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Thu Dec 21 17:33:30 UTC 2023 - Peter Simons <>

- Update brick to version 2.3.1.

  Bug fixes:
  * Form field rendering now correctly checks for form field focus when
    its visibility mode is `ShowAugmentedField`.


  API changes:
  * `FormFieldVisibilityMode`'s `ShowAugmentedField` was renamed to
    `ShowCompositeField` to be clearer about what it does, and a new
    `ShowAugmentedField` constructor was added to support a mode where
    field augmentations applied with `@@=` are made visible as well.


  * `Brick.Forms` got a new `FormFieldVisibilityMode` type and a
    `setFieldVisibilityMode` function to allow greater control over
    how form field collections are brought into view when forms are
    rendered in viewports. Form fields will default to using the
    `ShowFocusedFieldOnly` mode which preserves functionality prior to
    this release. To get the new behavior, set a field's visibility mode
    to `ShowAugmentedField`.


  Bug fixes:
  * `defaultMain` now properly shuts down Vty before it returns, fixing
    a bug where the terminal would be in an unclean state on return from


  API changes:

  * Added `Brick.Main.customMainWithDefaultVty` as an alternative way to
    initialize Brick.


  This release updates Brick to support Vty 6, which includes support for

  Package changes:
  * Increased lower bound on `vty` to 6.0.
  * Added dependency on `vty-crossplatform`.
  * Migrated from `unix` dependency to `unix-compat`.

  Other changes:
  * Update core library and demo programs to use `vty-crossplatform` to
    initialize the terminal.


  API changes:
  * The `ScrollbarRenderer` type got split up into vertical and horizontal
    versions, `VScrollbarRenderer` and `HScrollbarRenderer`, respectively.
    Their fields are nearly identical to the original `ScrollbarRenderer`
    fields except that many fields now have a `V` or `H` in them as
    appropriate. As part of this change, the various `Brick.Widgets.Core`
    functions that deal with the renderers got their types updated, and
    the types of the default scroll bar renderers changed, too.
  * The scroll bar renderers now have a field to control how much space
    is allocated to a scroll bar. Previously, all scroll bars were
    assumed to be exactly one row in height or one column in width. This
    change is motivated by a desire to be able to control how scroll
    bars are rendered adjacent to viewport contents. It isn't always
    desirable to render them right up against the contents; sometimes,
    spacing would be nice between the bar and contents, for example.
    As part of this change, `VScrollbarRenderer` got a field called
    `scrollbarWidthAllocation` and `HScrollbarRenderer` got a field called
    `scrollbarHeightAllocation`. The fields specify the height (for
    horizontal scroll bars) or width (for vertical ones) of the region
    in which the bar is rendered, allowing scroll bar element widgets
    to take up more than one row in height (for horizontal scroll bars)
    or more than one column in width (for vertical ones) as desired. If
    the widgets take up less space, padding is added between the scroll
    bar and the viewport contents to pad the scroll bar to take up the
    specified allocation.


  API changes:
  * `FocusRing` got a `Show` instance.


  API changes:
  * Added `Brick.Widgets.Core.forceAttrAllowStyle`, which is like
    `forceAttr` but allows styles to be preserved rather than overridden.

  Other improvements:
  * The `Brick.Forms` documentation was updated to clarify how attributes
    get used for form fields.


  Package changes:
  * Allow building with `base` 4.18 (GHC 9.6) (thanks Mario Lang)

  API changes:
  * Added a new function, ``, to create a Vty `Attr` from
    a style value (thanks Amir Dekel)

  Other improvements:
  * `Brick.Forms.renderForm` now issues a visibility request for the
    focused form field, which makes forms usable within viewports.


  Package changes:
  * Support `mtl` 2.3 (thanks Daniel Firth)

  API changes:
  * `Brick.Widgets.Table` got a new `alignColumns` function that can be
    used to do column layout of a list of widgets using `ColumnAlignment`
    values from the table API.
  * `Brick.Widgets.Table` got a new low-level table-rendering API for use
    in applications that want to use the table layout machinery without
    using `Table` itself. This includes:
    * `tableCellLayout` - does table cell layout using table configuration
    * `addBorders` - adds row, column, and surrounding borders using table
      border-drawing settings, and
    * `RenderedTableCells` and `BorderConfiguration` - the low-level types
      used for the new functions.

  Other changes:
  * Added a new `EditorLineNumbersDemo` demo program.


  This release focuses on API improvements in `Brick.Widgets.Dialog`:

  * `Dialog` got an additional type argument, `n`, for resource names.
  * The `dialog` constructor now takes `[(String, n, a)]` rather than
    `[(String, a)]`; this allows the caller to associate a resource name
    with each dialog button.
  * Dialog buttons now report click events under their associated resource
  * Dialog buttons now `putCursor` when they are focused in order to work
    better with screen readers.
  * The `Dialog` module got `getDialogFocus` and `setDialogFocus`
    functions to help with focus management, and as part of this change,
    the `dialogSelectedIndex` function and its lens `dialogSelectedIndexL`
    were removed.


  API changes:
  * `Brick.Widgets.Border` got `hBorderAttr` and `vBorderAttr` for use by
    `hBorder` and `vBorder` respectively. The new attributes inherit from
    `borderAttr`, so applications that just specify `borderAttr` will not
    see any change in behavior for those specific border elements.

  Performance improvements:
  * `Brick.Widgets.Core.txt` had its performance improved. (thanks Fraser
  * `Brick.Widgets.Core.hBox` and `vBox` had their performance improved.
    (thanks Fraser Tweedale)


  Package changes:
  * Removed dependency on `dlist`.

  Performance improvements:
  * Improved the performance of `vBox` and `hBox` (thanks Fraser Tweedale)


  Package changes:
  * Supports base 4.17 (GHC 9.4).

  Bug fixes:
  * `newFileBrowser` now normalizes its initial path (#387).


  API changes:
  * `keyDispatcher` now returns `Either` to fail with collision
    information if collisions are detected due to overloaded keybindings.
    This fixes a critical problem in `KeyDispatcher` where it would
    previously silently ignore all but one handler for a specified key
    if the key configuration resulted in the same key being mapped to
    multiple handlers (either by event or by statically specified key).
  * Added `Brick.Keybindings.KeyConfig.keyEventMappings` to allow
    applications to check for colliding bindings at the key configuration

  Other changes:
  * The User Guide got a new subsection on keybinding collisions.
  * `programs/CustomKeybindingDemo.hs` got additional code to demonstrate
    how to check for and deal with keybinding collisions.
  * `FileBrowser` got a `Named` instance.


  Version 1.0 of `brick` comes with some improvements that will require
  you to update your programs. This section details the list of API
  changes in 1.0 that are likely to introduce breakage and how to deal
  with each one. You can also consult the demonstration
  programs to see working examples of the new API. For those
  interested in a bit of discussion on the changes, see [this

  * The event-handling monad `EventM` was improved and changed in some
    substantial ways, all aimed at making `EventM` code cleaner, more
    composable, and more amenable to lens updates to the application
    * The type has changed from `EventM n a` to `EventM n s a` and is now
      an `mtl`-compatible state monad over `s`. Some consequences and
      related changes are:
      * Event handlers no longer take and return an explicit state value;
        an event handler that formerly had the type `handler :: s ->
        BrickEvent n e -> EventM n (Next s)` now has type `handler ::
        BrickEvent n e -> EventM n s ()`. This also affected all of
        Brick's built-in event handler functions for `List`, `Editor`,
      * The `appHandleEvent` and `appStartEvent` fields of `App` changed
        types to reflect the new structure of `EventM`. `appStartEvent`
        will just be `return ()` rather than `return` for most
      * `EventM` can be used with the `MonadState` API from `mtl` as well
        as with the very nice lens combinators in `microlens-mtl`.
      * The `Next` type was removed.
      * State-specific event handlers like `handleListEvent` and
        `handleEditorEvent` are now statically typed to be scoped to
        just the states they manage, so `zoom` from `microlens-mtl` must
        be used to invoke them. `Brick.Types` re-exports `zoom` for
        convenience. `handleEventLensed` was removed from the API in lieu
        of the new `zoom` behavior. Code that previously handled events
        with `handleEventLensed s someLens someHandler e` is now just
        written `zoom someLens $ someHandler e`.
      * If an `EventM` block needs to operate on some state `s` that is
        not accessible via a lens into the application state, the `EventM`
        block can be set up with `Brick.Types.nestEventM`.
    * Since `Next` was removed, control flow is now as follows:
      * Without any explicit specification, an `EventM` block always
        continues execution of the `brick` event loop when it finishes.
        `continue` was removed from the API. What was previously `continue
        $ s & someLens .~ value` will become `someLens .= value`.
      * `halt` is still used to indicate that the event loop should halt
        after the calling handler is finished, but `halt` no longer takes
        an explicit state value argument.
      * `suspendAndResume` is now immediate; previously,
        `suspendAndResume` indicated that the specified action should run
        once the event handler finished. Now, the event handler is paused
        while the specified action is run. This allows `EventM` code to
        continue to run after `suspendAndResume` is called and before
        control is returned to `brick`.
    * Brick now depends on `mtl` rather than `transformers`.
  * The `IsString` instance for `AttrName` was removed.
    * This change is motivated by the API wart that resulted from the
      overloading of both `<>` and string literals (via
      `OverloadedStrings`) that resulted in code such as `someAttrName
      = "blah" <> "things"`. While that worked to create an `AttrName`
      with two segments, it was far too easy to read as two strings
      concatenated. The overloading hid what is really going on with the
      segments of the attribute name. The way to write the above example
      after this change is `someAttrName = attrName "blah" <> attrName

  Other changes in this release:

  * Brick now provides an optional API for user-defined keybindings
    for applications! See the User Guide section "Customizable
    Keybindings", the Haddock for `Brick.Keybindings.KeyDispatcher`,
    and the new demo program `programs/CustomKeybindingDemo.hs` to get
  * `Brick.Widgets.List` got `listSelectedElementL`, a traversal for
    accessing the currently selected element of a list. (Thanks Fraser
  * The `MonadFail` derived instance for `EventM` was removed for GHC >=


  API changes:
   * Added `Brick.Widgets.Edit.getCursorPosition` (thanks


  Package changes:
   * Increased lower bound on `text-zipper` to `0.12`.

  API changes:
   * `handleEditorEvent` now takes a `BrickEvent` rather than just a Vty
   * Brick editors now handle mouse clicks to change their cursor


  Bug fixes:
   * Fixed an issue where `tests/Render.hs` did not gracefully exit in the
     presence of an unknown terminal.


  Package changes:
   * Increased `vty` lower bound to `5.36`.

  API changes:
   * Added `tests/Render.hs` to provide a simple test of
     `Brick.Main.renderWidget` (thanks @valyagolev)
   * Added `Brick.Main.renderWidget` to help in golden testing contexts
     (thanks @valyagolev)

  Other changes:
   * Various `table` documentation improvements.


  Build fixes:
   * Added a missing import for GHC 8.2.2.


   * The table widget now behaves much better when some or all cells are

  Bug fixes:
   * BorderMaps got fixed to ensure that smart borders connect even in the
     presence of empty widgets (#370). Thanks to Daniel Wagner for this


  Bug fixes:
   * `table` can now deal properly with empty cells that are in left- and
     top-aligned settings. Previously, empty cells in those settings would
     break table rendering. (#369)


  New features:
   * `Brick.Widgets.Core`: added `relativeTo` to support relative
     positioning across layers. This allows elements in higher layers
     to be positioned relative to elements in lower layers as long as
     those elements have had their extents reported with `reportExtent` or


  Bug fixes:
   * Brick's internal book-keeping got a bug fix that caused mouse-click
     coordinates to be wrong for clickable regions that were translated
     partially off of the left or top edges of a rendered region.


  API changes:
   * Removed the "markup" feature, which included `Data.Text.Markup`,
     `Brick.Markup`, and `brick-markup-demo`. This feature never performed
     well and was awkward to use. I considered it experimental from the
     initial release of this library. Some recent incompatibilities with
     Vty changes made me realize that it was time to finally get rid of
     this. If this affects you, please let me know and I am happy to work
     with you to figure out an alternative. Granted, anyone is welcome to
     dig up the previous code and re-use it in their own projects!

Mon Mar  7 06:09:05 UTC 2022 - Peter Simons <>

- Update brick to version 0.67 revision 1.
  Upstream has revised the Cabal build instructions on Hackage.

Mon Jan 31 17:17:26 UTC 2022 - Peter Simons <>

- Update brick to version 0.67.
  Upstream has edited the change log file since the last release in
  a non-trivial way, i.e. they did more than just add a new entry
  at the top. You can review the file at:

Sat Nov 20 17:30:51 UTC 2021 -

- Update brick to version 0.65.

  New features and API changes:
   * Viewports got support for built-in scroll bar rendering. This
     includes additions of types and functions to manage the feature
     behavior. These changes enable viewports to automatically get
     scroll bars drawn next to them (on any side) with customizable
     attributes and drawings. As part of this change, a new demo program,
     `ViewportScrollbarsDemo.hs`, was added to show off these new
     features. Here are the new types and functions that got added (mostly
     to `Brick.Widgets.Core`):
     * `withVScrollBars` - enable display of vertical scroll bars
     * `withHScrollBars` - enable display of horizontal scroll bars
     * `withClickableVScrollBars` - enable mouse click reporting on
       vertical scroll bar elements
     * `withClickableHScrollBars` - enable mouse click reporting on
       horizontal scroll bar elements
     * `ClickableScrollbarElement` - the type of elements of a scroll bar
       that can be clicked on and provided to the application
     * `withVScrollBarHandles` - enable vertical scroll bar handle drawing
     * `withHScrollBarHandles` - enable horizontal scroll bar handle
     * `withVScrollBarRenderer` - customize the renderer used for vertical
       scroll bars
     * `withHScrollBarRenderer` - customize the renderer used for
       horizontal scroll bars
     * `ScrollbarRenderer(..)` - the type of scroll bar renderer
     * `verticalScrollbarRenderer` - the default renderer for vertical
       scrollbars, customizable with `withVScrollBarRenderer`
     * `horizontalScrollbarRenderer` - the default renderer for horizontal
       scrollbars, customizable with `withHScrollBarRenderer`
     * `scrollbarAttr` - the base attribute of scroll bars
     * `scrollbarTroughAttr` - the attribute of scroll bar troughs
     * `scrollbarHandleAttr` - the attribute of scroll bar handles

  Package changes:
   * Raised `base` bounds to allow building with GHC 9.2.1 (thanks Mario
   * Stopped supporting GHC 7.10.

Mon Nov  1 08:22:10 UTC 2021 -

- Update brick to version 0.64.2.

  Bug fixes:
   * `Brick.Themes.saveTheme` now correctly saves background colors (#338)
   * `Brick.Widgets.List.listMoveToEnd` now uses the correct destination
     index (#337)

Mon Sep 20 07:11:38 UTC 2021 -

- Update brick to version 0.64.1.
  Upstream has edited the change log file since the last release in
  a non-trivial way, i.e. they did more than just add a new entry
  at the top. You can review the file at:

Wed Aug 25 10:24:53 UTC 2021 -

- Update brick to version 0.64.
  Upstream has edited the change log file since the last release in
  a non-trivial way, i.e. they did more than just add a new entry
  at the top. You can review the file at:

Fri Apr 30 08:28:16 UTC 2021 -

- Update brick to version 0.62.

  API changes:
   * `Brick.Widgets.Core` got new functions
     `crop{Left,Right,Bottom,Top}To`. Unlike the `crop...By` functions,
     which crop on the specified side by a particular amount, these
     `crop...To` functions crop on the specified side and take a desired
     overall width of the final result and use that to determine how much
     to crop. A widget `x` of width `w` could thus be cropped equivalently
     with `cropLeftBy a x` and `cropLeftTo (w - a) x`.

  Other changes:
   * Added `programs/CroppingDemo.hs` to demonstrate the new (and
     preexisting) cropping functions.

Fri Apr  9 08:54:26 UTC 2021 -

- Update brick to version 0.61.

  API changes:
   * Brick.Forms got `editShowableFieldWithValidate`, a generalization
     of `editShowableField` that allows the caller to specify an
     additional validation function (thanks Ben Selfridge)

Tue Apr  6 08:27:31 UTC 2021 -

- Update brick to version 0.60.2 revision 1.
  Upstream has revised the Cabal build instructions on Hackage.

Mon Feb  8 05:05:28 UTC 2021 -

- Update brick to version 0.60.2.

  Bug fixes:
   * Widgets reported as `clickable` are now reported as clickable even
     when their renderings are cached with `cached` (#307; thanks Hari

Wed Feb  3 20:26:11 UTC 2021 -

- Update brick to version 0.60.1.

  Bug fixes:
   * `table []` no longer raises `TEUnequalRowSizes`.


  New features:
   * Added `Brick.Widgets.Table` to support drawing basic tables. See
     `programs/TableDemo.hs` for a demonstration (`cabal new-run -f demos

Fri Jan 29 10:26:08 UTC 2021 -

- Update brick to version 0.59.

  API changes:
   * `Brick.Widgets.List` got `listMoveToBeginning` and `listMoveToEnd`
   * `Extent`: removed the unused `extentOffset` field

  Bug fixes:
   * Fixed a crash in the border rewriting code that attempted to rewrite
     empty images (#305) (thanks @dmwit)

Tue Dec 29 21:16:36 UTC 2020 -

- Update brick to version 0.58.1.

  Bug fixes:
   * Removed a defunct failing test from the List test suite

Tue Dec 22 12:57:43 UTC 2020 -

- Update brick to version 0.58.

  Package changes:
   * Updated dependency constraints to build on GHC 9.0.1 (thanks Ondřej

  API changes:
   * The FileBrowser module now exports individual functions for
     each of the events that it handles. This allows end users to
     trigger the behaviors directly rather than relying on the built-in
     `handleFileBrowserEvent` function. The documentation has been updated
     to indicate which functions are triggered by each key event. (Thanks
     David B. Lamkins)

  Other changes:
   * The `List` module's `listFindBy` function now attempts to find a
     match anywhere in the list rather than just somewhere between the
     cursor and the end of the list.
   * The `FileBrowser` now positions a cursor at the beginning of the
     selected entry when the file browser is focused. (thanks Mario Lang)
   * The user guide's viewport visibility example got an important
     syntactic fix. (thanks Mario Lang)

Thu Dec 17 12:20:00 UTC 2020 - Ondřej Súkup <>
- disable %{ix86} build
Sun Nov 15 22:16:04 UTC 2020 -

- Update brick to version 0.57.1 revision 1.
  Upstream has revised the Cabal build instructions on Hackage.

Sun Nov 15 12:26:52 UTC 2020 -

- Update brick to version 0.57.1.

  Bug fixes:
   * Fixed a small space leak in the main rendering loop (#260)
   * Get `TailDemo` building on more versions of GHC

Tue Oct  6 08:56:57 UTC 2020 -

- Update brick to version 0.57.

  Package changes:
   * Raised lower bound on `vty` to 5.31 to get the new `strikethrough`

  New features:
   * Added support for the `strikethrough` style in Brick theme
     customization files.

Sun Sep 27 02:01:03 UTC 2020 -

- Update brick to version 0.56.

  Package changes:
   * Increased upper bound for `base` to support GHC 8.10.2 (thanks Ryan

  API changes:
   * Added `Brick.Forms.updateFormState` to update the state contained
     within (and managed by) a Form. This function takes care of the
     details of updating the form fields themselves to be consistent with
     the change in underlying state.
   * Added the overall window width (`windowWidth`) and height
     (`windowHeight`) to `Context`, the rendering context type (thanks Tom

  Other changes:
   * Added `brick-tail-demo`, a demonstration program for writing a
     `tail`-style output-following interface.
   * Updated `Brick.Widgets.ProgressBar` so that it handles near-endpoint
     cases more naturally (fixes #281)

Mon Aug 31 09:34:36 UTC 2020 -

- Update brick to version 0.55 revision 1.
  Upstream has revised the Cabal build instructions on Hackage.

Tue Aug 18 10:44:11 UTC 2020 - Peter Simons <>

- Replace %setup -q with the more modern %autosetup macro.

Tue Aug 18 09:11:20 UTC 2020 - Peter Simons <>

- Update Cabal file to accept latest base version.

Fri Jul 10 02:00:27 UTC 2020 -

- Update brick to version 0.55.

  Package changes:
   * Increased lower bound on `vty` dependency to 5.29.

  Bug fixes:
   * `customMain` now restores the initial terminal input state on
     shutdown. This means that changes to the input state flags in the last
     `suspendAndResume` before program exit are no longer propagated to the
     end user's terminal environment (which could lead to broken or garbled
     terminal I/O).

Tue Jun  9 09:26:18 UTC 2020 -

- Add brick at version 0.54.

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