with Rails

Wed Aug  8 14:51:14 UTC 2018 -

- updated to version 5.2.1 (boo#1104209)

  * PostgreSQL: Support new relkind for partitioned tables.
    Fixes #33008.
    (Yannick Schutz)

  * Rollback parent transaction when children fails to update.
    (Guillaume Malette)

  * Fix default value for MySQL time types with specified precision.
    (Nikolay Kondratyev)

  * Fix `touch` option to behave consistently with `Persistence#touch` method.
    (Ryuta Kamizono)

  * Fix `save` in `after_create_commit` won't invoke extra `after_create_commit`.
    Fixes #32831.
    (Ryuta Kamizono)

  * Fix logic on disabling commit callbacks so they are not called unexpectedly when errors occur.
    (Brian Durand)

  * Fix parent record should not get saved with duplicate children records.
    Fixes #32940.
    (Santosh Wadghule)

  * Fix that association's after_touch is not called with counter cache.
    Fixes #31559.
    (Ryuta Kamizono)

  * `becomes` should clear the mutation tracker which is created in `after_initialize`.
    Fixes #32867.
    (Ryuta Kamizono)

  * Allow a belonging to parent object to be created from a new record.
    (Jolyon Pawlyn)

  * Fix that building record with assigning multiple has_one associations
    wrongly persists through record. (Fixes #32511)
    (Sam DeCesare)

  * Fix relation merging when one of the relations is going to skip the
    query cache.
    (James Williams)

Mon Apr 16 12:17:12 UTC 2018 -

- initialize package

  see changelog:
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